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    After that Inside Out teaser debut, it’s time to meet the individual emotions that make up the characters that are Inside Out.

    First up, we get sadness -- might as well get the mopey one out of the way first.

    Sadness is voiced by Phyllis Smith of The Office fame and you can also see her when you watch Bad Teacher online.

    In fact, it was that fast food lunch scene with Cameron Diaz that got her this part in the Pixar movie!

    The story focuses on the group of emotions that make up the emotional spectrum of an 11-year-old girl named Riley.

    Sadness, you now know, and soon we will meet Bill Hader’s Fear, Amy Poehler’s Joy (is that perfect or what?!), Lewis Black’s Anger (again, perfect) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).  

    We’ll bring you their video introductions and character posters in the coming days and weeks. But first, here’s Sadness’ intro:

    Look for Inside Out to open in 3D on June 19, 2015.

    Click through and discover the Sadness poster and meet the cast of Pixar’s next great film.

    Meet Joy
    Meet Joy, she's voiced by Amy Poehler.

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    Fresh off the release of those The Peanuts Movie stills, Snoopy has gone and done something kooky. He’s leaked The Peanuts Movie trailer!

    The Peanuts Movie brings to life our favorite Charles Schulz characters and judging by this first trailer for the film that is set to invade theaters November 6, 2015, the 3D CGI flick would make the late cartoonist proud. 

    And we could not be more thrilled that this first trailer contains one of our favorite parts of the entire Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy’s battles with the Red Baron. The lovable pup heads all the way to Paris to battle his aerial nemesis, and Woodstock and his pals get in on the action as well.

    Charlie Brown Has a Crush!
    Who's Charlie Brown's crush? She's getting a flower! And in winter no less!

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    There was a bit of concern when Marvel launched its newest band of superheroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy -- the fact that two fifths of the characters would be CG might turn off some audiences.

    Well, the opposite happened as audiences fell in love with the Bradley Cooper-voiced Rocket Raccoon and of course Vin Diesel and his million ways of uttering, “I am Groot.”

    To celebrate the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney Digital HD today, the studio has released a fantastic video featuring Diesel saying his character's catchphrase in 15 different languages.

    From Mandarin to Czech and everything in between, prepare for a global “I am Groot” morning!

    The Guardians of the Galaxy DVD and Blu-Ray land December 9, and stay with Movie Fanatic for our full review.

    Until then, check out the 9 things we learned about the Guardians of the Galaxy bonus features from our presentation with director James Gunn.  

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded...

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

    We love this quote -- Gamora gets mushy.

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    The trailer for Project Almanac has landed and we have to say, for the tired genre of found footage films, this is a shot in the arm of originality.

    Project Almanac follows a group of teens that invent a time machine and go back in time and fix things that they would have done differently.

    Initially, they have nothing but fun with the device. Then, ripple effects start happening that could in the end, prove to be the end of the world as we know it.

    Project Almanac lands in theaters January 30 and is from producer Michael Bay. 

    Check out Bay’s latest and watch Transformers: Age of Extinction online

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    The clock is ticking for Cinderella in two ways. Of course, there’s the classic one which is at the stroke of midnight, her ride turns into a pumpkin and she has to return to her humdrum life.

    Then, there’s the clock that is ticking for the arrival of the first trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s live action version of the Disney classic Cinderella!

    The Mouse House has released the teaser trailer for the full Cinderella trailer which will arrive tomorrow! From this initial look and the first Cinderella poster and teaser trailer, we cannot wait.

    Lily James, of Downton Abbey fame, stars as the young Ella, who was living a life of bliss until her father married a (wicked) stepmother (Cate Blanchett). Then, things go seriously south! But, for one night, her fairy godmother gets to grant her wish and she lives the life of dreams.

    But, at the stroke of midnight, it all goes away. If not for one lost slipper, well then…

    Look for the trailer tomorrow and don’t miss Cinderella in theaters March 13, 2015.

