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    Happy Ghostbusters Day! And to celebrate the day devoted to when one of our favorite movies debuted 30 years ago, we have dug up 30 fun facts about one of the most popular movies of all time.

    Ghostbusters is landing in over 700 theaters August 29 in a remastered 4K overhaul that will present the film as you have never seen it before.

    Click through our 30 things you didn’t know about Ghostbusters and you will learn, for example, we love Ghostbusters quotes -- but many of your favorite scenes were improvised?!

    We also have details on what other stars were going to be in the film other than Dan Akyroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson.

    And when you watch Ghostbusters online, it’s impossible to miss Sigourney Weaver as she gets Murray’s heart a-racing. But, did you know what she did in her audition that got her the part? We do!

    Enjoy our 30 things you didn’t know about Ghostbusters!  

    Dan Aykroyd Salutes His Grandpa
    Aykroyd, who wrote the original script, penned it as a salute to his grandfather, who was a paranormal buff who even built a radio to try to contact ghosts.

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    Prepare for a whole new set of Underworld quotes. In news that we are still trying to figure out, word is that the Underworld franchise is getting a reboot.

    Kate Beckinsale Stars as Selene

    The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Lakeshore Entertainment is hard at work at rebooting the Underworld franchise and has even hired a writer in Cory Goodman (Priest) to write a treatment.

    The first Underworld arrived in 2003 and became a sensation. It starred Kate Beckinsale and was from director Len Wiseman. It would produce three other films, most recently Underworld: Awakening in 2012.

    There had been talk that Wiseman was going to develop a fifth Underworld film, but given the news today, we guess that the owners of the series have decided to go in another direction with the vampires battling werewolves story.

    We’re sure this will be an interesting take as Priest was a solid and underappreciated movie. And we note that THR is using the word “reboot,” so it appears to be the real deal.

    Can we just say that we hope that it is not a reboot and in fact a different direction that still uses Beckinsale? She is bloody fantastic in the role and we weren’t done seeing her battling those monsters!

    Watch Underworld online and see how this whole thing got started. 

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    Denzel Washington makes a great Equalizer, as we saw in The Equalizer trailer.

    But, now we’ve got a clip from the movie that lands September 26 that shows a quieter moment and also illustrates the subtle brilliance that Washington brings to the role of a man who comes to the need of those who can’t help themselves.

    The clip features Washington’s ex-special forces op who gets a visit from a Russian mobster.

    See, Washington’s The Equalizer helped out a young Russian prostitute that was getting beat up (Chloe Grace Moretz) and that kind of pissed off the Russian mob. Well, that and his paying a visit to their office where he subsequently roughed up the guys a bit!

    Washington reunites with his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua, for the action pic that all involved hopes becomes a franchise. Honestly, we do too!

    Watch Training Day online and see the first time Fuqua and Washington made movie magic.  

    The Equalizer IMAX Poster
    We get to watch Denzel kicking butt on the largest screens in the world? Yes, please!

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    The Seventh Son trailer and poster is finally here. We first covered Seventh Son at Comic-Con over 14 months ago and we could not be more thrilled to finally get our first true look at the medieval action flick that stars Jeff Bridges as the man who will train Ben Barnes to become the warrior he is meant to be.

    Bridges and Barnes must work with co-stars Kit Harrington and Djimoun Hounsou to defeat an evil witch, expertly cast with Julianne Moore sinking her teeth into the role.

    Seventh Son also stars Olivia Williams, Antje Traue and Alicia Vikander and follows a world where “legends and magic collide,” and the last warrior of a magical order (Bridges) sets out on a journey to find the one who was prophesized (Barnes) to be the only one who can save their world from that aforementioned evil witch.

    This is a reunion of sorts for Bridges and Moore. Watch The Big Lebowski online and check them out in their first pairing! 

    Seventh Son also released a series of stills and their new poster. Click through the slideshow below to witness the medieval magic of Seventh Son!

