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    Kristen Stewart has been getting astounding reviews for her work as a young Army soldier in Camp X-Ray. And now that we’ve got a full Camp X-Ray trailer, we can see a tease of what everyone is raving about.

    Stewart stars as a soldier who joins the military thinking that she’s going to make a difference and help change the world. But, as we saw in that teaser Camp X-Ray trailer -- that is not what she winds up being a part of.

    The former Twilight star finds immediately upon her arrival at Guantanamo Bay that these post 9/11 folks stuck behind bars (some for almost nine years) are to be referred to as “detainees” and not “prisoners.”

    Why, you ask? Stewart tells us in the below trailer, “Because prisoners are entitled to rights… detainees are not.”

    Camp X-Ray hits theaters October 17. In the meantime, watch Twilight online and see how far Stewart has come. 

    Official Camp X-Ray Poster
    The poster for Camp X-Ray is here! Kristen Stewart fights for freedom.

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    Although the film does not have a title, it already is among our most anticipated films coming our way in the next few years. Steven Spielberg has started principal photography on his as of yet untitled Cold War spy thriller starring two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks.

    Tom Hanks Steven Spielberg Photo

    Spielberg is shooting the true story in New York and in Berlin.

    The spy thriller that reunites Spielberg and Hanks after giving us those unforgettable Saving Private Ryan quotes is the true story of James Donovan. He’s an attorney who wound up being an integral part of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA.

    The CIA sent Donovan into the lion’s den to negotiate the release of a captured American U-2 pilot during a period of the Cold War where it seemed that Russia would rather “bury us” (to quote Khrushchev) than negotiate.

    Fox will co-finance the film with DreamWorks, in association with Participant Media. Disney will handle the domestic distribution.

    Look for the film to be released in U.S. theaters October 16, 2015. and in the meantime, check out their last effort, the Oscar-winning film you can see when you watch Saving Private Ryan online

    And their previous effort is also one of our favorite World War II movies... who else makes the list? 

    Saving Private Ryan
    Saving Private Ryan stars Tom Hanks as the leader of a troupe who must find and bring home Private Ryan. Matt Damon is Private Ryan and over the course of the film. Spielberg brings World War II home.

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    Saturday Night Live has some mixed results taking skits and bringing them to the silver screen. But, they're more often spot-on than off when it comes to parodying movies on the skit show that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

    Evidence of that came on this week’s episode, hosted by Sarah Silverman (A Million Ways to Die in the West), with a “trailer” for the “sequel” to those heartbreaking The Fault in Our Stars quotes,

    Silverman and co-star Taran Killam just nailed it with a look at how love can be found, even when one of the people in the couple has… Ebola?!

    That’s right, the below trailer is for The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Our Everything and shows that even though Silverman has what is probably the most contagious and deadly disease on the face of the Earth, love can (kind of) survive.

    Watch The Fault in Our Stars online and see the real film that this bit parodies, which is (no joke) one of the best movies of 2014. 

    Shailene & Ansel Head to Amsterdam
    These two lovebirds have a dream, and thanks to the selfless Ansel, Shailene gets to go to Amsterdam and meet her idol.

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    Gone Girl ruled the box office and made $38 million in the process. That is not too surprising as the Gillian Flynn novel has millions and millions of fans. 

    Fans of the book have created pages upon pages on the internet devoted to her quotes from the blockbuster book.

    Given that Flynn wrote the screenplay based on her book for director David Fincher, it's no surprise that Gone Girl the movie has some pretty killer quotes too. 

    As we stated in our Gone Girl review, the writing, the acting, the directing, heck, it's all incredible and one of our favorite movies of the year. 

    But, what are our favorite Gone Girl quotes?

    Click through and discover our 11 best Gone Girl quotes and don't be surprised if it makes you want to go out and see the flick again! 

    I will practice believing my husband loves me but I could be wrong.

    I will practice believing my husband loves me but I could be wrong. I feel like something to be jettisoned if necessary. I feel like I could disappear. I've finally realized that I am frightened of my own husband. The man of my dreams, this man of mine might kill me. This man may truly kill me."

    Amy Dunne
    Ah, wait, what? Yeah, it's clear that Gone Girl is no love story. Not. Even. Close.