    Check out Branagh's last time out as director, and watch Thor online.  

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    It is that time of year when we give thanks for the things in our lives that mean the most.

    For us at Movie Fanatic, one of those things is clearly the movies.

    But, which ones are the flicks that make this Movie Fanatic a Movie Fanatic?

    We name 17 movies that have us giving thanks this Thanksgiving, and every other day of the year for that matter.

    Want a clue as to who is on our list?

    Check out these Pulp Fiction quotes and relive the moment that we realized that movies have a power beyond just entertainment.

    And then there are those Anchorman quotes. Who wouldn’t be thankful for one of the greatest comedies of all time, that continues to make us laugh over and over to this day.

    And when we’re feeling low, we have a guilty pleasure flick that we give the utmost thanks for… watch Pitch Perfect online whenever you’re sick, under the weather or just need a pick me up. It truly is pitch perfect.

    Click through and discover the 17 Movies that Movie Fanatic gives thanks for!

    The Matrix
    The Matrix changed everything and made us question everything we ever saw in a movie. Is it real... or is it The Matrix? The movie still holds up today and there are countless filmmakers that the film has influenced.

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    Yesterday, we got to meet Phyllis Smith’s Sadness from Inside Out.

    Today, Pixar has released the remainder of the emotional spectrum that serve as characters for their latest film that lands in the summer of 2015.

    We were intrigued by that Inside Out teaser trailer and its preview of the story of Riley, who is an eleven year old discovering the various emotions that run rampant inside her head.

    Pixar could not have cast better in the roles of Joy (Amy Poehler), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).

    The emotions reside in Headquarters, which is the control center for Riley’s world as she struggles with leaving childhood behind and heading into the world of being a teenager.

    Toss in the fact that Riley has moved to a new town, San Francisco, that can only complicate things.

    Click through and discover the character posters for Inside Out!

    Meet Joy
    Meet Joy, she's voiced by Amy Poehler.

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    21 Jump Street arrived and was a surprise on many levels -- how incredibly good it was, how it was a brilliant adaptation from the cult 80s TV show and then how successful it became.

    Therefore we shouldn’t have been so surprised at how utterly fantastic the sequel, 22 Jump Street was, and how it is in many ways, even better than the original. Yet, we were. And now that the 22 Jump Street DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download has arrived, we cannot wait to bask in that fantastic glow yet again.

    22 Jump Street DVD

    So, how to you top those 21 Jump Street quotes from Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as a couple of cops who go undercover in a high school? You send them to college, that’s how!

    What works so brilliantly here (as we explain further in our theatrical 22 Jump Street review) is that they are not masking a cop movie spoof inside a serious action film, but in 22 Jump Street, filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are also lampooning sequels themselves. There are countless 22 Jump Street quotes that illustrate that point, many uttered by returning favorite Ice Cube.

    Hill and Tatum are back as Schmidt and Jenko and this time out they head to college to bust a drug ring and in the process get to live the college life they never got to when they actually were college age. And unlike their high school experience, their different paths will challenge them in ways that they could never see coming. It all adds up to a thrilling ride with loads of laughs and a fantastic amount of heart.

    When it comes to the bonus features, Miller and Lord know exactly what they’re doing. A perfect example of that can be seen when you watch The LEGO Movie online. These two not only understand comedy, taking a pop culture defining item and bringing it to cinematic life, but how it lives on on home video and how to entertain the legions of fans who adore their work beyond just the 90-minute picture.

    There are over 100 minutes of bonus features on the 22 Jump Street DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download. Oh, where oh where to start?

    Since we cannot get enough of the chemistry between Tatum and Hill, the 22 deleted and extended scenes are utterly priceless. Often times less is more, but in the case of Schmidt and Jenko, more is more and to see these five deleted scenes is such a gift for fans of the first film, this second one and even just simply the simplest of moments shared between two actors at the top of their game.

