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    The first trailer for Jimi: All Is By My Side has arrived, and if you’ve ever wondered about the “origins” story of one of the greatest rock icons of all time, this is your flick.

    Andre 3000 stars as Jimi Hendrix, and the film tells the story of how the Seattle native left his home and traveled to London to become a rock star in the middle of the British invasion.

    We’re thinking that risk kind of worked out! 

    Hendrix headed to London and formed the Experience, his back-up band, and the rest would be history. But, as you see in the below trailer for Jimi: All Is By My Side, it was not the easiest thing, particularly when he fell in love with Imogen Potts’ character. The world was far from ready for an interracial relationship.

    Look for Jimi: All Is By My Side in theaters September 26, and be sure to click through our slideshow below for a slew of new stills. And is it us, or does Andre 3000 nail the Hendrix look?!

    Andre 3000 is Jimi Hendrix
    This casting works for us, based solely on looks!

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    Fans were super excited when Guillermo del Toro announced that there would be a Pacific Rim 2. Del Toro, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, has let us in on what kinds of ideas he and screenwriting partners Zak Penn and Travis Beacham have been kicking around.

    Pacific Rim Movie Poster

    "I said to Zak, let’s keep kicking ideas till we find one that really, really turns the first movie on its ear, so to speak. It was hard to create a world that did not come from a comic book, that had its own mythology, so we had to sacrifice many aspects to be able to cram everything in the first movie,” del Toro said.

    Specifically he mentioned the mind-blowing plot tool used in the first Pacific Rim.

    “Namely, for example The Drift, which was an interesting concept. [Then there was] this portal that ripped a hole into the fabric of our universe, what were the tools they were using? And we came up with a really, really interesting idea. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think at the end of the second movie, people will find out that the two movies stand on their own. They’re very different from each other, although hopefully bringing the same joyful giant spectacle. But the tenor of the two movies will be quite different."

    Del Toro also promised, as any sequel should, that Pacific Rim 2 will introduce a wider array of characters.

    "I’m hoping to bring the same idea I had in the first movie -- that was to make it multicultural and humanistic as much as possible, to make characters from many nationalities or gender, to make them equal in the scope of the adventure, in the day-to-day of the adventure,” he said.

    “We’re bringing a few characters that are new and hopefully doing good work managing those that survived the first movie."

    Look for Pacific Rim 2 April 7, 2017 and until then, watch Pacific Rim online to catch up on del Toro’s passion project. 

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    Transformers: Age of Extinction showed no signs of going extinct at the holiday weekend box office, adding another $36.4 million to its till and bringing its total earnings to $174.7 million in two weeks. None of the new movies came close to topping the weekend box office champ from last week, although Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy did pretty well coming in second.

    Bumblebee Transformers: Age of Extinction Photo

    McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone co-wrote the Tammy screenplay and Falcone made his directorial debut and the opening haul of $21.1 million is not too shabby for a Fourth of July weekend where the top movie involves Transformers!

    Third place belonged to another new movie, the based-on-a-true story horror flick Deliver Us From Evil. Its opening weekend take was $9.5 million, which was followed just behind it in fourth place by 22 Jump Street and its $9.4 million. Incidentally, the comedy that gave us those hilarious 22 Jump Street quotes has made $158.9 million in its month of release.

    Closing out the top five is How to Train Your Dragon 2 and its $8.8 million. That animated sequel has now banked a total of $140 million.

    The other new release for this Fourth of July weekend did not fare as well as expected. Earth to Echo was thought to be the go-to for families looking for some safe film fare, but it got beat by How to Train Your Dragon 2, even though it had been out for four weeks! Earth to Echo had to be satisfied with its $8.2 million and sixth place finish.

