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    Christopher Nolan has always embraced the DVD and Blu-Ray format with great abandon, almost offering his own film master class with the bonus features. He also has a ball with the more technical aspects of a home video. With the announcement of the release date and extras for Interstellar today, his passion for it seems to have only expanded.

    Interstellar DVD

    Paramount revealed that fans of the blockbuster hit from late 2014 can get their hands on it when Interstellar lands on Digital HD on March 17 and Blu-Ray combo pack, DVD and On Demand on March 31.

    Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain star in a universe-spanning adventure that could not be timelier with the news of 2014 being the hottest year on record on planet Earth.

    In Interstellar, Nolan has painted a picture of a planet that is on its last breaths. Humans must look to the stars for a new home and McConaughey and Hathaway have to leave their families behind and head out into the unknown for what could be decades to find a hospitable locale for man and womankind to continue.

    Those Interstellar quotes are quite powerful too as the film shows the sacrifice that is needed at times to help the greater good.

    As we stated in our Interstellar review, the visuals and sound effects are literally out of this world and that should be something that truly further impresses with the higher-def formats of home video.

    Interstellar scored five Oscar nominations for Nolan’s work, mostly for technical categories, and that brilliance is explored in the many, many bonus features.

    Interstellar Blu-Ray Bonus Features:

    • The Science of Interstellar -- Extended cut of the broadcast special.
    • Plotting an Interstellar Journey -- Discusses the film’s origins, influences and narrative designs.
    • Life on Cooper’s Farm -- Bringing Americana and the grounded nature of a farm to a sci-fi space movie.
    • The Dust -- Learn how cast and crew avoided sand blindness, and see how to create, and clean up after, a catastrophic dust storm.
    • TARS and CASE -- Designing and building these unique characters and how they were brought to life on set and in the film.
    • Cosmic Sounds -- The concepts, process, and recording of Hans Zimmer’s unforgettable score.
    • The Space Suits -- A look at the design and build of the suits and helmets, and what it was like to wear them.
    • The Endurance -- Explore this massive set with a guided tour by production designer Nathan Crowley.
    • Shooting in Iceland: Miller’s Planet/Mann’s Planet -- Travel with the cast and crew to Iceland and see the challenges they faced in creating two vastly different worlds in one country.
    • The Ranger and the Lander -- A look at the other two spaceships in the film.
    • Miniatures in Space -- Marvel at the large-scale models used in the explosive docking sequence.
    • The Simulation of Zero-G -- Discover the various methods that the filmmakers used to create a zero gravity environment.
    • Celestial Landmarks -- Explore how the filmmakers used practical special effects informed by real scientific equations to give the illusion of real space travel for both the actors and the audience.
    • Across All Dimensions and Time -- A look at the concept and design of the Tesseract, which incorporated a practical set rather than a green screen.
    • Final Thoughts -- The cast and crew reflect back on their Interstellar experience.
    • Theatrical Trailers

    Christopher Nolan Directs Matthew McConaughey
    When Christopher Nolan talks, Matthew McConaughey listens.

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    There is no bigger television audience to witness the debut of a movie trailer than during the Super Bowl. Next Sunday as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out to see who is the best in the NFL, movie studios will also be making plays of their own.

    We expect some big movie trailers to be shown during those uber-expensive Super Bowl advertising spots that air during the most viewed event of the year.

    Specifically, we name 11 movies from 2015 that we think will get the trailer treatment, all seeking to make the most splash.

    So, who do we expect to be hearing from?

    First, we know we won’t see another Avengers Age of Ultron trailer because they’ve already rolled out two. And we won’t see a follow-up to that Star Wars teaser trailer because we know that will appear before Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters on May 1.

    And speaking of Marvel, we likely will not see an Ant-Man trailer during the big game because it is too soon since that Ant Man teaser trailer premiered.

    But, watch Fast and Furious 6 online and we would bet that Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and his crew will be entertaining us with some fantastical footage from their spring release.

    Love those Pitch Perfect quotes? Good, because you’ll be tapping your toes as we think the latest Pitch Perfect 2 trailer will also debut in front of the hundreds of millions who will be watching the Super Bowl across the globe.

    Click through and discover our 11 picks for movie trailers we think will air during the Super Bowl.

    Furious 7
    The ultimate bone crunching sport's biggest event is a fitting spot for the bone crunching action of Furious 7 to be teased to the widest audience that gathers in front of the tube. Not that Furious 7 needs any introduction to the masses, but we just think that this Universal film and the Super Bowl are a match made in heaven.

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    Did you know that Steven Spielberg was supposed to direct American Sniper?

    Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

    Yup, before the script got reworked with the American Sniper quotes we have now, Spielberg had a script that would have told a completely different story.

    Spielberg either dropped out due to disagreements about what story to tell and how to present the Chris Kyle sniper story, or perhaps it was just scheduling.

    There’s no denying that what Clint Eastwood stepped in to do has certainly struck a chord (even with that American Sniper fake baby issue!).

    What we did get was a flag waving portrait of an American hero told from the perspective of Bradley Cooper’s character and the battlefield and home front sacrifices he and his family made to help ensure our freedom.

    What Spielberg would have focused on would have been that enemy sniper and his obsession with killing Kyle. The enormity of what Kyle accomplished would have instead been told from afar in that the foreign sniper knew that if his side had any chance of winning this war, he had to take out this one man killing machine.

    "He [Spielberg] wanted to focus more on the 'enemy sniper' in the script -- the insurgent sharpshooter who was trying to track down and kill Kyle,” screenwriter Jason Hall told The Hollywood Reporter.

    “He was a mirror of Chris on the other side. It was a psychological duel as much as a physical duel. It was buried in my script, but Steven helped bring it out."

    Clearly these two movies were quite different. And we hate to say it, as we absolutely adore Spielberg, but we think that the Eastwood version of the Chris Kyle story has a much broader appeal.

    With American Sniper box office sales breaking records, American audiences are voting for the version they wanted with their wallet.

    Bradley Cooper Talks a Heavily Armed Walk
    Bradley Cooper talks a walk in a scene from Clint Eastwood's American Sniper.

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    This second to last edition of the weekend movie preview for January dives into three new films landing in cinemas this week, all trying to dethrone the monster that is Clint Eastwood's American Sniper from atop its ivory tower box office perch.  

    Will Johnny Depp doing madcap international intrigue comedy in Mortdecai do it? How about Jennifer Lopez joining the stalking subgenre of the thriller format in The Boy Next Door? Family movies do quite well, perhaps George Lucas' Strange Magic has the golden touch to score big at the box office? 

    Let's break it down...

    Mortdecai: Depp is the title character, an international art dealer, and he has been tasked by the British spy agency MI5 to track down a priceless stolen painting. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could spell trouble for freedom loving people the globe over. 

    Mortdecai Official Poster
    The official poster for Mortdecai has landed! Johnny Depp stars as the title character.

    As we stated in our Mortdecai review, the film is so-so, but does provide its fair share of laughs and Depp is just brilliant as the foolishly funny lead in a series that we hope finds an audience as there are other Mortdecai stories to explore. 

    The Boy Next Door: Lopez is being stalked and it's by her much younger next door neighbor. What's a girl to do? 

    The Boy Next Door Official Poster
    The official poster for The Boy Next Door is here! Jennifer Lopez stars, and looks kinda worried, no?!

    Lopez is fine in the role and Ryan Guzman certainly sizzles as her affair partner who goes off the edge when she tries to end it. As we stated in our The Boy Next Door review, this is one of those films that has to be seen with an audience. It will have you both laughing at how ridiculous it is and also cheering when justice is delivered in the third act. 

    Strange Magic: Lucas returns to storytelling in a film that hopes its for the whole family, but truthfully if most likely better suited for the younger movie goers out there. 

    Singing Sisters
    Marianne and Dawn sing it out.

    The animated musical story follows a mystical land where fairies, elfves and various monsters try to find or avoid love. The soundtrack is a mashup of some of the biggest hits of the last 60 years. For more, check out our Strange Magic review

    Feel like staying in this weekend? Some fantastic titles have landed online. Watch The Interview online and discover the controversial comedy. Watch Lucy online and witness Scarlett Johansson in one of her best roles to date!

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    It was an evening of upsets at the 2015 SAG Awards. The actor union's annual fete first appeared to be presenting us with a business as usual evening when Golden Globe winner Patricia Arquette and favorite to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress won in her SAG category for Boyhood and the same thing happened for J.K. Simmons winning for Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash.  

    MIchael Keaton in Birdman

    But, then everything changed.

    Eddie Redmayne upset Michael Keaton for Best Actor for his work as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Keaton has won practically every award thus far in this awards season making him a perceived lock for the Best Actor Oscar.

    But, that appears to not be such a guarantee anymore -- more on that in our upcoming Oscar Watch column on how the SAG Awards influence the Oscar race.

    Another wrench in the machine of the Oscar prediction business arrived when Birdman beat Boyhood for Best Ensemble. Now, the SAG Awards don’t necessarily do a Best Picture, they award the best cast and it’s hard to argue with Birdman winning that category.

