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    Our Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review lauded the Matt Reeves directed action film because it had so much heart. Much of that power came from the dialogue that told a story that isn't so black and white. 

    Audiences adored the film as well, making it the top movie at the nation’s box office with $73 million in ticket sales.

    The story picked up 10 years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes and found a world where few humans had survived the so-called Simian Flu.

    Those that did survive found themselves in a conclave in San Francisco, led by Gary Oldman -- no fan of those, to use an original Planet of the Apes quote, “damn dirty apes.”

    Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes online to see how this whole thing got started, and then be sure to check out our Dawn of the Planet of the Apes quotes to see where we’re at and if you haven’t seen the Oldman starring sequel, run, don’t walk to the local theater and check out one of the year’s best films.

    Click through and see our absolute favorite quotes from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    A good man... like you.

    Malcolm: Who was that in the video?
    Caesar: A good man... like you.

    Jason Clarke reminds Caesar of James Franco. And that is a very good thing.

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    In one of the bigger surprises for this year’s Comic-Con, it was announced that David Fincher will be at the San Diego pop culture fest this year for a very special panel on Saturday, July 26 to talk about his film that went from cult favorite to Hollywood classic. It will be 15 years ago this October that the revolutionary film Fight Club stunned audiences.

    Brad Pitt in Fight Club

    Fincher has more than set himself apart as a filmmaker, from Se7en through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to what we’ve seen so far from the Gone Girl trailer. But for his fans, Fight Club holds an incredibly special place.

    Movie Fanatic will be there to bring you all the details as Fincher convenes a special panel to talk about Fight Club, how he brought the un-filmable Chuck Palahnuik novel to life and word is he will have “special guests.”

    Sure, one might think that Edward Norton or Brad Pitt would be there. But, for our money, we would die a geek death if Palahnuik showed up and Fincher and him talked about bringing the power of that novel to the big screen.

    Watch Fight Club online, relive those Fight Club quotes and prepare to get excited to delve deeper into a filmmaking masterpiece. We will bring you our full report from the panel as soon as the panel concludes. 

    I guess the take-away here is after 15 years, it is finally okay to talk about Fight Club.

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    The Expendables 3 has wisely chosen its new recruits to spotlight in their latest TV spot for the action fest's third chapter than lands in theaters August 15.

    First we meet the new crew that Stallone has brought along to join the esteemed group of aging action heroes (including recent fighting champion Ronda Rousey, plusTwilight's Kellan Lutz).

    Then, we learn that baddie Mel Gibson has kidnapped them, and the crux of this third The Expendables film is that the team (which brings back Terry Crews, Jason Statham and features newbies Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas) has to swoop in and rescue them. 

    From that first The Expendables 3 trailer, we knew that this was a different flavor than the rest. But news that The Expendables 3 is rated PG-13 is not exactly what we expected. It's the first in the series to have that rating. Will that attract more ticket buyers? We shall see. 

    Watch The Expendables online and see how this whole action fest got going and you'll be more than ready for August 15. 

    Harrison Ford!
    Harrison Ford joins The Expendables in The Expendables 3. What more needs to be said?!

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    The first trailer for Big Hero 6 has landed and it is as thrilling and eye-popping as we thought it would be.

    Walt Disney Animation has taken the world first introduced to us in the Marvel Comics and brought it to life in an eye-popping cornucopia of colors and characters.

    As seen in that first Big Hero 6 teaser, the story follows Hiro Hamada, a brilliant prodigy who builds robots, and his favorite is like his sidekick -- Baymax!

    When an evil mastermind threatens the safety and future of his beloved hometown San Fransokyo, he must gather his friends together and use his creations to save the day.

    But, as you see in that above trailer, it will not be so easy when no one believes you and… your mom needs you home for dinner.

    Big Hero 6 features the voice talents of Ryan Potter, TJ Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans, Jr., Maya Rudolph, James Cromwell, Alan Tudyk and Genesis Rodriguez.

    Look for it November 7!  

    Hiro Hamada & His Robot
    Hiro Hamada gets a good look at his robot in Big Hero 6.

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    Guardians of the Galaxy has released 10 new images of the highly anticipated film that is the latest group of superheroes to be introduced to the world by the legendary Marvel Studios.