    Box office top 10:

    1. Transformers: Age of Extinction, $36.4 million
    2. Tammy, $21.2 million
    3. Deliver Us From Evil, $9.5 million
    4. 22 Jump Street, $9.4 million
    5. How to Train Your Dragon 2, $8.8 million
    6. Earth to Echo, $8.2 million
    7. Maleficent, $6.1 million
    8. Jersey Boys, $5.2 million
    9. Think Like a Man Too, $4.9 million
    10. Edge of Tomorrow, $3.6 million

    The hunt ends here!

    The hunt ends here!

    Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime stands up!

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    The Gone Girl "evidence" posters have arrived and the four of them are meant to tease us for the arrival of the next Gone Girl trailer that arrives July 7. 

    Let's say we're sufficiently teased! 

    All four posters feature a piece of evidence in the disappearance/murder of Rosamund Pike's character and it appears to paint a picture that police believe that her husband, played by Ben Affleck, is the main suspect. 

    If you've read the Gone Girl book, you know all too well what a page turner this story is, and in the hands of a filmmaker like David Fincher ( you can see that when you watch Se7en online!) behind the scenes, this October release shoots right to the top of our most anticipated of the year. 

    Check our the "evidence" posters and click through and see all of our Gone Girl posters. And then stay with Movie FAnatic as we bring you the next, jaw-dropping, trailer for Gone Girl.

    Gone Girl Evidence Poster: Wedding Photo
    Ah, happier times before the wife died and Ben Affleck was suspect number one.

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    Remember when J.J. Abrams had that “open audition” where anyone in the world could submit an audition tape for Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, it seems The Force is strong with Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson as the two were added to the Star Wars: Episode VII cast and will inhabit two mysterious roles that as of yet have not been announced.

    Star Wars Episode VII Logo

    Producers took a look at over 37,000 people across 11 cities in the United States and Britain, of which 30,000 of those came from online submissions. Lucasfilm released a statement as to how they narrowed down the tens of thousands to just two.

    “Having hunted high and low for young and undiscovered talent, the filmmakers are delighted to announce that two actors from the open call have been cast,” the statement said.

    Clarke is an American thespian who is studying in Glasgow and has experience working both on the stage and screen. Meanwhile, Anderson is a British actor and one who is deeply routed in the action art of Parkour -- which we cannot wait to see utilized in the Star Wars universe.

    Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy is clearly thrilled with the choices.

    Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson Photo

    “The Star Wars universe has always been about discovering and nurturing young talent and in casting Episode VII we wanted to remain absolutely faithful to this tradition,” Kennedy said.

    “We are delighted that so many travelled to see us at the open casting calls and that we have been able to make Crystal and Pip a part of the film.”

    Filming is currently ongoing, but will take a two-week break in August while Harrison Ford’s broken leg finishes up its healing process.

    Look for Star Wars: Episode VII to land on December 18, 2015. 

    Adam Driver in Girls
    One girl from Girls may have loved him, but Adam Driver is going to be a villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

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    The stunning new Gone Girl trailer has arrived and one can immediately see that David Fincher (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Se7en) was beyond the perfect choice to direct the page to screen effort.

    Ben Affleck stars as a man who comes home one night to discover his wife is missing. As the police often do in these cases, they immediately suspect the husband. But, he is the picture of the perfect husband. Then, his wife’s (played by Rosamund Pike) diary comes to light and includes lines like, “This man may kill me.”

    Suddenly the spotlight firmly lands on Affleck’s character and it appears that he may have, at the least, been capable of murder.

    Gone Girl also stars Neil Patrick Harris (who makes his first appearance in the trailer above), Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) and Emily Ratajkowski. 

    Look for it October 3, and in the meantime, why not watch Se7en online to get a true feel for why Fincher was the perfect choice for Gone Girl

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    It may be hard to believe, but 20 years ago yesterday on July 6, 1994, Forrest Gump landed in theaters.

    It's hard, looking back, to imagine a world without the Tom Hanks-starring film. 

    Hanks would win an Oscar for the role and the Robert Zemeckis-directed film would go on to win the Oscar for Best Picture. And along the way, Forrest Gump quotes would permeate our society beyond just the usual movie-quoting world. 