    Led by Keaton, Birdman also features Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough and Naomi Watts. Boyhood is a much simpler story in terms of cast, so we can see how the SAG award went to Birdman.

    But, given how the Producers Guild awarded Birdman its top honor earlier this weekend, is Birdman the new front-runner for Best Picture? More on that soon enough, my fair Movie Fanatics!

    Here are the winners of the 2015 SAG Awards for Film:

    Male Actor in a Leading Role
    Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

    Female Actor in a Leading Role
    Julianne Moore, Still Alice

    Female Actor in a Supporting Role
    Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

    Male Actor in a Supporting Role
    J.K. Simmons, Whiplash

    Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

    Watch Boyhood online and discover why this picture is on everyone's list of favorites! 

    Birdman Over Washington, D.C.
    Birdman flies high over Washington, D.C.

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    Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper continues to resonate with audiences. After its record-breaking debut weekend, the Bradley Cooper starring true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle added another $64.4 million to bring its total to an astounding $200 million. Yes, a January movie, normally a cinematic wasteland, has earned $200 million!

    American Sniper Bradley Cooper Sam Yaeger

    Three new movies arrived on screens this past weekend, and none of them could even make a dent in the powerhouse performance that is the nominee for Best Picture, American Sniper.

    The first that came the closest, if you can call it that, is Jennifer Lopez’s thriller The Boy Next Door. That $4 million “indie” stalker flick banked $15 million, practically quadrupling its profit… not so bad! We’ll see if this thing has legs in the coming weeks as American Sniper fades (or will it?!).

    Third place belonged to the best family movie out there, the one that arrived a few weeks back, Paddington. The adorable bear and his fantastic story came in third with $12.4 million, bringing its cume to $40.1 million.

    The Wedding Ringer landed in fourth place as the Kevin Hart comedy continued to do respectable business for a January comedy. It banked $11.6 million and now has earned $39.7 million in the two weeks it’s been in theaters.

    Closing out the top five is a former number one movie, Liam Neeson’s Taken 3. The third Taken flick continued its run toward the coveted $100 million mark with a $7.6 million weekend, bringing its total to $76.1 million.

    The other two new movies that arrived this week -- Strange Magic and Mortdecai -- were both big swings and misses. The George Lucas animated musical landed in seventh with $5.5 million and the Johnny Depp misfire Mortdecai arrived in ninth with $4.1 million.

    Box Office Top 10:

    1. American Sniper, $64.4 million
    2. The Boy Next Door, $15 million
    3. Paddington, $12.4 million
    4. The Wedding Ringer, $11.6 million
    5. Taken 3, $7.6 million
    6. The Imitation Game, $7.1 million
    7. Strange Magic, $5.5 million
    8. Selma, $5.5 million
    9. Mortdecai, $4.1 million
    10. Into the Woods, $3.9 million 

    Bradley Cooper Talks a Heavily Armed Walk
    Bradley Cooper talks a walk in a scene from Clint Eastwood's American Sniper.

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    Walt Disney has rocked our world with the announcement today that Harry Potter veteran Emma Watson has been cast in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast.

    Emma Watson in My Week with Marilyn

    Watson could not have been a better choice as we think she has the features, the talent and the vocal talent to pull off what has got to be the biggest challenge of her career. 

    The live action Beauty and the Beast comes from Bill Condon, a man who knows a thing or two about musicals as his work on DreamGirls is legendary. 

    And given Disney's success bringing another one of their classic animated tales to life with Maleficent, we suspect they are on to another home run with Watson in Beauty and the Beast

    Stay tuned for more on this story as it emerges and until then, watch Maleficent online and see what Disney can do turning animation to live action gold. 

    Inspired by that news, we present Disney princesses portraying some other iconic heroines, like Watson's Hermione played by -- ironically -- Belle! 

    Belle as Hermione
    Belle stood up to a beast in Beauty and the Beast, so surely she could handle a little evil from the Harry Potter world as Hermione.

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    Hot on the news this morning that Emma Watson is Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast, we’ve got our hands on the latest trailer for Cinderella.

    The live action version of Beauty and the Beast won’t be coming to screens for over a year, but the Kenneth Branagh-directed take on the Disney animated classic Cinderella is merely weeks away!  

    To celebrate that fact and to further tease us about one of our most anticipated movies of 2015, Disney has released the latest Cinderella trailer and it shows us that midnight was merely the beginning of this love story.

    Lily James is expertly cast as Cinderella, and we marvel at the choice of Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother and Cate Blanchett as the Wicked Stepmother. Disney sure knows how to cast, no?!