    Jeff Bridges in Seventh Son
    Jeff Bridges is the warrior mentor in Seventh Son.

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    The stunning true story that set the Cannes Film Festival afire, Foxcatcher, is finally nearing its release date and Sony Pictures Classics has released a trailer that shows why Steve Carell is getting all that Oscar buzz.

    Hot on the heels of his Foxcatcher character poster, Carell stars as John du Pont (yes the uber-wealthy heir), who has a passion for U.S. men’s wrestling that knows no bounds.

    He recruits gold medal winner Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) to become his charge and as he coaches the young athlete to return to his gold medal form, cracks in the relationship begin to form.

    Mark Ruffalo plays Tatum’s brother and begins to see this and tries his best to get his brother to realize the reality of his situation too.  

    How this all plays out, well.. it really happened and by the end of this torrid tale, there will be murder. Foxcatcher lands November 14.

    Steve Carell Character Poster
    The Steve Carell character poster for Foxcatcher.

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    The Weinstein Company has released their official holiday poster for Paddington and also… given us our first look at Nicole Kidman!

    Since the film lands December 25, it is fitting that the holiday-themed poster arrives and it is an extra treat, perhaps even a gift, that we have our first look at Kidman in action.

    We’re not sure what part Kidman plays in the movie, but it doesn’t appear to be good as those two security guards behind her are out cold!

    And now we know that Ben Wishaw is voicing Paddington, after Colin Firth backed out.

    That first Paddington trailer certainly has the look of a family movie.

    But given what we’ve learned about how Paddington catches the eye of a museum taxidermist (we’re guessing that’s Kidman’s role), we’re thinking it’s not all tea and biscuits for our British bear.

    Nicole Kidman Gives Her Steely Glare
    It's our first look at Nicole Kidman in Paddington. Who she plays, we're not sure, but it doesn't appear to be good.

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    Pierce Brosnan clearly was not ready to leave the James Bond franchise behind and for him and for his fans, it’s great news that he’s back in the spy movie game with The November Man. And as our The November Man review pointed out, he hasn’t lost a step and is, in fact, in top form.

    The November Man Stars Pierce Brosnan Olga Kurylenko

    We caught up with Brosnan for an exclusive chat about The November Man, his Bond years and what made this particular spy, Peter Deveraux, so compelling and a joyous surprise. And yes, he is excited that he will be back in The November Man 2!

    Movie Fanatic: Was one of the appeals of The November Man that this spy had a rich history with all of those Peter Deveraux books from Bill Granger?

    Pierce Brosnan: Bill Granger really created a beautiful tableaux of a man and his life -- someone’s who’s erudite and cultured and badass all rolled into one and somebody who is a dyed in the wool definition of an operative, and yet, somebody who has been manipulated and maligned by his superiors. He has an overview of the geopolitical landscape that he traverses. There’s a complexity to the man, yet he’s a working man. There’s no gadgets. He’s not Bond. Yet, he’s a Bond type character. And, there’s a good yarn in there. Beau (St. Clair, Brosnan’s partner), she’s the one who brings all the pieces together. We saw the potential and the possibilities because of who I’d been in another life. And when the life of James Bond moved off center stage, then there was a burning desire and void that needed to be filled and work still to be done. I felt unfulfilled from those days, so this was the material that she found and brought to me and I said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

    Movie Fanatic: They’ve talked about how many years it took to bring this together and I think fate is a funny thing. One of the reasons it works so well is you are where you are in your life and you were available to be this particular spy. And Roger Donaldson (director) was also there too. And you two, from Dante’s Peak, have an unspoken thing going. What have you noticed about him as an artist since that first movie and The November Man?