    Then, there are the 17 extended scenes which give us even more of our favorite 22 Jump Street moments, which simply had to be cut for time, content or both. Normally we’re not a big fan of these “extended” moments, but it is clear that Lord and Miller had an exorbitant amount of embarrassment of riches and they have shared them with the world on the 22 Jump Street extended scenes.

    The Perfect Couple of Directors further illustrates the brilliance of Lord and Miller and not only shows them at work making this comedy classic, but also gets insight from their stars, and fellow cinematic artists that truly spotlights what makes these two so special. From the moment they burst on the scene with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, we knew there was something special about these two. And it is on full display with The Perfect Couple of Directors.

    There are a slew of other featurettes that also were must-sees.

    Watching these two go undercover is so much of the joy in both 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, that’s why the Everything is Better in College featurette is such a wonderful thing. Go inside the undercover transformation of Jenko and Schmidt as they go from cops to college kids.

    22 Jump Street Channing Tatum Jonah Hill Go Gangster

    One of the reasons these films are so fantastic is also the chemistry between Hill and Tatum. These two are clearly friends and close chums off screen and that aspect of the screen magic is captured in Janning and Chonah, a terrific title that riffs on their names as if they were a romantic couple!

    Rob Riggle and Dave Franco reprise their roles and in Don’t Cry Yet: The Mr. Walters Prison Scene, we’re treated to an improv session between the two while shooting the Mr. Walters prison scene.

    A stunning bonus features arrives with The Dramatic Interpretation of 22 Jump Street. Can you imagine watching a solely dramatic version of the film with all jokes edited out? It’s an experience, we’ll guarantee it.

    And one last bonus feature we have to recommend. Joke-a-Palooza features a whiplash montage of jokes that were cut from the film. It’s gold!

    Lastly, if you have the time (might we suggest you make the time) might we suggest adding the audio commentary to the mix and hear what Lord, Miller, Tatum and Hill had to say about the making of the movie. It’s fantastic to see the making-of featurettes, but to listen to the filmmakers and the stars, all while watching what it is they are doing within the story, is nothing short of cinematic bliss.

    Watch 22 Jump Street online now and prepare for awesomeness! 

    Update on the Investigation
    Tatum & Hill update Ice Cube, and from the looks of their board, it's not going so well.

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    Christopher Nolan clearly thought about the world of Interstellar, long before he shot his first scene. Sure, his script would give us those unforgettable Interstellar quotes, but one has to wonder, what happened before Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper headed off into the deep unknown to save the human race?

    Interstellar Comic

    That answer has arrived in the form of a seven page comic that serves as an Interstellar prequel and is available over at Wired.

    Nolan’s handprints are all over this comic as he edited, but the story comes from veteran comic artist Sean Gordon Murphy.

    The story of Absolute Zero (don’t read on if you haven’t seen Interstellar yet!) follows Dr. Mann and his efforts to go through the wormhole to find a hospitable planet before Cooper even took off.

    This was NASA’s first attempt at saving the world.

    What happened to Dr. Mann? That question is answered in the comic.

    Interstellar is an international blockbuster, grossing more than $320 million thus far.

    Christopher Nolan Directs Matthew McConaughey
    When Christopher Nolan talks, Matthew McConaughey listens.

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    When it was announced that The LEGO Movie 2 was coming our way, we could not have been more thrilled. Then, we were told that there would be a spin-off LEGO Batman Movie and our excitement level increased.

    The LEGO Movie Batman Emmet

    However, we have mixed feelings about having to wait for The LEGO Movie 2 until after LEGO Batman, but given Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s uber talent, we trust them to bring us a LEGO world that is continually action packed, hilarious and filled with heart and, of course, songs you cannot get out of your head (Everything Is Awesome, anyone?).

    The duo talked to Empire Magazine and gave us an update, first, on the LEGO Batman movie.

    “Rest assured that every era of Batman filmmaking will be acknowledged. There have been so many interpretations of Batman and there is so much to play with there. There are 40 versions of his origin story alone,” Miller said.