    Expect some twists and turns to the Cinderella story to update it for a new century when it hits theaters March 13. Derek Jacobi and Stellan Skarsgard also star, and the dreamy prince, why he’s played by Richard Madden.

    Cinderella Ready for a Ball!
    Cinderella is ready for the ball... for only 'till midnight!

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    When the SAG Awards were announced in Hollywood, one could argue that we in the industry felt an earthquake that could have easily been marked on the Richter scale.

    The Theory of Everything Eddie Redmayne

    Up until this point, Boyhood had been cruising towards what many thought was a surefire win for Best Picture. It had come off a Golden Globes win and a series of critic circles wins, and when those Oscar nominations were announced, if we were to bet at that particular moment, our money would have been on Richard Linklater’s masterpiece.

    But, that was then and this is now.

    Over the weekend in a quieter ceremony than the broadcast to the world SAG Awards, Birdman was awarded Best Picture by the Producers Guild. And with the win for Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture by the SAG Awards, we think our new (slight) front-runner has to be the Michael Keaton-starring Birdman.

    And speaking of Keaton, he might not be the front-runner to win Oscar gold either for Best Actor -- but, more on that in a moment.

    There is a glaring fact that cannot be ignored now that Birdman has won the SAG Award and the PGA Award for Best Picture. The last seven winners of the PGA Best Picture have gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Now, that is about as sure as you can get, but streaks are always made to be broken and one could argue, and we will, that this is the year that a seven year streak could come to a close.

    Watch Boyhood online and you'll see a film that still has everything that Oscar loves. It is a heartwarming story that spans years and years and was a Herculean effort by a director to bring to life. And we should mention that it is a helmer that the Academy adores in Linklater. And with Patricia Arquette easily looking to win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, we could see a lot of her votes making their way to the top prize as well for Boyhood.

    Boyhood Ellar Coltrane Ethan Hawke Lorelei Linklater

    But, and this is a very big but… what Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu did with his film is astounding. It is unlike anything else we saw last year (save Whiplash) and the Academy also adores a film that pushes the envelope.

    Sure, it won the PGA award and that gives it that streak we talked about. Yet, there is something that has us discounting Birdman’s win at the SAG Awards. The SAGs give their awards to ensembles, not best picture. And given the cast that Birdman has, versus the cast Boyhood has, that award seems a no-brainer.

    So, we have to focus more on that PGA Birdman win and whether that seven straight PGA winners win Oscar Best Picture factoid continues. Sorry, but it is too early to tell. But one thing is clear, we have a race now.

    Where it appeared that Boyhood was running away with the Best Picture trophy, now, that is not at all the case. It’s a two-picture race and we know our winner will be either Birdman or Boyhood. And this campaign has truly just gotten started now that it is down to two films.

    Now, about that Keaton loss last night at the SAG Awards. Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) upset him for Best Actor and now what appeared to be Keaton’s can’t-lose streak towards Oscar gold has hit a speed bump. Has it, though?

    Actually, yes, it has. The SAG has the largest voting block of all the guilds when it comes to Oscar votes. Redmayne won the Best Actor, Drama Award at the Golden Globes and Keaton took the same award for comedy… setting up this showdown at the Oscars.

    We thought Keaton had the lead. But after Redmayne won at the SAGs, the Best Actor category has joined the Best Picture category and become a two-person race.

    Like we said before, this thing is now a race, people!

    American Sniper
    Clint Eastwood's latest gets the biz's highest honor.

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    Robert Downey Jr. has had one of the more astounding career resurgences of any movie superstar in history. And that could also be stated as the case for the character that launched him into the stratosphere, Tony Stark in the first Iron Man. Stark himself will go through much of a change from the playboy-wild man of the first film to a man who could ask that all superheroes be registered with the government for safety reasons (comic book fans know this is coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

    Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man

    Downey talked to Empire Magazine and explored how one character could change so much, and how it largely gets going in Captain America: Civil War.

    “It’s natural to change your views. The main thing to me is, what sort of incident could occur, and what sort of framework could we find Tony in? The clues about where we might find him next are in (Avengers: Age of) Ultron,” Downey said.

    “But what would it take for Tony to completely turn around everything he’s stood for? Joss brings this up all the time. It’s kind of weird that these guys would have all these throw downs all over planet Earth and yet when the movie’s over, nobody minds. What would the American government do if this were real? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Tony doing something you wouldn’t imagine?”

    Having the path laid out that Marvel did through 2019 was not always a given. Much of it relied on Downey and whether or not he would do Captain America: Civil War. The superstar was aware of that and was more than willing to sign up, it turns out.

    “They said to me, ‘If we have you, we can do this, or Cap 3 has to be something else.’ It’s nice to feel needed. And at this point it’s about helping each other, too,” Downey said.