    Pierce Brosnan Stars In The November Man

    Pierce Brosnan: He’s still as passionate. He’s a shooter. He loves making movies, as I do. My life is really happy and complete when I have a character to dream about and go to bed with the script and wake up and think, “I’ve solved that problem.” You’re in your hotel room and play out the scene and then you present your work and he puts the camera on you… he’s still the same consistent affable, hard working task master as well. He’s big into repetition, "Let’s do it again." There’s a respect for each other, so it was great fun to be with a mate in Belgrade and all the men and women there are such a fine race of people. I’ve been there before the war, during the war and now after the war. So, I knew the landscape. I had a great time.

    Movie Fanatic: You mentioned working in Serbia and Belgrade, because you’ve worked there before, during and after their awful and violent struggle, what did you notice specifically about the people of that area that has stuck with you?

    Pierce Brosnan: They’ve endured such an onslaught of misery, discontent and savagery to their well being. Their energy was good, positive and they’re getting by. The global economics have been crippling on them and they endure with a great dignity and the young people are forward thinking. When I was there during the war, there was stuff going off, which was mildly terrifying. But, now they seem very pastoral, quiet. The cities are old and crumbling, the infrastructure has remnants of beauty, but there’s no money for it to be remade and maintained. And yet, the people are so welcoming. I felt very at home. The Irish travel well anyway. We can get on with anyone [laughs]!

    Pierce Brosnan is Back!
    Since walking away from being Bond, we haven't seen Brosnan do action like we do in The November Man.

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    After production was delayed due to Harrison Ford’s broken leg, today we’ve learned that Star Wars: Episode VII is back shooting the film that is due December 18, 2015.

    Star Wars Cast in Millenium Falcon

    Ford has fully healed and shooting is happening again at Pinewood Studios.

    We were a little concerned when we first heard that the injury was as serious as it turned out to be. Ford’s character has a huge part in J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan’sStar Wars: Episode VII script and the idea of them having to shift the storyline was frankly quite scary.

    But alas, Abrams took the time while Ford healed to get some exterior shots, take care of some special effects work and shoot a few scenes with actors not involved in Ford’s scenes.

    For many 72-year-olds who suffer an injury like Ford did, it could mean a six-month healing process. But, given what fantastic shape the man who embodies Han Solo was in when he entered the shoot, his healing process was -- thankfully -- much shorter.

    Although rumors flew that the release date would have to be pushed back due to Ford's injury and that Disney refused, Abrams didn’t flinch and kept at it. And we are happy to report that Star Wars: Episode VII will (still) be landing in theaters as planned in time for Christmas 2015. 

    Now, we can get back to wondering about those Star Wars: Episode VII villain rumors... and if a certain Sith lord will return?!

    Han Solo Must Have a Huge Part
    We've heard that Harrison Ford's Han Solo has an enormous part in the seventh Star Wars movie. Ford would not have signed on to J.J. Abrams' film if that was not the case.

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    For Ben Feldman, appearing in a found footage movie that breaks the mold was just one part of the joy of making As Above/So Below. The actor, who stars as an ancient linguistics and ancient history expert who helps Perdita Weeks in her effort to unearth some 1,000-year-old secret, relished the time working and living in Paris. In fact, he felt like he had earned some Parisian cred, he told us in our exclusive interview.

    As Above/So Below Ben Feldman

    As teased in the As Above/So Below trailer, Feldman and Weeks head beneath Paris into the iconic catacombs in search of the answer to an ancient riddle that has eluded Weeks’ character and her father for decades.

    Feldman also dishes the freedom that is making a found footage movie, and yet how that would -- in turn -- make him feel like he had never worked so hard on a movie or television set in his life.

    Movie Fanatic: First of all, what was it like shooting and living in Paris while making As Above/So Below?

    Ben Feldman: It was incredible. I have long ties to Paris. My mom lived there for the past 15 years. I would visit my mom and go to Paris, and it was like this big, intimidating group of kids that was way cooler and more popular than I’ll ever be. Now, after living there for an entire summer and having done this movie, I don’t feel like I’m one of them, but that they’re not mad that I’m there anymore [laughs]. You don’t turn down a movie that shoots in Paris over the summer.

