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    The full trailer for Annabelle has landed and it gives us much more of an idea of what to expect when the film lands in theaters October 3.

    The first Annabelle trailer had us riveted, but there is something about this latest teaser that has us terrified and thrilled to discover what happened before The Conjuring.

    Annabelle is the doll, you probably remember from The Conjuring, and she is the title character that serves as a prequel to that James Wan-directed horror fest. Wan is a producer on this flick that takes us back in time to when that horror-ible doll first became evil.

    As you recall when you watch The Conjuring online, the actual doll resides in an occult museum in New England, where it is visited by a priest twice a month who blesses her.

    But, long before she was “locked up,” she unleashed hell… and Annabelle is her story.  

    One Horror-able Doll!
    Why would you have this doll in your house? Just, why?!

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    In a piece of fantastic news that should please legions of Harry Potter fans, David Yates has signed on to direct JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Yates could not be more familiar with the world of Harry Potter and this new take on that world. He has directed four Harry Potter films, most recently Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

    The film is based on the universe of Rowling that focuses on wizards and witches and was inspired by the textbook made famous for its use by Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter books and film series.

    As we previously reported, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be a trilogy. Stay tuned for more on this highly anticipated film. 

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    Writing and producing a movie is no easy task. Having lines from that movie become said over and over again by generations as beloved quotes is a whole different level of resonance. 

    Certain writers and filmmakers have the knack for movie quotes that are almost uncanny. We found 13 that top the list of best movie quote makers of recent memory. 

    Watch Pulp Fiction online and you know Quentin Tarantino had to be on our list. You know you know someone -- if not yourself -- who could name at least 25 Tarantino movie lines... right now!

    Then, there are the comic movie quote magicians. Watch Anchorman online and its creator is a man who is truly just beginning his lifelong effort to putting funny movie quotes in our mouths. 

    Click through and check out our list of the 13 top movie quote makers in recent memory.

    Quentin Tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino had to be on our list, no? His Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained have produced some of the most memorable lines, like ever.

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    For Joseph Gordon Levitt, joining the cast of Sin City: A Dame to KillFor wasn’t just about diving into the world of Frank Miller that we first were introduced to with those Sin City quotes in 2005. It was purely about working with director Robert Rodriguez and heading to his Austin, Texas-based filmmaking empire, Troublemaker Studios.

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    “I was so inspired by that particular aspect,” Levitt admitted to Movie Fanatic.

    “Here is a filmmaker who has decided to make his own world, his own industry, and do it his way. The fact that you [can] drive just outside of Austin and not only does he have the ability to shoot whatever he wants, all of the cutting is going on next door and the visual effects and music and everything else. I really, really admire that.”

    A perk of the entire experience was also to share an unforgettable scene with legendary actor Christopher Lloyd. Of course, he is best known for his role as Doc Brown that you can see when you watch Back to the Future online.

    Lloyd portrays the most sickest of doctors, who helps Levitt’s new-to-Sin City character out of a bind. “I love that scene, man. I love getting to see Christopher Lloyd getting to do something dark,” Levitt said.

    Levitt actually worked with Lloyd a long time ago -- he’s the angel in Angels in the Outfield! “This was our reunion. You couldn’t ask for a movie that was more diametrically opposed to Angels in the Outfield than Sin City,” Levitt said and laughed.

    “He’s this junkie in dirty clothes, but he’s got this almost poetic self-talking soliloquy while he’s setting my bones with popsicle sticks! He’s Doc Brown, but he’s a really strong actor that can do a lot of different things applying that energy that he brings to a character like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, but putting it in the dark flavor of a Frank Miller world. He’s really entertaining.”

    Sin City A Dame to Kill For Joseph Gordon Levitt Christopher Lloyd

    As shown in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer, Levitt has one of the more memorable entrances in the movies this year. For Levitt, the magic of this world dates back to the first time he saw Sin City. “I remember when the first one came out, going to the movie theater and saying to myself, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’” he said.

    The actor with decades of work under his belt was inspired by the wildly creative environment that reminded him why he got into the craft in the first place. “I actually really loved acting in just the green environment and fully embracing an abandonment of realism, of reality. We’re going into a graphic novel. We’re going into the mind of Frank Miller,” Levitt said.

    “Yeah, the sky isn’t perfect detail. It’s actually just pure black and the snow is pure white. We’re not in the real world. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for when we go to the movies? This movie delivers that. So just getting to become part of that world and play a Rodriguez badass -- it was such a thrill to get to do it.”