    “I look at it as a competition and I go, ‘Wow, maybe if these two franchises teamed up and I can take even a lesser position, with people I like and directors I respect, maybe we can keep things bumping along.’”

    Now we know that Cap and Iron Man will be pitted against each other, thus the title of the next Captain America film. But, in every fight, there must be a bad guy. Is Chris Evans’ Cap on the wrong side of things? “I wouldn’t put it that way. The biggest question is, for Chris and for Cap, how do we bring Cap to a place where people go, ‘Man, I never thought I would see such a vast change in Steve,’” Downey said.

    “After you see Snowpiercer, you’re like, ‘I want to see a little bit of that guy.’”

    Watch Iron Man 3 online and see where Downey and Stark left off and prepare for Avengers: Age of Ultron to hit theaters and begin this battle on May 1.

    Avengers: Meet Ultron
    The Avengers meet Ultron. Wonder how this is going to go?

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    Scoring an Oscar nomination is the highest honor one can have in the field of acting for film. Yet, it wasn’t always gold statutes hanging in the balance for these 20 actors and actresses.

    We looked through the filmography of the 20 nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor and found the roles that they probably wished were removed from their acting resume.

    Watch Boyhood online and there’s Patricia Arquette in a role that we think will score her a Best Supporting Actress trophy. But, did you know she was in a movie where she played a woman who was in love with a guy who was raised as an ape? Yeah, that.

    And even though he is probably best known for giving us those timeless Anchorman quotes, Steve Carell is now in serious actor territory for his role in Foxcatcher, which has earned him a Best Actor nod. What was his worst film? Check out the slideshow below and discover it!

    Click through and learn what the 20 worst movies were for the 20 Oscar nominees for acting performances in 2015.

    Bradley Cooper, All About Steve
    Bradley Cooper made his worst movie with All About Steve. That's OK, he's not alone in the Oscar nominee horror show with that title. It is also Oscar winner Sandra Bullock's worst movie ever too!

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    The Boxtrolls was not only the latest hit for animation studio LAIKA, but it proved to have the golden touch as well. When Oscar nominations were revealed, the film about a group of underground living trolls (who wear boxes when they go out in public, thus their name) had scored a nod for Best Animated Feature.

    The Boxtrolls DVD

    And it certainly is one of the top 9 animated movies of 2014 and that can be gleaned from watching it now that The Boxtrolls has landed on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download.

    What’s also so special about this home video release is that the bonus features take us brilliantly inside the painstaking process of not only stop motion animation, but the effort to bring a powerful and resonant story to the big screen regardless of genre.

    The story takes place in a Victorian-type village named Cheesebridge. And if it seems like the dairy product of the city’s moniker is like currency here, it is because in many ways it is. Our protagonist is Eggs, and he’s been orphaned since he was a little boy and brought up by the Boxtrolls. They live a peaceful and familial life underground and only come up late at night to get things they need from what humans discard.

    Enter our villain, Snatcher (a sublime Ben Kingsley). He wants in the elite cheese club and he promises that the “evil” trolls will ruin their town. If he can get rid of them all, he would do it all for entrance into the creamy goodness’ upper class. The powers that be agree and the scourge of the trolls begins. There’s another whole element of the story featuring Elle Fanning as a young girl named Winnie who will work with Eggs to see that Snatcher is stopped and that trolls can be a vital part of the community.

    The film has a magical touch that can be credited to another outstanding effort from LAIKA (Coraline, ParaNorman) and its standards of excellence that are extolled in this feature by directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi. Stop motion has never looked, or sounded, this good as LAIKA continues to push the animation and storytelling envelope with visuals that pop and themes that are resonant and universal. The experience of witnessing their work is as perfect as movie watching gets.

    LAIKA does bonus features as good as anyone and The Boxtrolls DVD and Blu-Ray extras take you inside the exquisite and complicated process that is making one of their magical stop motion animated movies.

    The Preliminary Animatic Sequences not only takes you through the process of six different scenes from their most basic beginnings to brilliant and beautiful conclusions, but with the audio commentary track by the film’s directors, it’s a lesson in building brilliance. From Baby in the Trash, Eggs in the Underworld, Man on a Horse, Trubshaw’s Inventorium, Cheese Shop to Tea and Cheese, you’ll never look at these scenes the same way after seeing their origins through their sensational conclusions.

    The Boxtrolls Eggs Photo

    The cast of The Boxtrolls features some of the greatest talent working today, from Kingsley and Fanning to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Voicing The Boxtrolls looks at how the cast was selected and features an in-depth conversation with each cast member about what they appreciated about the role and what they felt they brought to the role.