    Movie Fanatic: Who doesn’t want to live in France?

    Ben Feldman: I think everyone kind of wants to be French. Their country and our country both equally look up to each other and hate each other at the same time. We’ll make fun of them, but we want to be them, and it’s vice versa too.

    Movie Fanatic: There’s so much that your character has to convey with such a rich knowledge, did you ever have any moments on the set where all that research… people just told you, “Too much, Ben. Too much?”

    Ben Feldman: [Laughs] Yeah! One of the reasons I loved this movie when I first saw the script was it was not just a bunch of pretty kids walking into a haunted house running around screaming. Everything that is referenced you type it into Google, and it has a Wikipedia page and 8,000 other pages. This was really cool to exist in this world of alchemy and history and all that stuff. It was what made it exciting. I geeked out on it. I probably got a little annoying with it. I looked up too much stuff! At some point, I was told we need to be a scary movie -- stop rambling about what year that bridge was built. Seriously, one scene we were under a bridge and I went on and on about when the Russian government gave it to France and what the bridge stood for and they would say, “Ok, that’s great, now be scared that you’re walking under this Russian bridge in Paris!”

    As Above, So Below Still

    Movie Fanatic: It’s not just your run-of-the-mill found footage or horror film, there’s a lot of history and science. I talked to your directors (the Dowdle brothers) at Comic-Con and I was so impressed with those guys. And I know one’s the writer-producer and one’s the writer-director, but what impressed you about them?

    Ben Feldman: For starters, the fact that you and I both refer to them as “our directors.” Even though one of them directed and one of them produced. That’s their style. There’s no "this guy is important." They’re two really happy, really cool guys who care a lot about the movie that they’re making. Life on set trickles down like that and everybody reflected their feelings towards this movie. It was a real collaborative experience and we were all trying to make something great.

    Movie Fanatic: And it had to be such a unique experience in that for you as an actor, it is a found footage movie. Was it freeing or restrictive to know that all your actions were being captured from a dozen different angles?

    Ben Feldman: On a traditional set you are constantly reminded that you are on a set. You’ll set up a shot and light up and do your scene and do it a couple of ways and then sit in your air conditioned trailer and wait to be called back. Here, there are cameras looking in any direction. A camera can swing around and get you at any moment. There’s not one wall covered in cameras and another covered in lights. You’re in a 360 universe and it makes it a lot easier to be in the moment. I really lived what was going on in the scene. At the same reason, it was exhausting. My wife is the hardest worker in the world and has a truly tough job. When I come home and complain about my day, I learn really quickly how easy my job is and what the hell am I complaining about. This movie, in the best way possible, I earned my end-of-the-day complaints!  

    As Above/So Below Photo
    A scary tease into the world of As Above/So Below.

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    As the Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD release date inches closer (September 9), attention for that Marvel superhero turns to the upcoming effort that is, for now, called Captain America 3. A big question for those involved is: Will the Winter Soldier return?

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier Star Sebastian Stan

    Joe and Anthony Russo, who helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, recently admitted that the character played by Sebastian Stan will in fact return in the sequel to their smash hit. In hindsight, how could he not?

    "Thinking about where that relationship can go is a piece of the puzzle for us for sure. That character is a wonderfully, beautifully tragic figure in the sense of, is he the world's most feared assassin or is he the world's longest serving POW?” Anthony told

    “Is he innocent by reason of insanity or the equivalent of it because he's been mind controlled or is he irredeemable? Is he ever going to be acceptable to Cap again as the friend that he used to be before he was the Winter Soldier? These are very philosophical, emotional questions that pique our interest and definitely form one layer of the next movie."

    Well, there you have it! Until Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes home, watch Captain America: The First Avenger online!

    [on the Winter Soldier] He's fast... strong... and has a metal arm.

    [on the Winter Soldier] He's fast... strong... and has a metal arm.