    And when it comes to those LEGO Movies, Lord and Miller say that they have a plan that mirrors another huge franchise.

    “It’s like we started with The Avengers and now we’re going to spin off and explore the different worlds, then come back,” Lord said.

    And like those Marvel movies, Miller reported that each will have their own feel.

    “The thing is about these movies is that each of them have their own tone and their own voice,” Miller said.

    “We’re doing this Ninjago one with Charlie Bean, we’re working on the Batman one, and each one of them feels like its own movie, but obviously they all exist in the universe that the LEGO movie existed in, and so finding that balance has been part of the trick.”

    Watch The LEGO Movie online and be sure to check out our favorite The LEGO Movie quotes.

    I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray.

    Batman: Relax, everybody. I'm here.
    Emmet: Batman? Awesome! Could you make one of these in orange?
    Batman: I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray.

    Batman only works in black? Does he?

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    Jennifer Lawrence appreciated the taking of a different direction for Katniss in Mockingjay Part 1. There are no Hunger Games in this one, and yes, a revolution is brewing, but the heroine has to find her place in this rapidly changing world.

    Jennifer Lawrence Mockingjay Part 1 Logo

    “She’s in a very different place emotionally in the beginning of these movies. The games have completely changed her. She has to rebuild herself -- more her reaction, and less action,” Lawrence said.

    “Katniss is completely stripped down and in a different place in the beginning of these films and kind of has to rebuild to get back to the Katniss that I know from the other two films. That doesn’t happen until halfway through this movie. But, at the beginning, she doesn’t know who she is. She’s playing the same character that people recognize. But, it’s very different.”

    As you can tell from the Mockingjay Part 1 trailer, the battle of the death games may be over, but a new set of “games” has begun and that is a political volley between the evil and corrupt government of the Capitol, led by Donald Sutherland’s President Snow, and the free Panem government, led by Julianne Moore’s President Coin.

    Lawrence sees her character as caught somewhere in the middle, and still questioning everything. “My version of being caught between the two is Katniss is representing the consequences of war. It’s not that she doesn’t believe what President Coin wants and she doesn’t believe that the Capitol is a terrible government that is only good for the one percent… but war is complicated,” Lawrence said.

    “It affects everyone on both sides. I think for Katniss, we have the two strong points on opposing sides and the one person caught in the middle that is feeling the pain from both. There is no right way to start or end a war.”

    As Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters this week and Mockingjay Part 2 arrives in exactly a year, Lawrence can look back now and she hopes that her portrayal of Katniss will inspire.

    Mockingjay Part 1 Katniss Photo

    “I think, or I hope, that Katniss can inspire by making this younger generation realize how powerful your voice can be and it’s hard sometimes. It’s easy to follow the feet in front of you,” Lawrence admitted. “It’s harder to speak out. I hope that what you take away from Katniss is to be an individual and think for yourself and not let other people think for you.”

    But the Oscar winner is quick to dismiss any kind of connections between herself and the Suzanne Collins-penned heroine she plays on the big screen. “I always get nervous making comparisons because Katniss is the leader of a rebellion that changes the world and I’m just a pawn on a chess board,” she said and laughed.

    And she also admitted that the success that this series has brought is, mostly, a gift. “It’s certainly a blessed life. There are also sacrifices. I get to do what I love and there’s a downside to every job.”

    In the end, making The Hunger Games series has allowed her something quite unexpected -- some extremely close friends, particularly one young Aussie. “I would never expect a man this good looking to be my best friend,” Lawrence said of co-star Liam Hemsworth (who plays Gale).

    “I would never assume those things would happen. But, he is. He is the most lovable, family-oriented, sweet, hilarious... he’s amazing. He taught me about how to be fair and to stand up for myself. I’m a wimp about standing up for myself. Liam is always fair. He’s good about making sure that things stay fair. I used to let people walk all over me. He’s teaching me to toughen up a little bit. I needed that.”