    They're kind of like the group you see when you watch The Avengers online, but where those guys (and gal) are all good, these guys are outlaws, crooks and assassins.

    But, they're our only hope for saving the universe!

    The below photos in our slideshow feature a few of Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), plus Star Lord (Chris Pratt) heading into an unfriendly scene and even one of Lee Pace's main villain, Ronan the Accuser!

    Oh, and we are just a little excited for a shot of that legendary "awesome mix tape" that Pratt's Star Lord takes with him wherever he goes -- which you can own in the form of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

    And let's not forget a great look at Groot (Vin Diesel)! 

    Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and get ready for the latest Marvel heroes to land August 1.

    The Guardians' Ship
    The ship of our heroes, The Guardians of the Galaxy, takes off for action.

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    In Brett Ratner’s Hercules, Dwayne Johnson stars as the demi-god who has already done his famous twelve labors and is ready to retire into a life as a husband and family man.

    Well, that doesn’t sit so well with the gods as they didn’t help create this fighting machine to have him hang out in ancient baths all day.

    Paramount has brought an extended Hercules TV trailer online that shows off what happens when you piss off the gods and it is not pretty.

    We feel like we’ve been on this journey with the film’s star since the beginning. Johnson posted those Hercules costume and set photos and took to his social media accounts constantly, even sharing some Hercules set videos.

    Then, that first Hercules trailer premiered and anticipation became ever higher for the film that lands July 25.

    Hercules also stars John Hurt, Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane. 

    Hercules Poster
    The first Hercules poster! Dwayne Johnson so looks the part, no?

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    With the success of Maleficent, the origins story of the Sleeping Beauty villain, we have an idea!

    What about more movies coming our way that inform us how a classic movie evildoer became so darn bad?

    We present 17 villains that we want to see in origins story form!

    There are some fantastic -- heck, iconic -- villains across the pantheon of Hollywood history. Surely, there is a rich history behind every single one of them. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for being the Joker and you can see him in action when you watch The Dark Knight online. We want to know... how did the Joker become so Joke-y?!

    Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online and there’s a hint of the beginnings of Voldemort… we want the full story in a movie solely devoted to he who shall not be named.

    Then there’s Lex Luthor. Watch Superman Returns online and there's one terrific Luthor given to us by Kevin Spacey. Smallville gave us a hint of an origins for him, but how about an entire movie built around one of Superman’s main villains and how he became that way.

    Click through and discover 17 movie villains that we want to go back to the beginning with and find out how they got so deliciously devilish! 

    His beginnings are hinted at throughout the Harry Potter series. But, imagine an entire movie about how he who shall not be named became you know who?

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    Many were dismayed when it was announced that Edgar Wright left Ant-Man, and according to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios' head, the hiring of Peyton Reed could not have been a better stroke of fate. Fans should be thrilled at what is going to come their way from Reed and stars Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd.

    Ant-Man Logo

    Feige (and at least Douglas) will be bringing Ant-Man to Comic-Con, but in the meantime, he was addressing an audience while screening footage from Guardians of the Galaxy and discussed the change in directors for his Ant-Man movie that hits theaters July 17, 2015.

    "It was not a slam-dunk that he would just step into it and do it. He wanted to be sure that he was wasn't just inheriting something or following someone else's lead -- or wasn't inheriting something that the evil studio had watered down to be something bad,” Feige reported.

    “I kept saying, 'You can either read what's online, or come in and talk to us and look at all this stuff.' He looked at everything, he talked with us, and he said, 'Number one, I agree with the direction you’re going in. And number two, I can add to it.' And he has – the movie is in as good a shape as it's ever been right now."

    Feige has long been an admirer of Reed’s and admits that he was almost the man who would bring The Fantastic Four to the big screen the first time around.

    "Peyton is someone that I've been a fan of for a long time. People may not remember, though probably your readers remember, that he was attached to Fantastic Four more than 10 years ago,” Feige said.

    “I got along with Peyton very, very well and he had awesome ideas and an awesome vision for the movie, and for various reasons he ended up leaving that movie... Peyton was always on our lists, and so when this happened and Edgar [Wright] said, 'Not for me,' we met with a handful of people, but Peyton was always one that I thought would be great.”

    Introducing Ant-Man
    Meet Ant-Man... Everyone, Ant-Man. Ant-Man, everyone!