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    We’re probably due for a fresh The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer -- what with the film landing in a few months (December 17) and we’ve only really gotten one.

    But, until then, we have this little gem that arrived from Warner Bros. in the form of a character poster for Martin Freeman’s Bilbo. And we love it all the more because he’s sporting his sword, known as Sting. Yes, it’s bloody brilliant!

    Bilbo and his band of warriors (including Ian McKellen returning as Gandolf) march towards an end to The Hobbit trilogy from Peter Jackson.

    Watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey online to see how it started and you’ll be ready to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug online and be sufficiently set for the December release that closes Jackson’s trilogy.

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies features a stellar cast. Beyond Freeman and McKellen, Jackson’s epic conclusion features Luke Evans, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Fry, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Billy Connolly, Hugo Weaving and Orlando Bloom. 

    Bilbo Brings the Sting in New Poster
    Bilbo sports his "Sting" sword in the poster for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

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    We headed to the Fox lot and boy were we given a true treat -- the first 30 minutes of The Penguins of Madagascar!

    The boys, who were initially introduced to us in that first Madagascar movie, are now being given their own adventure and it is a thrill ride filled with humor and heart -- to say the least!

    Check out where we left off with them and watch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted online!

    So, what did we learn from the fantastic half-hour of footage from The Penguins of Madagascar? Lots!

    We took away nine things from the impressive presentation including The Penguins of Madagascar origins and how they became such talented international adventurers.

    And we met our villain Dave (John Malkovich) and a hero who will butt heads with Skipper over who gives the orders. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character only goes by the name Classified!

    Click through and discover what we learned from The Penguins of Madagascar footage preview below and then watch The Penguins of Madagascar trailer to be sufficiently teased for the film's November 26 release!

    We Start Where Their Journey Starts, Antarctica
    The movie starts in Antarctica and we meet our “boys” as youngsters. And immediately their character traits are fully formed. And we get to see Private being born!

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    Since Nightcrawler premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, the buzz has been red hot for the Jake Gyllenhaal flick. The actor is even getting major talk about a Best Actor nod in his future for his role as a lost soul trying to find his way in Los Angeles.

    Through happenstance, he discovers he’s pretty good at patrolling the streets of the City of Angels and capturing humans at their worst. That’s right, he films murders, car crashes and even home invasions for the local evening news.

    The latest Nightcrawler trailer has premiered, as have a series of stills from the highly anticipated film that lands October 31 and you can check them out in the slideshow below.

    Nightcrawler also stars two of our faves, Rene Russo and Bill Paxton.

    And check out Gyllenhaal in another (fantastic) gritty set in LA flick and watch End of Watch online.

    Jake Gets Into Action
    Jake Gyllenhaal is the Nightcrawler and we can see why gets that name!

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    After the surprise success of the Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey starring The Purge, Universal announced plans for a second film, The Purge: Anarchy. The sequel took the action out of the suburban home and informed audiences what happens on that once a year night where all crime is legal across all the streets of Los Angeles.

    The Purge Photo

    Now with the success of The Purge: Anarchy, which has made $108 million, and the first film -- The Purge banked $89 million -- Universal has hired The Purge: Anarchy director James DeMonaco to bring back the horror and further expand The Purge universe.

    As you can tell from our The Purge: Anarchy review, we rather enjoyed the flick and think that the franchise is moving in the right direction by further expanding its landscape. We, for one, cannot wait to see where the film goes next!

    Watch The Purge online to see how it all got started, and stay tuned for news on The Purge: Anarchy DVD release, as well as anything else we can find out about The Purge 3! Right now, we just know that it's slated to arrive "sometime in 2015."

    A Purger Does His Thing
    What's with the masks on The Purge? I mean, if murder and mayhem is legal, why you hiding behind a mask tough guy?!

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    Star Wars: Episode VII producer Frank Marshall was on the set at Pinewood Studios outside of London and took to his Twitter account to post a poster that caught his eye. And we love it!

    The poster was put there by J.J. Abrams, all in an effort to stop the leaking that has been going on from the Star Wars: Episode VII set. We’ve seen some Star Wars: Episode VII set photos and there are bound countless rumors that have flown by, including one that reported that Daniel Craig would cameo after he stopped by the set to visit his friend Abrams.