    The movie series has been a part of her life for many years. But, we wondered, how did she feel as it was coming to a close?

    “It was complicated because it was such a long shoot. We were there for 10 months and it was hard and exhausting. There was a part that wanted to wrap just so we could give our bodies a break. But, realizing that it was over was difficult. We always would break and do other stuff and come back and be together again. Realizing that was going to be gone was such a complicated mix of feelings,” Lawrence said.

    “It was a relief because we were relieved, but so sad. We still see each other, but it will be different. If all I had was this friendship with Josh (Hutcherson) and Liam and that was all I got from this entire thing, that would be the greatest blessing in the entire world. I thought I was going to be relieved because I was so tired but it was heartbreaking. When they called ‘wrap,’ I just started sobbing.” 

    Get ready for the first part of the two-part finale and see where we left off and watch Catching Fire online.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Plutarch Heavensbee
    Plutarch Heavensbee is playing both sides and we like the way this game master has "mastered" the "game."

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    There are comedy teams that truly make us smile and then there’s the dream team that appears with the first photos revealed by Warner Bros. of Kevin Hart (he of those unforgettable Ride Along quotes) and Will Ferrell (he of the iconic Anchorman quotes) finally sharing the big screen.

    Check out the first photos of comedy titans Ferrell and Hart in the film Get Hard in our slideshow below!

    Ferrell stars as a hedge fund manager who is on his way to prison for fraud. When the judge gives him 30 days to report, he enlists Hart’s character to help him Get Hard for prison. He’s going to San Quentin after all!

    The comedy promises to be a story of two sides of a coin realizing by the end that they are not very different after all. It sounds promising and lands March 25, 2015 and also stars Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson and Edwina Findley.

    It also is the feature film directing debut of Tropic Thunder writer Etan Coen. Check out his work and watch Tropic Thunder online

    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Get Hard
    Will Ferrell tries to dress the part, but we think Kevin Hart has him looking more funny than fierce.

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    The first trailer for Cinderella is here from Disney and it is simply glorious.

    First of all, the choosing of Kenneth Branagh as director is impeccable. Then, there is the casting of Lily James as the title character in the live action version of Disney’s classic Cinderella and Cate Blanchett as her evil stepmother. Bloody brilliant, right?!

    Where the first Cinderella teaser trailer truly teased what could be, this full Cinderella trailer has delivered on so many fronts.

    It is romantic. It is emotionally riveting and, yes, this is all within a few minutes.

    Richard Madden is our Prince, and he first meets Cinderella in this trailer as she is galloping away from her evil stepsisters and stepmother. But, they will meet again. That is, after Cinderella’s fairy godmother helps her out.

    Our favorite line in the trailer is when she walks down the stairs at the ball and is greeted by Madden. She says, “They’re all looking at you.” He replies, “They’re all looking at you.” Nailed it!

    Cinderella lands in March of 2015 and also stars Stellan Skarsgard, Derek Jocaobi and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother.

    And might we just add that the score in this trailer is as moving as trailer music can be. 

    Disney also released a series of stills from the highly anticipated film. Click through and prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty of Cinderella

    And until then, check out Branagh's most recent work as director and watch Thor online

    Lily James is Cinderella
    Lily James gets to wear the glass slipper as Cinderella.

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    Being the child of a Hollywood star, sure, it opens doors. But several things have to happen for the scion of a movie legend to make it in Tinseltown.

    They have to have talent and, most importantly, the audience has to embrace them. If neither one of those things happen, all the nepotism in the world cannot help you.

    That’s why it is supremely impressive that these 21 parent-child Hollywood combos have found such success. Like who, you ask?

    Watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith online and you know her and we’re pretty sure you know her dad.

    And did you know that the legend that gave us one of our favorites that you can see when you watch Ghostbusters online, also has given us his own series of fantastically directed films?!

    Those The Big Lebowski quotes? The Dude is just one-third of an acting family that is the stuff of Hollywood legend.