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    You think you know the origins of Dracula, think again. As teased in that Dracula Untold trailer, Luke Evans stars as Vlad, a man who has his back shoved against the wall.

    He must do what he has to do to help save his people and his family.

    So, he makes a deal with a dark force and becomes Count Dracula. Only, it doesn’t take away his pain, it seems to only increase it exponentially and in ways he never imagined.

    We’ve got a series of new photos from Dracula Untold showing off star Luke Evans as the title character, as well as one eerie one of him filming the horror flick on the Ireland set.

    Dracula Untold also stars Dominic Cooper (Need for Speed) and Sarah Gadon and is directed by Gary Shore. Look for Dracula Untold in time for Halloween on October 17.

    And be sure to watch Fast and Furious 6 online and see Evans in action.

    Dracula Rises
    How did Count Vlad become Count Dracula?

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    A live action/CG animation version of Disney’s The Jungle Book has found its Mowgli. Newcomer Neel Sethi scored the role after a global search looked at thousands of candidates.

    Neel Sethi Photo

    “Casting is the most important element of any film and finding the right kid to play Mowgli was imperative,” said director Jon Favreau. “Neel has tremendous talent and charisma. There is a lot riding on his little shoulders and I’m confident he can handle it.”

    Taking on an iconic role is no easy feat and according to casting director Sarah Finn, Sethi possessed all of the attributes that are needed to bring a classic Disney character to life on the big screen when The Jungle Book hits theaters in 3D on October 9, 2015.

    “Neel embodies the heart, humor, and daring of the character,” Finn said.

    “He’s warm and accessible, yet also has an intelligence well beyond his years and impressed us all with his ability to hold his own in any situation. Even though he has no professional acting experience, his natural charisma and instincts jumped out at us.”

    Neel will be the only live actor onscreen in the film. They’ve already announced that Sir Ben Kingsley will be Bagheera, Scarlett Johansson will voice Kaa, Idris Elba will be Shere Khan and recent Oscar winner and member of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast Lupita Nyong'o will voice Rakcha.

    Here are some other Disney animated films we’d like to see as live action. And be sure to check out our The Jungle Book quotes to see why the original is such a classic.

    With its sweeping and epic scope and inspirational story for little girls (and boys) everywhere, Mulan is custom fit for a live action leap.

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    Frank Grillo stars in The Purge: Anarchy as a man on a mission. He is using the annual Purge, first showcased in 2013’s The Purge, to right a wrong. As teased in The Purge: Anarchy trailer, Grillo’s son was killed by a drunk driver who got away with it due to a technicality.

    We caught up with Grillo for an exclusive video interview where the star of the second Purge film lets us in on where the idea of a once-a-year, 12-hour period where all crime is legal even came from.

    “James DeMonaco, who wrote these two movies, has a wife who is a doctor -- a very passive woman. They got cut off on the freeway and she looked at him and said, ‘If I had one chance and could get away with it… I want to kill that guy,’” Grillo said. “That’s where this idea was born!”

    Grillo, recently seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, also teases his badass car he got to drive in The Purge: Anarchy and the complexities of filming at night for a month that can seriously mess with your head.   

    The Purge: Anarchy opens July 18. To get ready, watch The Purge online and be sure to click through our slideshow below and enjoy all of our stills from The Purge: Anarchy.

    A Purger Does His Thing
    What's with the masks on The Purge? I mean, if murder and mayhem is legal, why you hiding behind a mask tough guy?!

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    When Kevin Feige showed off some footage of Guardians of the Galaxy and then promptly talked about Ant-Man’s new director, he also showed off a couple of unfinished scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron Logo

    Now, we’re guessing this is exactly what Marvel will be showing off next week in San Diego at Comic-Con. So, what was shown and what does it mean?

    RadioTimes caught the footage and this is our takeaway.

    • Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch was shown fighting alongside Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye on a decimated Italian street.
    • Remember that scene at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Looks like an expanded one was shown featuring Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor Johnson) locked in a Perspex prison cell.
    • Speaking of those two, they showed off a scene of Scarlet Witch using her warping powers and Quicksilver moving around really fast.
    • The Hulkbuster suit for Tony Stark made its debut and it’s as impressive as it sounds.
    • Where once stood Stark Towers (it was destroyed in the attack on New York), now stands Avengers Tower. It has floor-to-ceiling windows and twin laboratories for Stark and Bruce Banner, as well as plenty of room for those supersonic jets that S.H.I.E.L.D. likes to use.