    Steve Rogers
    How are you going to fight that?!

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    Elmore Leonard is not the easiest of authors to bring to the screen. For every Out of Sight or Jackie Brown, we get a The Big Bounce or Be Cool. Where does Daniel Schechter’s Life of Crime, based on Leonard’s The Switch, rank? The John Hawkes and Jennifer Aniston crime flick belongs somewhere in the top half.

    Life of Crime Jennifer Aniston and Will Forte

    Hawkes is Louis Gara, a two-bit criminal who may have found himself the big score. He and his partner, Ordell Robbie (Yasiin Bey), have scoped out a rich property owner named Frank Dawson (Tim Robbins) who has been illegally siphoning money from his Detroit area apartment buildings. Louis and Ordell feel that if they kidnap Frank’s wife Mickey (Aniston), there is no way Frank will go to the police because of all his illegal financial activities and surely he’ll pay whatever they ask (which is a cool million) to get her back.

    What is clear from even the Life of Crime trailer is this is 1978 Detroit and for those familiar with Leonard’s work, Louis and Ordell will keep working together and eventually become Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown. But, this is back when they were not so refined -- cough, cough.

    Robbins plays Frank as sleazy and unsympathetic as they come. And Aniston portrays Mickey as a typical '70s housewife who puts up with abuse from her husband because of the country club membership, the nice house and the lifestyle that will surely help raise her teenage son.

    What’s fascinating is how Schechter uses the kidnapping of Mickey to show two things: Aniston’s character is finally free of the shackles of her life, even though she’s in new ones in a sense. And two, Robbins’ Frank wakes up and realizes that planning to divorce his wife and run off with his mistress Melanie (Isla Fisher) might not be the best idea. Those two elements will clash in the most emotionally explosive of ways.

    Most of Leonard’s novels that hit the screen share a trait in that their criminals aren’t the brightest, but they are likable and somehow they manage to succeed, or at the least get away with it. Yes, some perish, but in Life of Crime, we truly do pull for Hawkes and Bey. And that largely has to do with how Schechter has lifted these characters from Leonard’s pages and brought them to life with actors in Hawkes and Bey who are at the top of their game.

    Life of Crime Photo

    There’s a subplot involving Will Forte as a married friend of the Dawson family who has a thing for Mickey. Forte, fresh off his Oscar nod for Nebraska, is outstanding again.

    But, our Life of Crime review has to point out, this is the Aniston and Hawkes show. Hawkes, as always, is incredible. He is clearly one of the most talented actors working today (and one of our 19 actors who should be bigger movie stars). Aniston, meanwhile, wears the '70s well and her journey from hapless housewife to fierce female who is ready to rake her own husband over the financial and legal coals is something to behold.

    By the end credits, the film breathes with life -- which is fascinating given that when you look back at the crime story with so much going on, actually very little happens. That is perhaps the fault of the tale itself from Leonard’s The Switch. Clearly if this was one of his most riveting books, we would have gotten a screen version by now.

    But, Schechter has taken the best parts of the novel and presented a crime thriller with some laughs that keeps you guessing right up until the end.

    Want to see how Hawkes' and Bey's characters turn out? Watch Jackie Brown online!

    Jennifer Aniston in Life of Crime
    Jennifer Aniston is about to be kidnapped in the crime comedy Life of Crime.

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    As Above/So Below follows a pair of advanced degreed academics who have crossed the globe looking to solve one of ancient history’s biggest mysteries. They believe the answers to all of their questions lie beneath Paris in the city's iconic catacombs. What they find, will be so much more.

    As Above, So Below Banner

    The film, from writer-director Drew Dowdle and John Erik Dowdle (writer-producer), is certainly original in the annals of found footage horror movies. That tired subgenre gets a shot in the arm in the originality department with As Above/So Below, we give you that. But, is that enough to make it a film worthy of spending time and money on?