    Get ready for the big-time sequel and watch Sin City online!


    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Full Cast Poster
    The "full cast" poster for Sin CIty: A Dame to Kill For features Jessica Alba front and center.

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    As The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua says in a new featurette from his flick, Denzel Washington’s character is a new kind of action hero. “He’s about leveling the playing field for everyone,” the helmer said.

    Sony Pictures has brought online a new featurette that explores the origins of this character in the film that reunites Washington and Fuqua after Washington won an Oscar working with him on Training Day.

    The Equalizer is based on the hit '80s TV show about a former black ops specialist who retires to a quiet life in Boston. But, when he sees a wrong, he needs to make it right.

    Check out The Equalizer trailer and get ready for the film's September 26 release. And be sure to watch Training Day online to see Washington and Fuqua’s first foray into movie magic. 

    The Equalizer IMAX Poster
    We get to watch Denzel kicking butt on the largest screens in the world? Yes, please!

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    Football movies -- heck, all sports films -- that resonate are always about so much more than what goes on on the field and When the Game Stands Tall embodies that theory perfectly.

    When the Game Stands Tall Still Photo

    The true story follows the De La Salle High School football team and their incredible 151-game winning streak. That is a record for consecutive wins in any sport, pro or amateur. But, as teased in the When the Game Stands Tall trailer, our story picks up with only a few wins left to reach that 151-game mark.

    As such, the film is not so much about the years of winning with no loss. It plants the audience firmly at the end of the streak and establishes what an astounding feat it is and why that is important. But, over half of our movie is going to be about what happens when they finally lose. As so many coaches have said before, winning is easy, losing builds character.

    Can you imagine the mentality it takes to win again after losing when no team in a decade has beaten you?

    That’s where true greatness is found, not only in the players who take the field, but in the coaches who lead them. When the Game Stands Tall could not have better actors embodying those leaders in Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis

    Caviezel is head coach Bob Ladouceur and Chiklis portrays assistant coach Terry Eidson. They are as fluid together, chemistry wise, as leads in a great romance. Here, the love is for the game of football and crafting young men into the finest grown men they can be.

    As such, the story is riddled with cliches. They come at you faster than a quarterback’s bullet pass. But, this is a sports film and a true story. Many of the angles we’ve seen a million times in these movies (like when you watch Remember the Titans online) are repeated here in director Thomas Carter’s story. It’s no one’s fault, per se, that’s just the way these things played out.

    Knowing that, When the Game Stands Tall is still a fun (and inspiring) ride. The young cast delivers as a team who has to grapple with fumbling -- so to speak -- the winning streak and what that would do to a group of young men where none are older than eighteen.

    There is also a slew of what may seem like heavy-handed faith-based messages. But, again, this is a true story and De La Salle High School is a religious private school. It’s accurate for the landscape that screenwriter Scott Marshall Smith gleaned from Neil Hayes’ brilliant book.

    As a true football fable, our When the Game Stands Tall review can point out, it’s no Rudy or Remember the Titans. But, it deserves to be in the same league. 

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    Author Gayle Forman certainly chose wisely to have director R.J. Cutler helm the film adaptation of her novel If I Stay. And when it was first bought by Hollywood, Forman has said that she wished Chloe Grace Moretz was older because she would be perfect to play Mia.

    If I Stay Chloe Grace Moretz And Jamie Blackley

    Well, the stars aligned. It took a couple of years to get the film off the ground and now, the young star is old enough.

    Moretz is a revelation as Mia and manages to score her first adult-ish role of her young career. We agree with the woman who knows Mia better than anyone, the writer who created her, Moretz is perfect to play Mia.

    Mia and Moretz share something in common and that is they both discovered their art at an early age. That’s a unique headspace to capture and the actress simply nails it.

    As teased in the If I Stay trailer, Moretz’s alter ego is a cello prodigy who could be looking at attending the prestigious Juilliard when she graduates high school. The timing could be better. She has just discovered first love. But, this is no ordinary teenage crush -- as her mother Kat (Mireille Enos) points out. This could be the real thing.

    The love of her life is Adam (Jamie Blackley, perfectly cast for numerous reasons) and he is a musician as well. He is in a band on their way to being signed by a record company and touring demands are ever increasing while Adam and Mia’s romance blossoms.

    Then tragedy strikes with Mia landing in a coma after a car accident. She has to decide, should she fight to live, or just let go?