    Watch The Avengers online to get ready for the big Comic-Con reveal and click through our Avengers: Age of Ultron set photos below!

    Mark Ruffalo & Robert Downey Jr.
    The boys will be boys shot from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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    For their annual Comic-Con preview, Entertainment Weekly has given the honor of its cover to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Given that the film will hit theaters May 1, months before next year’s Comic-Con, you can see why Marvel Studios and Disney are hitting this year’s San Diego pop culture fest hard.

    EW has given the film its Comic-Con preview cover and what a shot it is: We get a look at Robert Downey Jr., back as Iron Man, Chris Evans returning as Captain America (after his explosive turn in Captain America: The Winter Soldier this past spring) and our first look at the robot that will cause all the chaos, Ultron.

    Avengers Age of Ultron Entertainment Weekly Cover

    Ultron will be played by James Spader in a motion capture suit, and through the EW article, we learn from Downey that he is actually a product of Stark Industries gone horribly wrong. It seems that Stark just wants to take a break and he builds Ultron as a way of having the robot do his hero work for him. And like some of the best stories in human history, what we create comes back to haunt us.

    “I think it’s also about recognizing limitations. The downside of self-sacrifice is that if you make it back, you’ve been out there on the spit and you’ve been turned a couple times and you feel a little burned and traumatized,” Downey told the mag.

    The articles delves further:

    “Ultron lacks the human touch, and his superior intellect quickly determines that life on Earth would go a lot smoother if he just got rid of Public Enemy No. 1: Human beings. Ultron sees the big picture and he goes, Okay, we need radical change, which will be violent and appalling, in order to make everything better,” Whedon says, rubbing his hands together. “He’s on a mission.”

    While we await their triumphant return, watch The Avengers online.

    The Hulk Battles Iron Man?
    Yup! That's Iron Man's Hulkbuster suit that was teased in Iron Man 3.

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    The Equalizer is leaping from the classic '80s TV series to the big screen, thanks to Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington.

    The pair who came together for Training Day are back, and from the looks of that The Equalizer trailer, they're going to be explosive yet again. 

    Washington is the Equalizer, a special ops veteran who gets pulled back into action to help a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), who is being threatened by the Russian mob in Boston.

    The last time Washington and Fuqua got together, Washington won an Oscar for those Training Day quotes

    The title of the show, and now the film, comes from the character's ability to even the score for those who have the cards stacked against them. From all appearances, with Washington on your side, I'd say the cards are ever more in your favor! 

    Look for The Equalizer September 26, and for a glimpse into the Washington-Fuqua creative power, watch Training Day online

    The Equalizer IMAX Poster
    We get to watch Denzel kicking butt on the largest screens in the world? Yes, please!

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    As you can see in the Planes: Fire and Rescue trailer, Julie Bowen’s Lil’ Dipper is just slightly excited to be fighting fires alongside her celebrity crush, Dusty (Dane Cook).

    A lot has happened since the first Planes. Dusty has gone on to become one of the finest plane racers on the planet. But, his airport runs into tough times and it's about to be closed unless they can get another firefighting certified aircraft ready to help aging Mayday (Hal Holbrook).

    Dusty heads to the woods to be trained in aerial firefighting by the best, including Bowen’s Lil’ Dipper.

    We caught up with Bowen for an exclusive video interview and had to start the interview by asking if there was any celebrity that gets her utterly giddy. “Oh, there are so many,” Bowen said and laughed.

    To see who the Modern Family star's celebrity crushes are, you’ll have to watch our video below!

    Bowen also talks about how, as a mother of three boys, being in a Disney movie was huge for her. There was one thing that Disney had to promise her though for her to commit. “I had to be a toy,” she admitted!

    Watch Planes online to get ready for the big sequel that lands on screens July 18. 

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    From that first Let's Be Cops red band trailer, we were onboard with this late summer comedy starring New Girl's Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. The idea that these two schlubs would dress up like cops for a costume party and discover they are treated with respect that they have never seen before in their life, and then promptly decide to pretend to be cops, is hilarious. 