    The poster, in the slideshow below of behind-the-scenes Star Wars: Episode VII shots, borrows heavily from World War II posters that would tell our citizenry that “Loose lips sink ships.”

    Well, Abrams put a fantastic spin on that and we have, “Loose lips sink starships!”

    So, clearly Marshall got the message as he included this with the post, “Excited to be here at Pinewood, but mum's the word...”

    Amen to that.

    Loose Lips Bring Down Starships
    This poster really says it all on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

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    J.K. Rowling is procrastinating, or teasing… depending on how you look at it!

    J.K. Rowling Picture

    The Harry Potter author is supposed to be busy penning the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them, the textbook from her Harry Potter world that is going to be made into a movie from David Yates.

    And, she’s supposedly working on a new book. So, her tweet on October 5 showed she was thinking about both, but not yet ready to put pen to paper.

    "Very busy at the moment working on a novel, tweaking a screenplay and being involved in @lumos campaigns. Back when I've finished something!”

    Then, she went back to Twitter and posted this, which could lead us to think that the person wielding the wand she refers to is none other than The Boy Who Lived.

    “See, now I'm tempted to post a riddle or an anagram. Must resist temptation… must work…"

    "Cry, for! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won't tolerate this nonsense."

    "Something to ponder while I'm away X”

    Then, on October 7, her tweet, we think, clearly gives the feeling that she’s getting the creative juices flowing for the screenplay to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    "'Newt Scamander's History of New York Fauna: One town, my tale' Warmer."

    After 6,000 re-tweets, the world is wondering: Is Rowling penning another Harry Potter book?

    Time will tell and judging by Rowling’s comments about the end of Harry Potter, she cannot let this story go. Nor should she as he is one beloved iconic literary and cinematic character with a rich history and an enormous potential for a future.

    Stay tuned! And until then, watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online to see how this whole world got started. 

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    Fury lands in theaters October 17, starring Brad Pitt, and anticipation is high for the superstar’s return to World War II for the first time since he uttered those Inglourious Basterds quotes for Quentin Tarantino.

    This time out his director is another one of our faves, David Ayer (Training Day writer, writer-director of End of Watch). Ayer’s Fury follows Pitt’s Wardaddy as he leads his tank crew from Africa to Germany and we meet them in the waning days of the war as things could not get more dangerous.   

    Sony has released five new clips that highlight some pretty intensive scenes, some dramatic moments and above all, the supremely talented cast that Ayer has surrounded Pitt with -- Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal.

    Check out our five clips from Fury... First off, we have Move Out:

    LaBeouf calms the troops with a Bible Verse:

    Next up, an intense war scene, aka Tiger Battle:

    It’s up to Pitt and his crew to Hold the Crossroad:

    And lastly, we can tell how much this crew means to each other with Best Job I Ever Had, a line that stuck with us from that first Fury trailer.

    Watch End of Watch online and witness the power of Ayer. And get ready for some serious World War II drama when Fury lands October 17.

    Fury Movie Poster
    The full poster for Fury is here and it shows off it's cast, led by Brad Pitt.

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    There are movie rumors that have us shrugging our shoulders (Daniel Craig in Star Wars: Episode VII) and others that we wish were true. Plant this latest Marvel rumor in the latter department. HitFix is reporting that Sony and Marvel (which is owned by Disney) are in early discussions about finding a way to get Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo Shot

    As fans of the webbed wonder know, Spider-Man has been a member of The Avengers and fans have long dreamed of a world where the big studios would find a way to put away their proprietary interests in the name of pleasing the fandom that have made superhero movies the biggest of box office draws of late.

    After the perceived lack of success of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (hard to argue with a $700 million grossing failure), some think that joining Spidey at the hip to the successful world of Marvel and their Avengers would be a way to right the ship.

    Who cares about the why, it doesn’t matter in this case because it makes perfect sense to all of those who have followed these characters for decades.

    With Marvel adding new heroes to their lineup with each passing year (Guardians of the Galaxy, the upcoming Dr. Strange), it is clear that they like having all their ducks in a row, and one of those (huge) ducks is Peter Parker and Spider-Man, which as we all know is owned by Sony.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a shred of truth to this rumor as we think it is a win-win-win for all involved. I mean, this holding superheroes to strict contracts cannot be about money -- there is more than enough to go around.