    We see Mia in a coma in intensive care, but Moretz also plays the character walking around the hospital expressing what she’s feeling on the inside. It had to be a complicated thing to try to capture from the pages of Forman’s book and Cutler simply nails it by how he approached that fact.

    And the reason it works is, again, Moretz. It never feels hokey or unbelievable, and we as the audience truly get engrossed in her story through a series of flashbacks that fill in the emotional blanks for Mia and her literal life and death decision.

    If I Stay Stacy Keach Chloe Grace Moretz

    Blackley matches Moretz note for note and their chemistry is undeniable. And Blackley is also impeccably cast because of his musical background and acting talent. We believe that these two are in love and also the two actors sell the fact that because they are so young, and both have such strong musical promise, that it is as complicated as teenage love can be -- even with the truest of adult emotional cores.

    The supporting cast is outstanding, particularly Stacy Keach. The veteran actor plays Mia’s grandfather, and in one scene (that is Supporting Actor Oscar worthy) he sums up the entire power of the film with his pitch perfect performance.

    But, what most impressed us by the time the credits rolled, our If I Stay review can report, is that the young actress we first discovered as Hit Girl when you watch Kick-Ass online is now on the verge of a seriously huge adult acting career that can take her as far as she wants to go.

    Chloe Grace Moretz & Jamie Blackley's Loving Gaze
    The loving gaze of first romance is seen in this still from If I Stay.

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    It may have taken nine years to follow up Sin City, but Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are back at it again with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and it does have several things going for it.

    Mickey Rourke Sin City A Dame to Kill For

    The cast is clearly much more comfortable acting in a green screen environment than they were for the first one. And the technology to create a world that completely doesn’t exist except in the mind of a graphic novel artist and a supremely talented filmmaker has finally caught up with their collective imaginations.

    But, unfortunately, that is about all that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has going for it.

    It had some serious potential with several of its storylines that are new to the series. First the Joseph Gordon Levitt part is utterly compelling, and with actors as fine as Levitt and his Sin City foe (played by Powers Boothe) going at it, it’s not just a visual joy to watch, but it is a solid good time. Levitt nails it as Johnny and Boothe is back for an expanded role as Senator Roark.

    Then, there’s Eva Green’s Ava and her complicated entanglement with Josh Brolin’s Dwight. Brolin scores with his razor sharp capturing of what perfect acting in the Miller-Rodriguez world is and Green is probably the best thing about the movie (again -- she also was in 300: Rise of an Empire). 

    But, Green is the sole true headline in a film that is overly complicated, muddled and more interested in style than substance. This is a speeding car with a flat tire.

    Bruce Willis is back (briefly), as is Rosario Dawson in an underused role. And Mickey Rourke is clearly having a blast. It’s truly impossible to imagine anyone else other than him portraying Marv. It’s hard to tell where Marv stops and Rourke begins, which is high praise for someone doing what he can with a story where he’s the thread that, in a lot of ways, holds it all together.

    Then there's Jessica Alba’s Nancy,  who after nine years is still harboring sorrow for her lost love (Willis) that is a little hard to buy.

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Jessica Alba Bruce Willis

    The action is compelling. The visual style is a marvel. Rodriguez has grown as a filmmaker, and with Miller as co-director the movie feels ripped right out of his graphic novels -- as can even be seen in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer.

    But we’re afraid that Miller’s plots don’t intertwine quite right. Some films that have multiple storylines can come together like the most beautiful of spider webs by the time the credits roll. This second Sin City is more of a disjointed mess with pieces of storyline simply flailing in the air, completely left unattended and unfulfilled.

    Our Sin City: A Dame to Kill For review has to say that one doesn’t really go to a Sin City movie to be moved by plot or intricate storylines. There’s the violence. There are guys and girls being sinful. But we never expected a full movie awash in sins of wasted moviemaking opportunities. 

    If you're a fan, you'd be much better off taking a moment to watch Sin City online for a much better Sin-ful experience.

    Jessica Alba Dances
    The gif of Jessica Alba dancing. You would think she would have graduated to a better job by now. But, I guess in the Sin City world, progress is slow.

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    We know Meryl Streep plays a witch in Into the Woods, but with a new photo from Disney from their upcoming big screen version of the Broadway musical, she looks a little more whacked than witchy!

    We were pretty darn impressed with that photo of Johnny Depp as the Big Bad Wolf, and the Into the Woods teaser trailer is truly compelling (even without any musical numbers), but there is something about the below photo of Streep as the evil center of this musical tribute to the Brothers Grimm fairy tales that has us firmly circling the film’s December 25 release date.