    Now, we've got the first red band clip from Let's Be Cops and it shows that our pretend policemen have taken it a step further: They've gotten their hands on a police cruiser... and the people of Los Angeles better watch out!  

    Let's Be Cops lands in theaters August 13 and also stars Nina Dobrev as a love interest for Wayans plus Andy Garcia as a mobster who believes these two idiots may be the best law officers ever.

    For another pair of hilariously good cops, watch 21 Jump Street online

    Damon & Jake Take in a Movie
    Damon and Jake pretend to be cops and what fun would it be to attend a movie and talk through it. I mean, who's going to say something?

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    As we hit the midpoint of the summer movie year that is 2014, people are already saying that it has not stacked up to years past. So, what are the best summer movie years of all time? 

    We recently revealed our 19 worst summer movies ever, and now it's time for us to reveal our 11 greatest summer movie seasons ever. 

    And after you look through our slideshow and hear about all the fantastic films that arrived during those warmer seasons, you get to vote and tell us which year was the best year for the institution that is the summer movie. 

    We will reveal our pick for best summer movie year ever next week, but until then, what are the candidates?

    Several iconic movies land in summers we profile, including ones you can see when you watch Jurassic Park online and watch The Dark Knight online

    So, sit back and get ready to explore the 11 great summer movie seasons and then vote for your favorite below!

    The Empire Strikes Back, The Shining, Airplane!, Caddyshack, Fame, The Blues Brothers and Mad Max

    And now that you've seen what each of those 11 years had to offer, put on your thinking cap and prepare to let your voice be heard! 

    Vote for your choice for Best Summer Movie Year Ever!


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    The first official photos from Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron are here!

    Fresh off that EW cover shot of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the magazine has released a series of stills from Marvel Studios that give us our first true look at what we can expect when The Avengers sequel lands May 1, 2015. 

    Included in the slideshow of awesomeness below is our first look at Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson together as super siblings Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Also, we get a look at the team having a little party at the newly revamped Avengers Tower. Marvel head Kevin Feige told us about that building yesterday (among other things) and we'd say it looks pretty swag! 

    We also get a still of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, someone we've been told will have a beefed-up role in Avengers: Age of Ultron​. And one of the shots that gets us all sorts of excited is the one of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner collaborating in the lab. Oooh, wonder what they're working on?!

    Click through our Avengers: Age of Ultron photo still slideshow below, and to whet the appetite of what is to come, watch The Avengers online

    Thor & Cap Reunited (And It Feels So Good)
    Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are back as Cap and Thor each for their fourth time!

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    Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and director Jake Kasdan struck gold with 2011’s Bad Teacher and the trio are back with Sex Tape. The film also stars The Office and Bridesmaids veteran Ellie Kemper, and we caught up with the star for an exclusive interview to talk about the finer points of this talented trio.

    Sex Tape Premiere Photo

    The former Uptight Citizens Brigade member also tells us what makes a good improv situation, something she had in droves with The Office, and how working with her fellow improv vet Rob Corddry (he plays her husband in Sex Tape) was a dream come true. They share a history in Uptight Citizens Brigade, but never worked together!

    As teased in the Sex Tape trailer, Diaz and Segel are a married couple with kids who are looking to spice up their sex life. They make a tape of them having sex over three hours, and through some misfortune, it gets uploaded to the cloud. Corddry and Kemper join forces with Diaz and Segel as they race around town trying to get back all the iPads that Segel gave out to friends as gifts that now have their sex tape on it!

    Movie Fanatic: You had a nice view of the trio of talent that is Jake Kasdan, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel that we first saw in Bad Teacher. Those three are just getting started and we’re thrilled they’re back together with Sex Tape. What is it you noticed about the three of them that is so creatively and comically astute?

    Ellie Kemper: Bad Teacher was so funny and they have such a similar sensibility and their ability to mesh is effortless. They all bring something different, yet they all land on the same page. It mixes so well. One of the things that is most obvious to me is that they’re all nice people [laughs]. They enjoy each other’s company and they enjoy each other’s work. I hope they make a movie like this a year.

    Movie Fanatic: To further narrow it down, Jason and Cameron seem like an odd pairing. But, something about their chemistry truly pops. What do you think it is?