    Perdita Weeks is beyond compelling as Scarlett and as the film begins we are with her in Iran (illegally) as she makes a haunting and powerful discovery. What she finds, she cannot completely understand -- so she heads to Paris to find George (Ben Feldman). He can read ancient languages and can decipher what she discovered in Iran. Lucky for them, it leads them to a dark and scary world that lies beneath the City of Lights.

    Documentary crew in tow, they head down into the catacombs, led by a group of French adventurers who know some secret passageways and nooks and crannies of the centuries-old area below the city that few human eyes have ever seen. According to what George and Scarlett believe, a revolutionary societal and scientific discovery awaits.

    As you can tell from the As Above/So Below trailer, the film has something clearly going for it that amps up the scare factor. It is incredibly dark down in the catacombs and it was an area that was basically used as a mass graveyard for six million souls. That could not be more haunting.

    Why else As Above/So Below works for us is that it isn’t a mindless tale about a group of kids being terrified. These are highly educated individuals and the history they are exploring is truly fascinating. This is a richer landscape for the found footage format than we’ve seen, basically since Chronicle.

    As Above, So Below Cast

    Once down in the catacombs, the audience can feel the claustrophobic elements that could easily have your mind playing tricks on you. Our group sees things that they know are not there, yet through the lens of their helmet cams, we believe that they are real -- and so do they.

    And yes, that is horrifying.

    The jumps arrive around corners, literally, that you would never expect. And isn’t that what you want from a horror movie, found footage or otherwise?

    Our As Above/So Below review recommends taking a tour of the Paris catacombs, through the eyes of Weeks’ Scarlett and Feldman’s George. If nothing else, it’s frightening fun.

    As Above/So Below Photo
    A scary tease into the world of As Above/So Below.

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    One of our top 17 summer movies of 2014 has announced plans for its home video release. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming home on DVD and Blu-Ray November 11 and will arrive a little earlier on Digital HD on October 21.

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 DVD

    The continuing adventures of Hiccup and his beloved dragon Toothless continues, teased in the How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer. The film is astounding in its scope, animation, characterization and of course, story.

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 has the distinct honor of receiving an “A” CinemaScore, as well as being “Certified Fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes with a 92-percent score.

    Jay Baruchel is back as Hiccup and he is joined by returning cast members Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Gerard Butler as his father. And in a stroke of brilliant casting, Cate Blanchett joins the voice cast as Hiccup’s long lost mother.

    Massive amounts of time, effort and talent went into making the DreamWorks Animation hit movie that has banked $500 million in global box office and the intricacies of making a stellar animation film is explored in a bevy of bonus features that will thrill fans both young and old.

    DreamWorks Animation announced the following special features for the Blu-Ray:

    • Fishleg’s Dragon Stats– How much do you know about your favorite dragons? Explore the Dragon 2 Guide and learn more about your favorite fire-breathing friends!
    • Drago’s War Machines – Gobber the Belch narrates this inside look at the fierce creatures and “high-tech” weapons used by Drago to expand his growing dragon army.
    • Berk’s Dragon World– Explore the massive stable created to house the dragons of Berk, along with other changes made on the island to promote harmonious living.
    • Hiccup’s Inventions in Flight – Learn the secrets of how Hiccup and Toothless work together to form the ultimate high-flying team in this fascinating interactive tour.
    • Deleted Scenes -- The awesome adventure continues with telling deleted and extended scenes, including action-packed footage you couldn’t see in theaters!
    • Commentary by Simon Otto, Bonnie Arnold, Dean DeBlois, and Pierre-Olivier Vincent
    • Where No One Goes: The Making of How To Train Your Dragon 2– Writer-Director Dean DeBlois and his team take you behind the scenes of creating the film’s eye-popping visual effects and epic story
    • Dragon Races– Catch the thrilling aerial action and exciting play-by-play commentary as you cheer on your favorite riders in a spectacular dragon race!
    • Image Gallery
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • World of DreamWorks Animation – Move to the music videos from your favorite DreamWorks Animation feature films

    And here are the How To Train Your Dragon 2 DVD bonus features:

    • Fishleg’s Dragon Stats– How much do you know about your favorite dragons? Explore the Dragon 2 Guide and learn more about your favorite fire-breathing friends!
    • Image Gallery
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • World of DreamWorks Animation – Music videos from your favorite  DreamWorks Animation feature films

    To get ready for the big home video release, why not watch How to Train Your Dragon online!