    We think it’s just about getting the studio executives to sit down together and work something out. Like we said before, everyone would win. Period.

    Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 online and see where Peter Parker left off and how it makes sense for him to join the MCU.

    And where does he rank in our favorite superhero list? Find out in the slideshow below. 

    The Dark Knight
    You want to know how good The Dark Knight is? How about it was the first superhero movie to earn an Oscar in a major category! In fact, Heath Ledger's Joker may be the best superhero villain of all time.

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    As Halloween draws closer, we have a unique take on which horror movies you should see in the next few weeks as the haunted holiday draws near.

    We’ve already told you our 11 Horror Movies Too Scary to See Again, which of course are the ones you need to see before All Hallow’s Eve!

    But, there is something unique to the taglines of some of the best horror movies out there. Horror flicks, above all other genres, truly nail the art of writing the tagline.

    They do several things simultaneously: They draw the audience member in by giving a tease to the story. They scare you simply with a few well chosen words. And lastly, horror movie taglines capture the entire essence of the root of the terror in a sublimely crafted sentence.

    We found 19 horror movies that have our favorite taglines and if these teases don’t make you want to check out these flicks for Halloween, nothing will!

    There are the iconic, like watch Alien online and you probably know that tagline by heart. It has become legendary!

    And here’s an idea, watch The Shining online and then revisit that Stephen King movie’s tagline and prepare to be amazed at its brilliance.

    So, without further ado, we present our 19 favorite horror movie taglines!

    "In space, no one can hear you scream." This is one of the most iconic movie taglines in the history of movies, regardless of genre.

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    After yesterday’s look at The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Bilbo poster, today we have his confidant getting the close-up. Warner Bros. has released the Gandalf poster, and is it us, or does the big guy look a bit on the concerned side?

    Given by what we saw in that The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies teaser trailer, yeah, he has every reason to worry. When you watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug online, that ending reveals that what they thought was a conclusion to their epic journey is merely the beginning as they have literally unleashed the beast.

    We love Bilbo’s line at the end, “My God, what have we done?!”

    Clearly Gandalf has an idea from the look on his face in his character poster.

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies hits theaters December 17.

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    In the powerful Kill the Messenger, Jeremy Renner is Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who broke the story about the CIA funneling drug money into fighting communism in Central America.

    His thanks?

    Personal destruction by the elite media outlets who were pissed that they didn’t break the story and the federal government who resented the (accurate) accusation that they were responsible for putting crack on the streets of America’s cities.

    We caught up with Renner for an exclusive video interview about the important flick (for more on this important movie check out the riveting Kill the Messenger trailer), as well as how the man has serious variety in his acting arsenal.

    Renner is a busy man and his talents can be seen across a wide array of films from the powerfully dramatic with his latest, Kill the Messenger, to his Bourne movie series to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron which finds him returning to the character of Hawkeye. For Renner, it’s all about finding what gets him going. 

    “I always want to be challenged,” Renner said. “A lot of that comes with not staying with the same character for 20 years. There is a different set of challenges with that. I like to find new worlds and learn things and stretch and grow and be willing to fall on my face and fail.”

    Jeremy Renner Stars in Kill the Messenger
    Jeremy Renner might just fall prey to the title, Kill the Messenger, for exposing the government's secrets.

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    As Robert Downey Jr. has been promoting his dramatic turn in The Judge, questions have been coming at him fast and furious about Iron Man 4. Downey previously said that he’d be up for Iron Man 4 and today between a Reddit AMA and his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show the man who is Tony Stark basically said that the film is a go.

    The Avengers: Iron Man

    "Sooner than later the Marvel Roster will be made public and all questions will be answered," Downey said in the Reddit AMA.

    Downey is under contract through The Avengers 3, but from the sounds of it, someone better get him a pen because it looks like he’s ready for more.

    "I know there's going to be a bunch more Marvel movies," he said to Ellen. "And they have big ideas of how to do it best and we're in the middle of negotiation."