    Ellie Kemper: It totally works. It’s both on camera and off. How do you explain chemistry? But, there is something there. Cameron is so funny, and I don’t think that’s anything new. And yes, she does a full range of things. But, her comic sensibility is so sharp. Her performance in Bad Teacher struck me: Why was she not nominated for an Oscar? To make that woman so likable, just incredible! Similarly Jason, who we think of as being funny all the time, is also a strong actor. When they’re together, they bring out both pieces in each other.

    Movie Fanatic: You touched on it, and you’ve been trained in the comedy world. Cameron came up as a model. Yet, she is so incredibly funny. Is it something natural that you think she’s got?

    Ellie Kemper: I think so. With all funny people, there has to be some natural talent. She didn’t do stand-up. Her physical comedy, her facial expressions, her timing, her understanding of what makes a funny scene is just in there.

    Movie Fanatic: I was so thrilled to hear that you and Rob Corddry were paired. I want to see a movie with just you and Rob!

    Ellie Kemper: I would love that! I had never gotten to work with him before. We were both in the Uptight Citizens Brigade, so we know each other. But, we never worked together!

    Rob Corrdry Ellie Kemper Sex Tape

    Movie Fanatic: You must have been so thrilled when you heard that was the pairing.

    Ellie Kemper: Yes! I felt that I understood him without even knowing him. He’s a genius and it was so fun being in scenes with him, not totally knowing what was going to happen. 

    Movie Fanatic: You two are so trained in improv and of course Jason and Cameron have done it often over the years. Was there room for it with such a tight script like there was on Bridesmaids?

    Ellie Kemper: Yes, there was, and it was nice to have the luxury of time to do that. We did the scenes as scripted and did a few takes as improvised. If it’s Rob Corddry, you want to give him a chance to go off.

    Movie Fanatic: As someone who now has worked with him, what was your big takeaway from the Rob Corddry experience?

    Ellie Kemper: That he listens. Sometimes [pauses]… I got to say, guys don’t listen [laughs]!

    Movie Fanatic: No, they don’t.

    Ellie Kemper: I’m glad you agreed as a guy! It was a nice surprise that he listened.

    Movie Fanatic: How do you think your improv training has helped you? It clearly came in handy on The Office, but in terms of filming a movie like Sex Tape -- where does that aid you?

    Ellie Kemper: If you’re schooled in improv, it seems like different things. Film can be more mathematical. The general theme of ensemble is where improv comes into play. Improv has always been about the ensemble and making the piece better and not the individual.

    Movie Fanatic: Is it different on TV? I know on The Office with a cast full of improv-trained folks it was a given. But do the mediums differ in how it’s approached?

    Ellie Kemper: I think The Office was unique with our cast of characters. That’s pretty rare, actually. 

    Check out the magic of Kasdan, Diaz and Segel and watch Bad Teacher online and be sure to check out Sex Tape in theaters July 18.

    Cameron Seduces Jason
    Cameron Diaz seduces Jason Segel in a still from Sex Tape.

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    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has released its first full cast poster, and it features a vengeful Jessica Alba front and center. You'll also notice Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon Levitt , Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin and Rosario Dawson featured quite prominently. 

    The one-sheet is surely a whole lot less controversial than that Eva Green character poster that was banned by the MPAA!

    After marveling us with that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer, fans of the first film could not have been more thrilled that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez were joining forces yet again to bring their beloved world back to life. 

    Those same fans will be beyond excited that Dimension Films has announced the plans for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For at Comic-Con. 

    Look for the Sin CIty Experience at Petco Park that will include the hot cars from the movie series shown off in the parking lot, including the 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang, 1960 Chevy Corvette and the 1959 Cadillac El Dorado. Fans can take pictures with the cars, along with a 120-foot replica of the Sin City skyline. 

    Then, Miller, Rodriguez, Alba, Brolin and Dawson will be on hand for a panel between 2:50 p.m. and 3:50 p.m. in the famed Hall H. Earlier that day, the cast and filmmakers will be at Petco Park to sign posters between 11:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.

    Can't make that, then there's one more chance to get posters signed by the cast and filmmakers as they will appear at the Dark House Booth on the Convention Hall floor. 

    Look for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in theaters August 22, and to catch up with the story, watch Sin City online

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Full Cast Poster
    The "full cast" poster for Sin CIty: A Dame to Kill For features Jessica Alba front and center.

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