    Gang's All Here in How to Train Your Dragon 2 Poster
    The How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster features the entire gang. But, of course, Hiccup is front and center.

    0 0

    The people who brought us Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit are back with a stunning-looking new full length feature, Shaun of the Sheep.

    And for fans of Aardman Animation, you might recognize the stars of Shaun of the Sheep from their Oscar winning short film A Close Shave. They’re the same sheep! And they’re back in a big screen adventure and the first Shaun of the Sheep trailer has premiered!

    A flock of sheep from Shaun’s farm have escaped (along with his dog!) and headed to the big city for an adventure of a lifetime.

    Shaun of the Sheep lands in theaters sometime in 2015, stay with Movie Fanatic for more details. 

    Check out one of Aardman’s first work and watch Chicken Run online

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    Fox has released a slew of photos from their highly anticipated fall flick Gone Girl. The 10 photos truly take us inside the feeling of the David Fincher film that is based on the bestselling book by Gillian Flynn.

    Ben Affleck stars as the husband of Rosamund Pike. When she disappears, at first, the community rallies around him as they search desperately to find her alive.

    Then, as the clues and media scrutiny starts to mount, Affleck becomes suspect number one… and then Gone Girl gets crazy -- as teased in that brilliant Gone Girl trailer.

    We’ve also got photos of Neil Patrick Harris’ character, who we think has a little something to do with the case -- if nothing else, he’s a creepy distraction!

    Tyler Perry also gets in a few of new pics as a private investigator who is helping Affleck as police and public opinion starts to point one big accusatory finger at the husband whose wife is now the Gone Girl.

    Gone Girl lands in theaters October 3 and is easily one of our most anticipated flicks of the fall. And be sure to get in the Fincher mood and watch Se7en online!

    Ben Affleck Searches
    Ben Affleck joins the search for his Gone Girl.

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    We presented you with the top 17 movies of summer 2014, and now it's time to look at the other end of that quality spectrum. 

    Ladies and gentleman, Movie Fanatic announces the 9 worst movies of summer 2014 that audiences were better off just staying home. 

    And it's a star-studded group of movies that featured Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Mark Wahlberg and the sequel to the movie you can see when you watch Sin CIty online

    Many of these movies were among the most anticipated of 2014, but when they arrived on screens, we collectively wondered, "For that we got excited?"

    For Banks' fans, you'd be much better off when you watch Catching Fire online than the mess she produced in early May!

    Click through and witness the 9 worst movies of summer 2014 that you should avoid like a terrible sunburn.

    Transformers: Age of Extinction
    We swear each Transformers movie gets more and more convoluted and makes less and less sense, even within the world that Michael Bay established. And yes Transformers: Age of Extinction was one of our worst movies of summer -- but are you surprised?

    0 0

    Summer is over, folks! It's the last weekend movie preview of the summer movie season and we've got three new films arriving to entertain audiences this Labor Day weekend. 

    One of our favorite James Bond's is back in The November Man, Jennifer Aniston does Elmore Leonard in Life of Crime and found footage horror gets a shot in the arm of originality with As Above/So Below

    Let's break it down...

    The November Man: Pierce Brosnan is back in the spy game and frankly, better than ever. Brosnan plays an ex-CIA operative who is pulled back into work when someone he loves gets in trouble. Then, all hell breaks loose and it proves that old adage that old spies never retire, they just keep getting better!