    Audiences get to see Downey in The Judge October 10 and back in that Iron Man suit when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits on May 1, 2015.

    Check out his latest turn as Tony Stark and watch Iron Man 3 online

    The Hulk Fights Ultron's Army
    The Hulk is doing his best with the mass that is Ultron's army.

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    For fans of Sin City, the news that after 10 years we were finally getting a sequel was music to our ears. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For arrived in theaters at the end of the summer and for those who missed it or for those who want to see it again, we’ve got news for its arrival on home video.

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For DVD

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will land on DVD, Blu-Ray Combo Pack and 3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack on November 18, with an early release of the Digital Download version on November 7.

    Frank Miller’s graphic novel world comes to life anew as he co-directs this Sin City sequel with the brilliant collaborator from the first film, Robert Rodriguez.

    This film series is about as close to a graphic novel being put on the big screen as exists so it’ll be fascinating to witness the home video with the hi-def and 3D TVs that so many have nowadays compared to when the first Sin City arrived on DVD.

    The cast has grown beyond returning Sin City veterans, as teased in this riveting Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer. Jessica Alba and Rosaria Dawson are joined by newbies Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Greene, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven and Josh Brolin.

    Oh, and Bruce Willis and Powers Boothe also return in thrilling manners, as you can see from these Sin City: A Dame to Kill For quotes.

    Among the highlights of the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Blu-Ray and DVD are:

    • The Movie In High-Speed Green Screen—All Green Screen Version
    • Makeup Effects Of Sin City With Greg Nicotero
    • Stunts Of Sin City With Jeff Dashnaw
    • Character Profiles

    We’re quite interested to see the film, with only the green screen version. What a unique idea!

    While we’re waiting, be sure to watch Sin City online and witness Miller and Rodriguez’s world at home right now!

    Lady Gaga's Cameo!
    Lady Gaga makes a cameo in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For!

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    Australian actor Ed Oxenbould didn’t have too much of a challenge with one part of his role as the title character in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Ed Oxenbould Steve Carell

    Alexander is fascinated with Australia! But the young thespian did learn a lot about working with other actors (particularly his idol Steve Carell) and as we sat down with him for an exclusive interview, Oxenbould let us in on his view of the magic of the movie and it is beyond refreshing to see someone who is so passionate about the art form at such a young age.

    Oxenbould also dishes what it means to him to be in a Disney movie and lets us in on what his favorite movie of all time is, and it starred the guy who played his dad in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

    Movie Fanatic: We visited with you, Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner on the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day set almost a year ago now. Now that the film’s release date is almost here, how are you feeling?

    Ed Oxenbould: It’s only becoming a reality right now. Filming it was one thing, but in the days before the film arrives, this is a whole nother one. This is when things kick and get serious. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m kind of nervous and excited. I’m ready for what’s going to come. I’m excited for my friends and family to see it.

    Movie Fanatic: It’s the new beginning for Disney live action family movies…

    Ed Oxenbould: I really hope so. If it is, I will be really glad to be a part of it.

    Movie Fanatic: Forget even the live action part, what does it mean to you to be in a Disney movie?

    Ed Oxenbould: It’s pretty amazing. For my first film to be a big Disney film, I was really lucky. To be part of the Disney family because hopefully that will lead to other things.  

    Movie Fanatic: Your character has a really bad day, but which of the days filming the movie was your personal best day?

    Ed Oxenbould: It was the day you were there, actually. The birthday scene because everyone was there filming the party scene. It felt like we weren’t working because we were eating party food, dancing and listening to music [laughs]. It was also at the end, so it was also a break too. All my family was there.

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Stars Jennifer Garner Ed Oxenbould

    Movie Fanatic: As a young actor, you have Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner as parents. One, what did you take away from those two actor to actor, and two, what did it mean to you to work with those two pros?

    Ed Oxenbould: To work with Steve was amazing. I mean, it’s Steve Carell! I always looked up to him as a kid, especially Anchorman. He was my favorite part of that. Just meeting him for the first time was amazing, and then to work with him. He was so funny with his comic timing and just the way he pronounced words, he can make anything funny. I learned a lot about comic delivery. And working with Jen, she was so caring and took good care of the kids and was so lovely. And she’s really funny as well.