    Now that your curiosity is piqued, click through and discover our 21 finest film families -- aka the biggest Hollywood parent-child success stories in history.

    Jon Voight/Angelina Jolie
    Both father and daughter have an Oscar here. Angelina Jolie earned hers for Girl, Interrupted and Jon Voight got his for Coming Home. It’s a shame these two don’t speak too much, because we’d love to see them in a movie together.

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    Given the success that the first Sin City had when it debuted in 2005, it’s hard to believe it took nine years for the sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, to arrive.

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For DVD

    But, given the leaps and bounds of cinematic technology, that long wait was absolutely worth it. The sequel looks even better than the first. Since the visuals are the big selling point with the Frank Miller-Robert Rodriguez directed series, the almost decade-long span between movies is a very good thing.

    You can discover that for yourself as Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has arrived on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download. What is so special about the release is the look of Sin City isn’t about size -- it goes much deeper than that. So, the fact that we’re seeing Rodriguez’s and Miller’s world on a smaller (somewhat smaller for some of us) screen is no big whoop.

    Miller introduces some new characters in this sequel, and as we stated in our theatrical Sin City: A Dame to Kill For review, they are by far the best part.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt astounds as a man who seems to have a death wish with his seeking to go head-to-head with Powers Booth’s Roark. Josh Brolin is Dwight and although we adore Clive Owen in the original, Brolin’s center of this story is a much richer and powerful performance with soul, frankly.

    And then there’s Eva Green. This woman has been a revelation of late. With her turn in 300: Rise of an Empire and now Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, she has been the best thespian part of visually stunning flicks. Green’s Ava is the title character and the way that Miller and Rodriguez paint her, literally and figuratively, one can see why Brolin’s character would kill.

    As the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer teased, and as we said prior, this film series is about the visuals and less about the story. The story is a little lacking, but what Rodriguez and Miller do with what we see is nothing short of art in motion. And that is why the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download are the perfect format for it.

    Mickey Rourke Sin City A Dame to Kill For

    It allows the viewer to go deeper into the cinematic movie-making magic of Rodriguez and Miller. Proof of that arrives in the most astounding of ways. Watch the film in its entirety, and then witness the bonus feature The Movie in High Speed Green Screen. That’s right, Rodriguez and Miller have stripped away all their CG visuals and what seems like it would be a fruitless effort is in fact the opposite. It clearly shows the complicated and highly technical nature of what Sin City filmmakers achieve and there could be no better way to showcase it than in this home video bonus feature.

    Further pulling off the veil of the movie-making magic is the fantastic featurette, Makeup Effects of Sin City with Greg Nicotero. What this true artist achieves in black and white with splashes of color is astounding.

    Lastly, the Stunts of Sin City with Jeff Dashnaw featurette takes us inside the difficult and uber challenging effort to orchestrate and execute stunts in a world that solely exists in green screen.

    If nothing else, the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For home video release is a lesson in filmmaking for all those who cannot get to film school!

    Watch Sin City: A Dame to Kill For online right now and check out our favorite Sin City: A Dame to Kill For quotes

    Lady Gaga's Cameo!
    Lady Gaga makes a cameo in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For!

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    The ladies of Pitch Perfect 2 have made our day! Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow adorn the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly in a celebration that is the upcoming sequel to those fantastic Pitch Perfect quotes and soundtrack that we’re still singing!

    Pitch Perfect 2 EW Cover

    Pitch Perfect became a surprise smash and the continuing adventures of the Bellas was almost a given after the blockbuster success of the film that features Kendrick, Wilson and Snow as part of a university singing group with dreams of a capella awesomeness.

    Elizabeth Banks, who also starred in the first film as a play-by-play announcer, is making her directorial debut for the sequel that is set to invade theaters May 15, 2015.

    Also back is Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Adam Devine and new to the cast is Hailee Steinfeld and Katey Sagal.