    One of the most astounding characters is our villain, Snatcher. The Big Cheese: Allergy Snatcher showcases how the directors, Brian McLean (director of Rapid Prototyping) and the producers converged to make one of the most intricate puppet faces they’ve ever undertaken with the character voiced by Kingsley. One of the biggest challenges is how to take that face, and have it ever changing as his cheese allergy causes him to have his appearance altered within the film more than any other character in LAIKA history.

    One of the more mesmerizing scenes in all of The Boxtrolls features a ball and to make it as realistic as possible, filmmakers enlisted the help of choreographers and, most importantly, costume designer Deborah Cook to create a sequence that felt as real as possible in a world that could not have been more created in the imagination.

    Lastly, the Think Big: The Mecha Drill featurette is a stunner and mirrors the efforts of everyone at LAIKA to truly push the envelope when it came to making The Boxtrolls. The Mecha Drill is the largest stop motion puppet/prop ever created by the Portland, Oregon based animation studio. It is five feet high and weighs over 75 pounds. How’d they do that? Well, dive into that bonus feature and it is just one of many that shows how LAIKA is changing how we not only view animation, stop motion animation, but storytelling in general.

    Watch The Boxtrolls online now and prepare to witness magic, and be sure to discover our favorite The Boxtrolls quotes!

    The Boxtrolls Official Movie Poster
    The official movie poster for The Boxtrolls shows off its eccentric cast!

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    Mission Impossible 5 is cruising along, pun intended, as Tom Cruise’s latest effort as Ethan Hunt has Paramount saying it will arrive in theaters December 25. But, production is going so well on the film that the studio has moved it up to July 31.

    Mission Impossible 5 Cast Photo

    And given how we were already calling 2015 the best summer ever with all those blockbusters set to be released, Paramount must be feeling really, really good about the latest Mission Impossible movie.

    The last one, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, was not only the best in the series, but it was also by far the most successful box office-wise.

    Christopher McQuarrie (Cruise’s director for Jack Reacher) is behind the camera this time out and it brings back Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg while introducing new characters played by Alec Baldwin and Simon McBurney. We will miss Paula Patton, though, we have to admit!

    We don’t have any plot details or even a single Mission Impossible 5 still yet, but stay tuned. As the film is set to be released merely months from now, those will come fast and furious.

    Until then, watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol online now.

    Is Mission Impossible one of our favorite franchises? Click through and see!

    Harry Potter
    When your series is based on one of the bestselling book series of all time, that's a good place to start. With the casting of the three leads, fate struck and a movie franchise for the ages was born.

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    Johnny Depp, first and foremost, was never truly a movie star. Simply put, he’s an actor who had a series of films that became blockbusters. If you look at his beginnings and his career choices since then, he has always chosen certain types of roles. If those films hit the jackpot with the audience, well than that was the real fluke, not the fact that he hasn’t had a “hit” film in several tries.

    Johnny Depp Into the Woods Behind the Scenes

    Yes, Mortdecai barely registered on the national landscape and came in at ninth place with a paltry $4.13 million, well short of the $60 million it would need to break even. But, if you look closely at the story of Mortdecai, which we chronicle in our Mortdecai review, it is right in Depp’s wheelhouse. It is an off-beat character who finds himself in the most precarious of situations and drama, thrills and comedy ensue.

    If you look at the biggest hits of Depp’s career, well, let’s start with his turn as Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The franchise may be born from a Disney amusement park ride, but if you look at the character of Captain Jack, he is a rogue. He is a drunk. He says things at the most inopportune times… all characteristics of the greatest Depp characters from Ed Wood to Edward Scissorhands.

    Then there is the blockbuster that is Alice in Wonderland. Yes, it is another Disney property, but look at the role Depp plays. Last time we checked, there is nothing Mouse House fuzzy and lovable about the Mad Hatter. He’s Mad for goodness sakes. He’s mischievous. He’s pure Johnny Depp. Again, the fact that that film found an audience to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars seems more like a fluke than anything else.

    Johnny Depp as the Mad Hater

    See, that’s the thing about Depp and his hits. He hasn’t changed. Merely, the audience chose to embrace him in those roles in those particular films. Depp has always done what Depp does and he will likely not change that. Evidence lies with what lies ahead for the actor.

    Yes, he has another Alice in Wonderland movie. Yes, he has Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Both of those should keep his moniker of big Hollywood movie star in prime form. But, he also has Black Mass, where he plays legendary gangster Whitey Bulger. Now, that is a character we suspect he will sink his teeth into and might likely result in another Oscar nomination for the person who has always struck us as someone who was more interested in the moviemaking art than the money that comes with hit making.