    In honor of the 20th anniversary of Forrest Gump and its impact on America (heck, we just named it one of the 21 most patriotic films of all time!), we present our 11 favorite Forrest Gump quotes. 

    And why not watch Forrest Gump online and remind yourself why this film is such a classic that transcends time.

    Honestly, it would be one of the movies we'd put in a time capsule to capture the greatness of what Hollywood can do.

     My momma always said, Life was like a box of chocolates. You ne...

    My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

    Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump's most iconic line has to be this one.

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    Columbia Pictures has just released the first clip from Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, as well as a slew of new stills from the upcoming comedy that lands July 18.

    The Sex Tape story follows Segel and Diaz, a couple with two kids who have been married for years. Seeking to spice up their sex life, they decide to go through all the positions mentioned in The Joy of Sex book, and videotape it.

    As shown in the Sex Tape trailer, it gets uploaded to the cloud and lands on all of the iPads that the couple has given to friends and family as gifts.

    Sex Tape also stars Rob Corrdry, Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe. The film reunites Diaz and Segel with director Jake Kasdan, who helmed their comedy Bad Teacher.

    Watch Bad Teacher online and check out the comic chemistry that re-teams with Sex Tape.

    We’ve also got a slew of stills from the upcoming comedy. Click through and check out all of our Sex Tape photos! 

    Cameron Seduces Jason
    Cameron Diaz seduces Jason Segel in a still from Sex Tape.

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    Hot on the heels of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack announcement, Marvel has released seven awesome new photos from the highly anticipated movie that lands August 1. 

    James Gunn appears to be hitting all the right notes from his casting of Dave Bautista as Drax, Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora and the voice talents of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and Vin Diesel as Groot!

    Just look at that amazing Guardians of the Galaxy UK trailer and one can see that the film is firmly one of our must-sees of summer!

    The galaxy is threatened by evil forces coming from all corners (several who get their photo in our slideshow below!). And it is the most unlikely gathering of heroes that may save the day. They are known as the Guardians of the Galaxy and these anti-heroes appear to be our best hope. 

    Among the photos that are most impressive that have been added to our expansive slideshow is one of Gamora and Star Lord meeting, a couple of bad guys and a spaceship that is all kinds of awesome. 

    The Guardians Gang
    Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt try to figure something out.

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    The first TV trailer for Into the Storm has arrived and when one of the characters utters, “They’re everywhere!” he could not be more accurate. And by they, we mean storms.

    As you can tell by that recently released full-length Into the Storm movie trailer, the small town of Silverton is in for one heck of a day. Not one, not two, not even three… but a series of tornados touch down in the little hamlet and life will never be the same.

    Into the Storm lands August 8 and takes the natural disaster movie epic to a whole new level of awesome. See those final shots of planes at the airport getting literally lifted and thrown into the air?! 

    The film stars Richard Armitage (watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug online to see him in action) and The Walking Dead alumnus Sarah Wayne Collies.

    Into the Storm Star Richard Armitage
    Richard Armitage is trying to help out, but what can you do when your town is hit by tornado after tornado?!

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    We recently reported on the nerd tears emitted by Kevin Smith upon leaving the Star Wars: Episode VII set. He, of course, was held to a non-disclosure agreement that kept him from talking about what he saw. That must have been a short agreement, because Smith was in Switzerland for the Neuchatel International Film Festival and, while conducting a Q&A, could not stop talking about his visit to J.J. Abrams’ set.

    Star Wars Official Logo

    “When you walk on that set, man, I don’t know how else to describe it except thusly: you use another pop culture reference to describe this pop culture phenomenon,” Smith said -- referring to the movie that can be seen when you watch Field of Dreams online.

    “It’s like … the Kevin Costner movie. And if JJ builds it, we’re all going to come hard, because it’s amazing. It looks fantastic. So anyone out there wondering if he’s going to pull it off, he’s pulling it off. He showed me cut scenes. He showed me sequences, images, pictures. I cried and I hugged that guy.”