    Plot details are almost non-existent at this point, which we think is a good thing. Surprise was a huge part of the success factor for the first one!

    Anna Kendrick Brittany Snow Rebel Wilson Photo

    You can't blame Banks if she's a little nervous! 

    "The first film flew under the radar, and it was a gift,” Banks told EW. “This time around, much higher stakes. Everybody is much more involved.”

    While we wait for the sequel, watch Pitch Perfect online!

    Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Photo
    The cast is here, so let's start shooting Pitch Perfect 2!

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    As the December 12 release date inches closer for Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, we’re getting more of a clearer view on how the split occurs between Moses and his adopted brother Ramses.

    Fox has released a clip from Exodus: Gods and Kings and it features a pivotal scene, one of many we saw of Exodus: Gods and Kings footage. It takes place moments after Christian Bale’s Moses has gotten an inkling that he may be a Hebrew, and not simply the son of privilege in the Egyptian royal family.

    Joel Edgerton’s spies have let him know about a meeting between Moses and Ben Kingsley’s character and that sets up this confrontation in the clip below.

    Watch the Exodus: Gods and Kings final trailer and get ready to enjoy one of the most thrilling of the bible tales, and from the footage we saw, Bale is ready to deliver another one of his iconic performances. 

    Two Brothers Born to Fight
    Bale is Moses, Edgerton is Ramses, and these two are gonna clash!

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    One of the best soundtracks of the year (and sales of it with it hitting number one for weeks on end was proof of that) is being offered for free!

    Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Cover

    Yup, you can download the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, aka The Awesome Mix Vol. 1, over on Google Play and enjoy one spoke of the wheel that added up to the awesomeness that is James Gunn’s space epic.

    Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) mom may have given him the tape, but now you can have your very own, and keep it forever and ever.

    The soundtrack is extremely varied and includes songs as varied as Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede to Jackson 5’s I Want You Back -- which was used in one of our favorite scenes, baby Groot dancing!

    The Guardians of the Galaxy DVD will be out December 9 (stay with Movie Fanatic for our full review) and is out now on Digital HD.

    The film is currently the third highest grossing movie in Marvel Studios history and with the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, we look for an Awesome Mix Volume 2!

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded...

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

    We love this quote -- Gamora gets mushy.

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    Mike Nichols has died, according to reports, in his sleep last night at the age of 83. 

    The legendary helmer was known for his work on stage and screen, including launching the Tony Award-winning Spamalot as well as the Oscar-winning The Graduate. That Dustin Hoffman movie was merely the tip of the iceberg for what Nichols did in Hollywood. We adore his work from The Birdcage and Silkwood to Working Girl!

    Nichols also had the rare honor of being an EGOT winner. He won an Emmy, a Grammy (for his early days working comedy), an Oscar and a Tony.

    Nichols leaves behind his wife of many years, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. He will be missed. 

    Mike Nichols
    Director Mike Nichols has passed away. The EGOT winner was 83.

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    The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer has premiered and we could not be more aca-excited! And it arrives just a day after that aca-awesome Pitch Perfect 2 poster!

    It appears that our girls who gave us those Pitch Perfect quotes have practiced hard, as the Bellas are heading to the world championships.

    They happen every four years, and as Elizabeth Banks' a capella expert says, “No American has ever won. They hate us!”

    Well, the world hasn’t seen the Bellas!

    Along the way, the group gets a house together that Rebel Wilson christens with a hilarious ride down the stairs, David Cross hosts what appears to be the mother of all riff-offs (can’t wait for that!), and Wilson and Adam Devine may finally explore their love for singing, er, each other.

    Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp and Katey Sagal all star in the highly anticipated sequel to the first Pitch Perfect, which shocked the world by becoming a $113 million smash.

    Look for Pitch Perfect 2 on May 15, 2015.

    Watch Pitch Perfect online and see how it all started. 

    Pitch Perfect 2 Poster
    The official Pitch Perfect 2 poster is here!

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