    Sure, Mortdecai was a failure. Transcendence didn’t draw any interest. The Lone Ranger was a Disney dud, but that was more because they tried try to build a franchise about a man that was not Depp and was the title character. Yet, it was marketed like it was a Depp movie! It was a murky mess that we appreciated, but mass audiences did not. And might we point out, that movie did turn a profit!

    And the lack of success of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows had less to do with Depp, than it did the lack of Burton’s ability to grasp the darkness of the material that made it a cult hit in the first place. If they had made a Dark Shadows that was as dreary and soapy as the cult TV show, well we might be having another conversation all together.

    Whatever happens to Depp in the future, the actor clearly will be fine. He’s made hundreds of millions from those hit films and that allows him to keep choosing the roles he wants. Which when you think about it, has been indicative of the actor’s career from the get go. Nothing has changed for Depp in terms of how he approaches and chooses roles. It’s just that the audience’s taste for what they see him in has wavered over the decades.

    Edward Scissorhands
    Perhaps Johnny's best movie, Edward Scissorhands featured him playing a character that was equally vulnerable and vivacious. It was also another gem he scored with his good friend, director Tim Burton.

    0 0

    Jude Law is many things to many people and has had one of the more diverse careers of anyone in his generation. He has been and still is a serious stage presence, an Oscar-nominated screen star and a heartthrob that can get millions of hearts racing. But one thing that Law has not been is a superhero, and that was by choice. Believe it or not, he could have been Superman if he wanted to be. Well, that and a few other things had to fall into place.

    Jude Law Pic

    Law is promoting his stellar work in the submarine thriller Black Sea (more on that from Movie Fanatic soon), and he was speaking to MTV where the subject of his potential involvement in a Superman project came up.

    It seems that Law was offered the part of Clark Kent/Superman for a Brett Ratner (Tower Heist) Superman movie that was set to shoot before Bryan Singer ever tackled Superman Returns.

    Law grew up a huge comic book fan and as any actor who had a similar upbringing felt, the chance to don the costume and play one of their childhood heroes had to be all too enticing. Ratner knew that Law was interested and even got the UK actor to try on the suit, cape and all!

    "It is an amazing costume. My chest pops up and the music comes on,” Law told MTV.

    “That was it. I got it out of my system. I took it off, put it in the bag, and was like, ‘I’m not going to do it.’ I saw myself. No need for the rest of the world to see me."

    Superman Logo

    Given that Law made a conscious choice recently to not take dashing leading man parts and that has paid off handsomely as he has had a string of incredibly solid and insightful roles, the man clearly knew what he was doing when he told Ratner “no.”

    "I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being that guy who played Superman."

    We’ve always liked Law. Now, we like him even more. Check him out in Black Sea in theaters everywhere January 30.

    You know Superman is one of our favorite characters, so check out what we’ve got photo-wise so far from the next film in that canon, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in the photo gallery below.

    And now that you've got Superman on the brain, why not watch Man of Steel online!

    Batmobile Close-Up
    Check out the first "true" look at Ben Affleck's Batmobile!

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    It is good to see that success has not dulled Ted and his sense of humor.

    The foul-mouthed bear is returning in Ted 2 and if the latest poster for the sequel to those Ted quotes is any indication, we’re off to a good start for Seth MacFarlane’s follow-up.

    The poster features Ted from his backside and we’ll leave it up to your imagination to determine what he is doing, but the poster’s tagline certainly is a clue -- that dirty, dirty bear. And we love him!

    Ted 2 brings back Mark Wahlberg, McFarlane as the voice of Ted and says goodbye to Mila Kunis as the long suffering girlfriend and introduces Amanda Seyfried as Wahlberg’s new lady friend.

    The sequel to the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time has also added Morgan Freeman as a civil rights attorney (we think the storyline involves Ted wanting to get married and he takes his right to marry all the way to the Supreme Court), Dennis Haysbert and… Liam Neeson!

    Watch Ted online and get ready for Ted 2 landing June 26. And we still think that Ted 2 will be one of those Super Bowl trailers debuting this Sunday!

    Ted 2 Is Coming
    We'll just let the poster speak for itself on this one!

    0 0

    Fifteen years ago Remember the Titans, one of the best football movies -- if not the best football movie -- landed on screens and inspired the nation.

    On this eve of the greatest moment on the football calendar, the Super Bowl, we thought it a good time to delve deeper into the Denzel Washington classic film and give you a few facts you likely did not know!