    Smith then proceeded to wax poetic and if what he says is true, we’re all due for a fantastic trip down memory lane that of course will take us in all new directions when Star Wars: Episode VII lands in theaters on December 18, 2015.

    "I saw old friends who I haven’t seen since my childhood, who aren’t really friends, but I love them more than some of my (expletive) relatives. I saw uniforms. I saw artillery I haven’t seen since I was a kid,” Smith said.

    “I saw them shooting an actual sequence in a set that was real. I walked across the set, there were explosions. And it looked like a shot right out of a Star Wars movie.

    Han Solo Must Have a Huge Part
    We've heard that Harrison Ford's Han Solo has an enormous part in the seventh Star Wars movie. Ford would not have signed on to J.J. Abrams' film if that was not the case.

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    With the Fourth of July behind us, we're about halfway through the summer movie season and it has been filled with more hits than misses. 

    While just on paper, summer 2015 is looking like the best summer movie season ever

    Summer movies have historically brought us some of the most indelible images of all time. Watch Jurassic Park online and there's a few!

    But, summer movies have also given audiences some of the worst movies of all time too! We found 19 summer movies that were just beyond terrible, with many becoming headlines for what is wrong with Hollywood. 

    Who else made our list? Watch Speed online and there's a movie that is exactly the opposite of the summer movie sequel that firmly lands on our disrespectful list.

    Click through and enjoy our 19 worst summer movies of recent memory.

    Green Lantern
    We can't say it was Ryan Reynolds' fault that the 2011 summer movie superhero effort fell flat. Sure, he might not have been the greatest choice to play the hero, but there were so many other things truly terrible about this flick.

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    It seems like it has been forever that Don Cheadle has been trying to make the Miles Davis biopic. We could not be more thrilled with the arrival of our latest Entertainment Weekly as it features our first look at Cheadle as the legendary jazzman in the film that is perfectly titled Miles Ahead.

    Miles Ahead Don Cheadle

    Cheadle is also directing the biopic which he promises will not be your usual biographical film story. In fact, it will feel much more like one of Davis’ iconic recordings.

    “You can [call it that] if you want, and there are elements of it that would make it that. But to me, that was something I was rejecting. I wasn’t interested in that, and I’m not interested by all the things that a traditional biopic does,” Cheadle said.

    “I want to tell a hot story that’s full of his music that feels impressionistic in that it finds a way to incorporate all his musical styles and influences and ideas. It needs to feel like his approach: ‘I don’t care about what happened before. I’m about what’s happening now and about what’s happening next.’ That’s Miles’ marching orders to me.”

    We don’t have a release date for Miles Ahead, so stay tuned. The film also stars Ewan McGregor and Michael Stuhlbarg.

    And be sure to check out Cheadle in action when you watch Iron Man 3 online

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    One of the 23 movies we want at Comic-Con this year is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. We thought we would get at least a trailer and at the most a visit by members of the cast as we knew that director Peter Jackson would be too busy putting the finishing touches on his final The Hobbit chapter, set to land in theaters December 17.

    The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

    Jackson took to his Facebook page and updated the world that has been flooding him with questions as to when we can expect that first tease. And although he did not say it would be at Comic-Con, we certainly think it looks that way.

    “Many of you asked about the Hobbit Trailer. So, yes - there will be a Hobbit Trailer. But like the previous two years, it’s not going to be released until around Oct. The complex VFX work required to produce the battle shots we’re all wanting to see are simply not far enough along yet,” Jackson stated.

    “However … yesterday I finished work on a Teaser Trailer and that has just been delivered to Warner Bros. So no doubt this Teaser Trailer will be making its way into the world sometime soon.”

    Soon, to us, equals Comic-Con! 

    While we wait for these teasers, get all sorts of ready and watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey online and watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug online!

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    When J.K. Rowling concluded her Harry Potter saga with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she concluded with the phrase, “All is well.” The film version of that book would be broken into two parts, and would successfully close the most successful movie franchise in history.