    Streep (currently seen in The Giver) is joined in the cast by Depp, Anna Kendrick, Lucy Punch, Christine Baranski, Tracy Ullman, Lilla Crawford, Daniel Huttlestone, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Magnussen and Mackenzie Mauzy, who has the misfortune of getting Streep’s embrace.

    Meryl Streep Has a Moment
    Meryl looks a little manic, here, no?!

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    Josh Brolin visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and before he could talk about his current movie, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the host went right to the movie we’re all waiting to see -- The Goonies 2. We like that he even sported his red bandana from the movie in the interview!

    Josh Brolin The Tonight Show

    “It’s gotten to the point where they have said it so many times where I’ll be this character [mimics a man in a walker], I would do it! I would do it,” Brolin said.

    Fans of those The Goonies quotes have been waiting for decades to find out what happens next to their favorite characters.

    But, when director Richard Donner said a sequel is happening, anticipation for it hit a fever pitch.

    We were excited for The Goonies reunion at Comic-Con, but then it was canceled. That is clearly not a good sign. And Brolin seems to know it too.

    “Every five years, I keep hearing that we’re going to do it, and then I’m like... And then finally, when you hear something like Richard Donner saying it... but it’s on TMZ, so you can’t believe it. It’s like, ‘Yes! We’re going to do it!’ And I’m like, ‘It says TMZ on the bottom, man!’"

    Watch The Goonies online and see what all the fuss is about.

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    Dazed and Confused landed on movie screens from writer-director Richard Linklater in 1993 and immediately made a huge impact.

    In the time since, those Dazed and Confused quotes have become iconic -- particularly Matthew McConaughey's "Alright, alright, alright!"

    But, did you know where that line came from and that it was improvised? 

    What else didn't you know about one of your favorite movies? 

    We found 13 fantastic facts about one of our favorite movies and lay them out in the slideshow below. 

    Watch Dazed and Confused online and witness a classic, armed with the behind-the-scenes knowledge we provide, and tell us the movie has an all new resonance! 

    Click through and discover our 13 far out facts about Dazed and Confused.

    Alright, Alright, Alright Origins
    Matthew McConaughey improvised that line and it was inspired by a live The Doors album where lead singer Jim Morrison said Alright, Alright in between songs.

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    Pierce Brosnan is back in the spy game and we could not be more excited. As you see in The November Man trailer, Brosnan is a special agent who retires from the CIA after a mission with Luke Bracey goes wrong. Only, he’s pulled back into the game when someone he loves is threatened and only Brosnan can get her out.

    The November Man Movie Poster

    We’re celebrating Brosnan’s first foray into action in the spy world since he stopped being James Bond with an exclusive giveaway. One lucky Movie Fanatic winner will receive:

    • The November Man T-Shirt
    • The November Man water bottle
    • The November Man passport case
    • The November Man Mini Poster
    • $25 Fandango Gift Card

    Stay with Movie Fanatic for our special chat with Brosnan about his return to action, as well as an interview with his co-star Olga Kurylenko.

    And as you've probably heard, The November Man 2 has already been green lit -- so we could not be more thrilled that Brosnan has a new spy franchise.

    Use the widget below to enter on Facebook or Twitter. There are three unique ways to enter, and by entering all three ways you can increase your chance at winning!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Pierce Brosnan is Back!
    Since walking away from being Bond, we haven't seen Brosnan do action like we do in The November Man.

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    You could not ask for three more diverse movies to hit theaters with this second-to-last weekend of the summer movie season.

    Our Weekend Movie Preview takes a look at the sequel that took nine years to come back, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the YA novel turned screen sensation If I Stay and the incredible true football tale at the heart of When the Game Stands Tall.

    Let's break it down...

    Sin City A Dame to Kill For: The first Sin City landed in 2005 and was a visual marvel. And although the technology of green screen shooting has greatly advanced, you can make a movie look amazing, but one cannot forget to have a good story.

    Lady Gaga's Cameo!
    Lady Gaga makes a cameo in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For!

    Unfortunately, as we say in our Sin City: A Dame to Kill For review, the Robert Rodriguez-Frank Miller directed graphic novel turned big screen noir just completely misses because of a lack of a real compelling tale that makes any sense. 

    If I Stay: Chloe Grace Moretz makes quite the talent announcement in the big screen adaptation of Gayle Forman's hit YA novel. The story follows a girl who survives a car wreck, only to be stuck in a coma. Moretz is Mia, and she has found the love of her life. She is supposed to be heading to the most prestigious music school in the country, yet at this moment in time, she has to decide between living and letting go. 