    Those Remember the Titans quotes have become iconic, but did you know the director in charge of aiding his actors to get their minds around their lines knew nothing about the game of football before filming started? Football to him meant a whole different game, one that is celebrated every four years at the World Cup!

    Watch Remember the Titans online and there are a few up-and-coming stars who make their big screen debut in the football classic. Sure you might know one or two, but all of them? It’s a pretty impressive cast that graced the true story of the first integrated high school football team in America to win a state championship.

    So as we get ready for the biggest football game of the year (and those Super Bowl trailers we can’t wait to see), go deep and prepare for a touchdown of knowledge as we give you 15 fun facts about Remember the Titans!

    Brick By Brick
    In real life it was a toilet that was thrown through Coach Boone's window meant to scare him off. Filmmakers thought that would create some laughs from the audience in a scene that needed to be 100-percent serious. So, they substituted a brick. That was clearly a good call.

    0 0

    Tom Hardy stars in the Soviet era-set thriller Child 44 and the mysterious story’s first trailer has arrived.  

    Child 44 is based on the book of the same name by Tom Rob Smith and takes place in 1953 Russia where a murder of a young child has Hardy’s military man told to ignore it.

    As the victim was the son of a friend, he clearly cannot and by delving deeper into the murder, he discovers there are more children being killed.

    Hardy’s Leo Demidov cannot sit idly by, and that does not bode well for his relationship with his superior, General Mikhail Nesterov (Gary Oldman). But, he does have the support of his wife (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows star Noomi Rapace) who will join him on the search for answers.

    The film is directed by Safe House helmer Daniel Espinosa and lands in theaters April 17. Oh, and it’s produced by Ridley Scott!

    Child 44 has also released its poster and a series of stills. Check them out in the slideshow below and don’t miss Hardy in action in the role he’s most known for and watch The Dark Knight Rises online.

    Gary Oldman Threatens Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman share a lighter moment.

    0 0

    A number of months ago, Movie Fanatic posted a fan-made photo of Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones. Overwhelmingly the response was positive, even though there was no news and no sign that an Indiana Jones reboot was moving forward. After all, as many of you said in the comments section, there can only be one Indiana Jones and that is Harrison Ford.

    Guess someone saw that photo at Disney as now we’re hearing that the idea of Pratt rebooting Indiana Jones appears to be more real than fantasy.

    Indiana Jones Chris Pratt

    Deadline is stating that Walt Disney and Lucasfilm have had discussions with the star of Guardians of the Galaxy and they're exploring the idea of starting the Indiana Jones story all over again.

    Recently Harrison Ford has said that if the story was right, he’d be up for doing a fifth Indiana Jones movie. And considering that Ford came back to Han Solo with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when he previously said he wouldn’t, we thought Indiana Jones 5 would happen with him.  

    Guess not, and even though we think yes, there can be only one Indy, we’re sure that fans of Sean Connery as James Bond felt the same way decades ago.

    And now several Bonds later and as the twenty-fourth 007 movie is currently shooting, we as a collective pop culture have gotten over it.

    So might we too if Pratt replaces Ford with that Fedora, leather jacket and of course that whip.

    What do you think…

    Is Chris Pratt a good choice to become Indiana Jones?

    Check out Pratt in action and watch Guardians of the Galaxy online.

    We've clearly thought about this a lot. If not Pratt, then who? Check out our choices to be the next Indiana Jones in the slideshow below!

    Tom Hiddleston
    Tom Hiddleston is our guy to play Indiana Jones if they truly are replacing Harrison Ford. He can do book smart and also be an action man, as seen by his work on those Marvel movies. Plus, the man can act like nobody's business.

    0 0

    When we first heard that Paul Feig was directing an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, we thought if he just tapped into a few of those actresses who gave us those Bridesmaids quotes, he’d have a potential winner. Guess he thought the same thing as Feig has announced his official cast for an all-new Ghostbusters and there’s a whole lot of SNL represented too.

    Ghostbusters Logo

    Kristen Wiig (Bill Murray’s choice!) is joined by Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live) and Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live) to make up our fab four that's essentially stepping into those proton packs made famous by Dan Aykroyd, Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

    Kristen Wiig Photograph

    Feig has promised a scarier (but still funny, clearly, given that cast) version of the Ghostbusters story that will shoot in New York City this summer.

    Stay tuned as more arises from this story and sound off in our comments section below as to what you think of this new crew of Ghostbusters.

    Melissa McCarthy is Tammy

    Watch Ghostbusters online and see the tall task Feig and company have ahead of them.

     We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.

    We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.

    Dr. Peter Venkman
    In a classic Murray line, he utilizes his skills of explaining the obvious!

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