    Harry Potter Characters Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

    It was thought that would be it for that world, but then Rowling admitted that she was working on a new Harry Potter spin-off trilogy, based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    But, it seems that is not all as Rowling is having a little trouble giving up those characters she invented all those years ago, and who could blame her?

    On the author’s Pottermore site, she has published a piece chronicling a reunion of sorts of Harry, Ron and Hermione -- giving us an update on what the crew has been up to. Potter is 34 years old, and all appear to be happy. So, what’s up with our favorite movie trio? And this, of course, is through the voice of Rita Skeeter, the gossip columnist!

    They got back together for a little reunion at the Quidditch World Cup and we can see why: Ginny is a sports reporter for the Daily Prophet. Oh, and Harry has a “couple threads of silver” in his hair and has a mysterious new scar over his right cheekbone that joins the iconic one on his forehead. Don’t worry folks, he still wears his round-frame glasses.

    He’s busy at work as an Auror, but you won’t get any details on his job as his work is top secret!

    Harry catches up with his Bulgarian good friend, Viktor Krum, who is playing on the Bulgarian Quidditch Team at the World Cup.

    Now, what about Ron? Well, he did a two-year stint at the Ministry of Magic, but left to work with George and their super successful Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

    Hermione, surprise surprise, has done quite well for herself and has shot to the top of the ranks at the Ministry of Magic where she currently holds the position of Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

    Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone online and see how this entire world got started! 

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    Christian Bale is Moses and Joel Edgerton is his adversary, Ramses, in the Exodus: Gods and Kings character posters that have just been revealed by 20th Century Fox.

    Ridley Scott is helming the epic that tells the story of Moses and how he went from adopted privilege to leader of the Jewish people and their destiny that would be found after a 40-year journey to the land of Israel.

    Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, Sir Ben Kingsley and John Turturro round out the all-star cast and these posters arrive as an announcement of the first trailer that will premiere later today.

    Look for Exodus: Gods and Monsters December 5. And why not watch Batman Begins online and see Bale in the birth of another cinematic hero -- Batman!

    Christian Bale Poster
    The Christian Bale as Moses poster for Exodus: Gods and Kings.

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    The schedule for who will be at Comic-Con has been pretty light so far, except for the announcement by Mark Ruffalo about Avengers: Age of Ultron. But, today the cavalcade has begun as Warner Bros. has announced what movies it will bring to the iconic pop culture fan fest that begins in San Diego July 24.

    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Bilbo Smaug

    Leading the way will be an appearance by Peter Jackson in Hall H on July 26 where he will present a teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

    Following him on the famed stage will be director George Miller who will present a first look at his Mad Max: Fury Road.

    Then, the iconic filmmakers behind The Matrix, the Wachowskis, will take the stage and give audiences an extended look at their highly anticipated Jupiter Ascending.

    Besides the supremely awesome trio of films they’re teasing, look for the studio to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman throughout the fest. Details on that celebration to follow, but the big question will be: Does that mean Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will show? We think there might be a surprise there!

    Also, Warner Bros. will be presenting a special screening of their flick Into the Storm on July 23 at 10 p.m. at the Gaslamp Theatre.

    Who else are we expecting at Comic-Con? Click through our slideshow and see!

    Star Wars: Episode VII
    I mean, come on! With no news from Disney and Lucasfilm at last year's event, this year's WonderCon and even CinemaCon, they have to be at Comic-Con 2014! And, we wouldn't be surprised if there was some footage. Commence. Cheering. Now.

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    The heist movie is one of the more thrilling rides in the thriller genre. When a good heist movie really cooks, it is on fire with thrills, cool characters and, above all else, something to lose that keeps the suspense level uber-high. 

    Watch Inception online and there's an example of a movie about the most unique of heists that truly keeps us guessing. And by the end, the one who truly scores the bounty is the audience. 

    Including that Christopher Nolan movie, we found 21 heist movies that truly steal the day and are among the best that have ever been made. 