    Chloe Grace Moretz & Jamie Blackley's Loving Gaze
    The loving gaze of first romance is seen in this still from If I Stay.

    As we report in our If I Stay review, this is a pretty powerful adaptation that stays (mostly) loyal to the book. The reason to see this romantic and inspiring flick is its star, Ms. Moretz. 

    When the Game Stands Tall: The true story of the De La Salle High School football team and their sports-wide record of 151 wins in a row would be compelling enough. But, this film scores because it looks at the challenges of what happens to a team of teens, when they finally lose. 

    Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis are stunning as the coaches and the young cast is more than game to meet them note-for-note. Sure, sports movie cliches come hard and fast -- as we chronicle in our When the Game Stands Tall review -- but, it is still a pretty solid tale.

    Feel like staying in this weekend? Well, there's a certain summer blockbuster that's already out on digital download. Check it out when you watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 online

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    As Seth MacFarlane is gearing up to shoot his follow-up to his wildly successful Ted ($550 million global gross), we’ve got news that two smaller players will return to reprise their roles in Ted 2.

    Ted Photo

    First, Patrick Warburton has agreed to come back -- although no word on whether his love (Ryan Reynolds!) will reprise his role!

    Also coming back (and thankfully so) is Jessica Barth who will return as the foul-mouthed Tami-Lynn. You might recall that Barth stole scenes left and right as Ted’s love interest.

    As we previously reported, Amanda Seyfried has replaced Mila Kunis as Mark Wahlberg’s love interest. Kunis told us it was due to scheduling problems. She’ll be missed.

    Watch Ted online to get ready for the big sequel and get ready for an avalanche of new Ted quotes to come our way when Ted 2 hits theaters June 26, 2015. 

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    Although there were three new movies landing in theaters this weekend, including the highly anticipated sequel to Sin City, it was a familiar set of faces ruling the top of the box office charts as Guardians of the Galaxy had two reasons to celebrate.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Dancing

    Guardians of the Galaxy was the number one movie this past weekend, but its $17.6 million haul was also enough to have it overtake Transformers: Age of Extinction to become the number one movie of the summer! And yes, all is now right with the world.

    Not only is Guardians of the Galaxy the highest earning movie of the summer, but it scored the top spot on our Top 17 summer movies of 2014 list!

    Guardians of the Galaxy narrowly beat back a solid challenge from the fresh flick If I Stay and the last two weeks’ box office champ, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    If I Stay, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, is based on the bestselling YA book. The unique take on life and death landed in third with an impressive $16.4 million, just behind TMNT’s $16.8 million.

    Those Ninja Turtles, who have already had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 green lit, now stands at a total of $145.6 million in three weeks of release.

    Fourth place found another solid week for the comedy Let’s Be Cops. The Fox movie banked $11 million to bring its two-week total to $45.2 million.

    The true football fable When the Game Stands Tall, another new release this week, closed out the top five with $9 million.

    As for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the sequel that took nine years to get out to fans was largely ignored as it scored an eighth place finish with a disappointing $6.5 million.

    Box office top 10:

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy, $17.6 million
    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, $16.8 million
    3. If I Stay, $16.4 million
    4. Let’s Be Cops, $11 million
    5. When the Game Stands Tall, $9 million
    6. The Giver, $6.7 million
    7. The Expendables 3, $6.6 million
    8. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, $6.5 million
    9. The Hundred-Foot Journey, $5.6 million
    10. Into the Storm, $3.8 million

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded...

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

    We love this quote -- Gamora gets mushy.

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    Another week begins, and the movie world mourns another icon in Lord Richard Attenborough. Last week we said goodbye to Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, and now we are saluting the life and art of a true legend in Attenborough.

    Richard Attenborough Jurassic Park

    Attenborough won his Oscar for directing Gandhi, besting Steven Spielberg’s E.T.

    Spielberg would go on to direct his friend in Jurassic Park as the actor would play the famous role of Dr. John Hammond, who would utter one of the most famous Jurassic Park quotes, “Welcome to Jurassic Park.”

    He acted for 27 years before getting behind the camera in 1969 with his work on Oh! What a Lovely War. He was also the man responsible for giving us the unforgettable A Bridge Too Far.

    Gandhi was a lifelong passion project for the British icon. He spent 20 years bringing it to life and the film would go on to win eight Oscars, including Best Picture, as well as a Best Actor trophy for Sir Ben Kingsley. Ten years later, Attenborough guided Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin to his first Oscar nod.