    Pierce Brosnan is Back!
    Since walking away from being Bond, we haven't seen Brosnan do action like we do in The November Man.

    As our The November Man review stated, not only is it great to see Brosnan return to the action genre, but it is a story with a geopolitical landscape that is as timely as it is thrilling. 

    Life of Crime: Another Leonard book comes to life with Jennifer Aniston starring as a wealthy wife who gets kidnapped by John Hawkes. When he demands a ransom, husband TIm Robbins balks -- no one knows it, but he just filed for divorce!

    Jennifer Aniston in Life of Crime
    Jennifer Aniston is about to be kidnapped in the crime comedy Life of Crime.

    As we said in our Life of Crime review, the film is not one of Leonard's best adaptations, but it is right in the middle, and that is not such a bad thing. And this is the Hawkes and Aniston show as the two put on a crime thriller with a tad of comedy acting clinic.

    As Above/So Below: Found footage horror movies are quite stale, there is no question. But this scary flick heads underneath the streets of Paris to the legendary catacombs for a story about a female scientist trying to prove her father's theories and in the process, she may have just found the gates of hell. 

    As Above/So Below Photo
    A scary tease into the world of As Above/So Below.

    The cast is fantastic and the thrills are quite enjoyable -- there's at least three jump out of your seat moments! Check out our As Above/So Below review for more.

    Feel like staying in this weekend? Several titles have arrived on digital download recently. Watch Blended onlinewatch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 online or watch Muppets Most Wanted online.   

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    The Marvel Comics inspired film Big Hero 6 is celebrating the return of millions and millions of kids to school with its new TV spot. The Disney film doesn’t land until November 7, but there is something so incredibly compelling about this wild looking animated film that has us wishing it was here sooner than later.

    As first teased in the full Big Hero 6 trailer, the story follows Hiro Hamada, who may be just a kid, but he is a wizard in the world of science and robotics. With his trusty robot Baymax by his side, he is set to tackle another school year in the above teaser, but this year will be a bit different.

    He and his friends hold the key to defeating a man who seeks to destroy their beloved hometown of San Fransokyo. 

    Big Hero 6 stars the voice talents of TJ Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans, Jr., Genesis Rodriguez and Ryan Potter as Hiro!

    Hiro Hamada Poster
    The star of Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada, gets his own poster. He's voiced by Ryan Potter.

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    After Wesley Snipes essentially began his comeback after serving two years in jail for tax evasion with The Expendables 3, it looks like his dream of being Blade again is back on.

    Blade Wesley Snipes

    The NY Daily News column, Confidenti@l column is reporting that Snipes has secured a deal that will pay him millions, as well as a percentage of the back-end profits and that filming will commence sooner than later.

    “Confidenti@l has learned Wesley Snipes is set to reprise his lead role in Blade, the 1998 vampire thriller that made more than $130 million and generated two sequels,” the site reported.

    As Blade is one of our favorites and we're kind of excited about this news and judging by his kick-ass performance in The Expendables 3, we know Snipes can inhabit the action hero that is part vampire and part human effectively.

    No details yet on plot, timing or anything more than the above for that matter. But, you know that Movie Fanatic will bring it to you as soon as any info is available!

    Until then, watch Blade online and see how Snipes and his anti-hero first got started!

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    As we could tell from that first The Maze Runner trailer, this is a world full of mystery.

    But as you can see from the latest The Maze Runner teaser, it is not a landscape without rules. Of all the teases we’ve witnessed so far, this latest one from Fox may be the most informative.

    Dylan O’Brien stars as a young man who awakes on an elevator taking him to the surface of a desolate landscape. The only way out, is through the titular maze. And he’s surrounded by a group of boys who all share the same fate -- none of them remember anything before they became maze runners and all have no idea how they got there.

    The Maze Runner opens September 19 and also stars Will Poulter

    A Maze-Like Figure
    A maze-like figure is a beauty of a poster idea for The Maze Runner.

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