    Another one that makes our elite group of crooks can be seen when you watch Jackie Brown online. In fact, Quentin Tarantino has two movies in our slideshow! 

    Who else makes our list? Here's a hint... watch The Usual Suspects online and you had to know that Bryan Singer classic scored!

    Click through and discover our 21 heist movies that steal our hearts.

    Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as adversaries with one a cop and the other the leader of a heist crew and Michael Mann directing? Instant classic.

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    The full trailer for The Zero Theorem has landed and for fans of Terry Gilliam, you are in for a treat. The man who gave us Brazil, The Fisher King, Twelve Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is back in prime form it appears from this The Zero Theorem trailer.

    Christoph Waltz stars, along with an all-star cast, in a film that is as visually arresting as it is compelling. Waltz is Qohen Leth, a hacker who is searching for the meaning of life – all while trying to do his job without his superiors knowing what he is really up to.

    The film teaser gives us a real Big Brother is watching you feel and it’s fantastic to see Waltz play someone out of the villainous realm he’s inhabited of late. 

    The Zero Theorem also stars Tilda Swinton, David Thewlis and Melanie Thierry. Look for it in theaters September 19. And in the meantime, if you haven't seen one of Gilliam's classics, or if you have and need to see one again, watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas online!

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    Filmmaker Gareth Evans had the most unlikely hit with The Raid, the Indonesian-produced action fest that redefined the action genre. Its use of martial arts seemed to defy gravity and the rules of physics in general! He has returned with The Raid 2, and would you believe Evans has upped the ante and created a film with his sequel that could be considered for the title of best action movie ever?!

    The Raid 2 Blu-Ray

    The Raid 2 has landed on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download. For those of you who missed it in theaters (check out our theatrical The Raid 2 review), this is one of the most can’t-miss home video releases of the year -- we guarantee it!

    In the first The Raid, Iko Uwais is Rama, and after fighting his way out of a building filled with hundreds who sought his demise, it would be easy to think he could go back to his quiet life of being a husband and father.

    That would be wrong. The entire city is filled with those who now want his head even more so after what he did to those evil folks in that building in The Raid.

    As teased in The Raid 2 trailer, In order to rid the city of all its evil in one fell swoop, Rama heads undercover and poses as a crook and enters an Indonesian jail. He is there to befriend the son of the country’s most powerful gangster. After one of the most sick (in a good way) jailhouse fight scenes we’ve ever seen, Rama proves his worth to the gangster’s son and upon their release he is introduced to his father.

    Rama becomes part of the inner circle and it is from there that he can complete his mission. But, it will not be easy -- by a long shot.

    The Raid 2 DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download features over 90 minutes of mind-blowing bonus features that showcase the movie magic abilities of Evans and his star, as well as the team of stunt men and women who have firmly put the Indonesian cinema world on the map.

    Our favorite of the bonus features has to be Violent Ballet: Behind the Choreography. We’ve always felt that the best action sequences in movies have a ballet-ish feel and that truly comes to life in this The Raid 2 featurette. Evans and his stunt team show us how they achieved their jaw-dropping action sequences that have many in Hollywood paying close attention.

    The Raid 2 Still

    Ready for a Fight: On Location illustrates the difficulty that Evans had in filming many of his action set pieces as the structure in Indonesia is not as set up as it is here in Hollywood. Oftentimes he would have to shoot a scene without the benefit of having streets shut down. It is all the more amazing he got what he did, and you’ll feel that way after witnessing this featurette.

    The Cinefamily Foundation Q&A with Gareth Evans, Iko Uwais and Joe Trapanese is also a can’t-miss as to hear from Evans and his action stars about the making of this action classic is simply priceless. On that note, might we also suggest watching the film with the audio commentary turned on with Evans' incredible insight. 

    We could not recommend enough checking this film out right now -- watch The Raid 2 online! And if you're new to this series, be sure to watch The Raid online first.

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