    Spielberg, a longtime friend and admirer of Attenborough, released a statement that pretty much sums up how we all feel about this loss.

    "Dickie Attenborough was passionate about everything in his life - family, friends, country and career. He made a gift to the world with his emotional epic Gandhi and he was the perfect ringmaster to bring the dinosaurs back to life as John Hammond in Jurassic Park. He was a dear friend and I am standing in an endless line of those who completely adored him."

    Don’t miss Attenborough in one of his finest moments and watch Jurassic Park online

    0 0

    The "star" of the newly released The Equalizer TV spot that aired during the VMAs may have been meant to be the Eminem song Guts Over Fear, given the music-centric theme of the evening.

    But it’s going to be hard to top Denzel Washington kicking ass, especially in the name of justice.

    Washington is reuniting with his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua, for The Equalizer -- in a reboot of the hit '80s TV show of the same name.

    And just as badass as Washington was with Fuqua in that role that earned Washington his second Oscar, he looks even more so as The Equalizer.

    Washington is joined in the cast by Chloe Grace Moretz (who can be seen currently inIf I Stay), Bill Pullman and fellow Oscar winner Melissa Leo. Look for The Equalizer in theaters in IMAX September 26.

    Watch Training Day online and witness Washington and Fuqua’s first pairing! 

    The Equalizer IMAX Poster
    We get to watch Denzel kicking butt on the largest screens in the world? Yes, please!

    0 0

    As James Bond 24 gears up to start filming this fall, they appear to be looking for a bit of brute force for their villain.

    James Bond Jaws

    Where Javier Bardem was enough to menace Daniel Craig when you watch Skyfall online, Sam Mendes and company are looking to up the ante for their follow-up with not only a villain to give Bond fits, but a sidekick for him or her who will do some damage.

    They are reportedly looking for someone who is at least six-foot two-inches tall and imposingly fit. And according to sources close to the production, they are looking for someone in the vein of Jaws or Oddjob, those villainous sidekicks who are now iconic for their efforts to stop Bond in the past.

    Look for the latest Bond film November 6, 2015. And if they find the next Oddjob or Jaws, well then, that would be quite nice, thank you very much. 

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    Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page to post the latest still from Fast and Furious 7 and it is a painfully emotional one at that.

    The shot features Diesel, along with the late Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson at a funeral for a friend. Given the death of Walker last November, seeing this image has to be incredibly difficult for Diesel and all the fans and filmmaking family of Fast and Furious 7.

    The Fast and Furious 7 production shut down while it recoiled from the death of Walker and managed to regroup to finish the shoot with the help of Walker’s brothers who will stand in for him in the scenes he was unable to shoot.

    Within the universe of Fast and Furious 7, the shot shows the “family” gathered for the funeral of Han (Sung Kang) who was killed in a crash at the end of Fast and Furious 6 -- thanks to our seventh film villain Jason Statham.

    We know that Diesel, Walker and the gang will be coming after Statham in Fast 7, but first, they mourn.

    Look for Fast and Furious 7 April 3, 2015, and until then, watch Fast and Furious 6 online

    A Funeral for a Friend
    In an eerie photo, Vin Diesel released a still from Fast 7 that features he and Paul Walker at a funeral.

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    Love is strange, so said a wise person once, and that is never more true than in these 11 unconventional romance movies that get our heart pounding every time we see them. 

    Sure, a straightforward romance is good -- if you're into that sort of thing.

    But, we like our love stories on the stranger side and by that we mean, love that doesn't come at you as obvious. Watch Wall-E online and you'll see what we mean. Tell us that that Pixar movie isn't wildly romantic -- in the most unusual of ways. 

    And watch Warm Bodies online and admit it's impossible to not fall in love with Nicholas Hoult's zombie? He's so cute and lovelorn, Teresa Palmer doesn't stand a chance at resisting him. 

    And then there's the unconventional love story at the heart of what you see when you watch Brokeback Mountain online. And it's not because it's two men who fall for each other. It's how director Ang Lee weaves his heartbreaking tale that makes it one of the most powerful romances ever made -- period. 

    Click through and discover our 11 most unconventional love stories... and prepare to fall in love!

    Beauty and the Beast
    In order for the Beast to stop being so beastly, he must find someone who loves him for who he truly is. He finds that in Belle, as we all know. But, think about that. She falls for... a Beast! Yeah, we'd say that's unconventional!

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