    Movie Fanatic: It’s so believable that you guys are a family throughout this film -- even it can be seen in the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day trailer. Was there a lot of rehearsal, how did that all come together?

    Ed Oxenbould: We’re all very similar so we have all the same traits. Also me and the other two kids spent a lot of time together and they felt like siblings. I felt close to them and felt like we were part of the same gene pool. And Steve and Jen, we had a lot of photos shoots and rehearsals and it really paid off. Even sometimes we would take a break and just talk -- just like a family. We really connected, it was instant.

    Movie Fanatic: What was it that made you want to be an actor? I mean, you’re so young; there couldn’t have been that much that you saw that made you want to choose this avenue.

    Ed Oxenbould: My parents are both actors. It was natural. I went with them to auditions and voice over work. A lot of my memories are being in a voice studio. My mum’s agent one day said that they needed the voice of a little boy and they wondered if I would do it. I was like six or seven. I did it and became fascinated with it. Then, I started looking at films and I just wanted to be a part of that.

    Movie Fanatic: While you were making Alexander, what other aspects of the filmmaking experience most fascinated you?

    Ed Oxenbould: I love watching everyone on set. Everyone puts in the same amount of effort. Without these people, we wouldn’t be there. You can’t make a movie without the sound people and I loved seeing how everyone came together and made this movie magic. I’d just be happy lifting boxes on a set!

    Movie Fanatic: As a movie fan, do you have a favorite movie?

    Ed Oxenbould: It’s hard to choose -- Anchorman, probably. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it, I know all of the Anchorman quotes. So, then, to work with Steve, he’s my number one idol. He’s hilarious, but he can be serious. I love versatile actors. 

    The Before Poster
    The "Before" poster shows what life is like, and how Alexander is the one set for a bad day.

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    There are absolute truths in this world that one cannot deny and one is this: You have never, ever seen Daniel Radcliffe like he is in the latest photos from his horror-thriller Horns.

    The latest stills from the Alexandre Aja film, based on the book by Joe Hill, may be a spoiler -- so consider yourself warned.

    The crux of many of the film's trailers, especially that latest Horns trailer, has us wondering if Radcliffe’s character is the devil. But, judging by these awesome new photos in the slideshow below, looks like the man kind of is a little devilish!

    Radcliffe told us at Comic-Con that he was drawn to the dark subject matter of Horns that follows his lead character who wakes up one morning and finds his girlfriend has been brutally murdered. He is suspect number one, a fact that is not helped when he starts developing horns coming out of his head.

    Horns hits theaters October 31 (fitting!) and also stars Juno Temple, Max Minghella, James Remar, Joe Anderson, Heather Graham and Kelli Garner.

    See when we first discovered Radcliffe and watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online and prepare to be bedeviled by a whole new Radcliffe when Horns lands at the end of the month.

    Guess Daniel Radcliffe IS the Devil
    Daniel Radcliffe stars as a man who is accused of killing his girlfriend in Horns. Looking like this doesn't help.

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    Okay, which is it? After appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and saying that Iron Man 4 will happen“sooner or later,” Robert Downey Jr. went on Late Show with David Letterman and pulled a 180.

    Iron Man 3 Tony Stark

    “There’s no plans for an Iron Man 4. There’s no script for Iron Man 4, but they do have a plan and I think they’re going to announce it,” Downey said. “You know, [Marvel’s] very secretive about it.”

    Wait, what?

    We know that Downey is under contract for The Avengers 3 and clearly from those Avengers: Age of Ultron photos we know that he will be in that flick from Joss Whedon.

    Perhaps what the superstar is saying is that he will appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man again in other films, they just won’t have that character’s name as the film’s title.

    His next quote, when pushed by Letterman later in the interview, has that thought making much more sense. “Just between us, no, but I'm gonna do other stuff with Marvel,” Downey said.

    “I'm still going to be involved with Marvel and there's gonna be plenty of fun stuff to happen."

    While he and Marvel figure it out, watch Iron Man 3 online and see the last time Downey rocked us as Stark.

    And here’s quite a few concept art photos of him as Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with the rest of that superhero collective.

    The Hulk Fights Ultron's Army
    The Hulk is doing his best with the mass that is Ultron's army.

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