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    We caught up for an exclusive video interview with the stars of Let’s Be Cops -- Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans, Jr. and Rob Riggle -- and given our Let’s Be Cops review and how much we adored the film, we went in knowing that there could easily be a sequel.

    So, we asked the guys, what would they like to see their characters “be” in the follow-up to the film about two guys (Wayans and Johnson) who pretend to be cops?

    Their answer, and how these comic geniuses ran with the premise, is hilarious and illustrates why the trio has such comedic chemistry on the screen that was teased in that first Let’s Be Cops red band trailer.

    In our above chat, we also wondered of all the moments they shared on the Atlanta set, which would be the one that they most cherished looking back on decades from now.

    Wayans’ answer was touching, but watch above as Johnson and Riggle have a field day with their memories of a certain Let’s Be Cops scene where Wayans had a naked, heavily overweight man dragged across his face!

    “God forbid the day when Damon passes, and this is many years in the future, his In Memoriam at the Academy Awards is going to be that ball sack going across his face scene!” Riggle said as we all laughed.

    Yup, it’s just that kind of interview! Check out Let’s Be Cops in theaters now!  

    Damon & Jake Take in a Movie
    Damon and Jake pretend to be cops and what fun would it be to attend a movie and talk through it. I mean, who's going to say something?

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    Guardians of the Galaxy has broken box office records and even saw its soundtrack hit number one on the Billboard charts.

    What’s left to do or see? How about Marvel sharing with us one of the most joyously fabulous moments in the entire movie that came at the end?

    And we have to warn those who have not seen the film, spoilers ahead!

    Yup, we’ve got the video of a baby Groot dancing to I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 that brought a huge smile to everyone who has seen the film.

    The video premiered and director James Gunn and the man who is Groot, Vin Diesel, even talked about the scene and how it came about.

    Before we get to their quotes, did you know that Diesel got his start as a dancer? Well, listen to what he said about baby Groot dancing and it’ll all make sense.

    "Baby Groot dancing is 100 percent me. I was too embarrassed for anyone to be there, so I made everyone leave the room and I set up a camera and I videotaped myself dancing,” Diesel said.

    “Then I sent the video to the animators and had them animate over that. I begged them not to leak the video! Two of my closest friends came to an early screening and said, 'Hey, I recognize those moves! That's you dancing isn't it?!'"

    Gunn also admitted that the scene was supposed to play post-credits. But, he wanted to move it up. "It was initially written as a tag for the very end of the film," Gunn said. "But after we shot it, it worked so well I wanted to put it at the actual end of the film so none of the audience would miss it."

    Thank goodness he did, and now you can see it right here!  

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded...

    I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

    We love this quote -- Gamora gets mushy.

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    The Giver star Jeff Bridges also serves as a producer of the film based on the Newbery award-winning book by Lois Lowry. He’s been trying to make this movie for so long that his first thought for casting the title role was his pop -- and he sought to also helm it. 

    Brenton Thwaites Jeff Bridges The Giver

    “I originally wanted to direct my father, Lloyd Bridges, in the film and I wanted to make a movie that my kids could see. They were all young kids at the time. And I was looking at a catalogue of children’s books and came across this wonderful cover of this grizzled old guy,” Bridges told Movie Fanatic.

    “I thought, ‘Oh, this is great.’ I read it and I was knocked out on a kid book level but also as an adult. I thought, ‘Oh, this is a movie I’d love to see.’”

    Bridges finds it quite ironic that it’s taken so long to make The Giver, that he now is old enough to play the title character himself! “I finally qualified as the grizzled guy,” Bridges said.

    But, it turns out, fate is a funny thing. The time it took to make it was worth it so that those that made it would be the right people at the right time (including star Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep and Katie Holmes). And as you can see in this The Giver trailer, they all converged at this fateful moment.

    “It felt just wonderful. So much of the success of film depends on the cast -- not only the cast of actors but who is going to be the director (Phillip Noyce), who is going to be the cinematographer, and all of those slots were just filled in such a beautiful way. The movie transcended my expectations for it.”

    Oscar winner Bridges is no stranger to working with young talent. It was him who was the acting volley partner for Hailee Steinfeld on True Grit. But when it came to Thwaites and Odeya Rush, particularly the former who he had dozens of scenes with, he compares it to musicians just having fun – something the accomplished singer-guitarist knows much about.

    “We just jam, you know? It’s a musical expression but it also works for movies too. Brenton plays guitar. We did a lot of jamming,” Bridges said.

    If there was any advice he imparted, it was some he got from his dad. “The main thing I learned from my dad was really just in observing how he worked and the joy that he had in doing what he loved doing. I got to work with him twice as an adult and for both those movies, whenever my dad came on the set, that joyful vibe came with him,” Bridges said.

    “It’s contagious and it runs through the whole company. Everybody goes, ‘Yeah. This is kind of fun. This is kind of advanced pretend.’”

    Speaking of young talent, a superstar singer is in the cast -- Taylor Swift -- and Bridges was more than impressed with the songstress.

    The Giver Jeff Bridges Taylor Swift

    “Taylor, gosh, she was so remarkable. I think her first day of work was right on the heels of arriving in Cape Town (where they filmed) and certainly exhausted,” Bridges said.

    “She was such a pro and so up for being involved and playing. I hope she continues the acting because I think she’s very talented in addition to being a great songwriter and performer.”

    Sure, this project started out as one that he got for his dad. But, now that he’s in it and the years have gone by, we wondered if Bridges ever thinks about retiring and smelling the proverbial roses.

     “I’m 64 now so I’m moving along pretty good. There’s a limited time. I got a lot to do! I got a lot of ideas, a lot of things I want to realize. And that creates a certain amount of pressure,” Bridges admitted.

    He then compared his thoughts to an angel and devil sitting on his shoulders. “One guy is saying, ‘You got to get to work. You’ve got a lot of stuff to do.’ And the other guy is saying to me, ‘Come on, Jeff. Just relax. Do you want your whole life to be a giant homework assignment?’ So it’s balancing those two things. It drives my wife crazy,” he said and laughed.

    “But The Giver is a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I’ve never had that kind of passion or intention for a project -- holding it for 18 years -- so it’s very gratifying to see it come to fruition.”

    Jeff Bridges Shows Brenton Thwaites How Life Can Be
    In The Giver, the world is without emotion or color. Jeff Bridges' character shows that was not always the case.

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    As Movie Fanatic reported earlier, Tim Burton’s Batman celebrates 25 years since its release. Now, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will celebrate that accomplishment with a special two-disc Batman 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray edition. Look for the must-own upgrade on November 11.

    Batman 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray

    Besides the Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson starring classic, fans will be able to check out the documentary Batman: The Birth of the Modern Blockbuster, a look at how Warner Bros. ushered in a whole new era of summer movies with their innovative marketing campaign, merchandising and franchise forward thinking that would define the Hollywood landscape we know all so well today.

    The Batman 25th anniversary Blu-Ray is also a spoke in the wheel that is the 75th anniversary of Batman himself!

    The Blu-Ray will land in stores and online retailers in a special Diamond Luxe packaging (pictured above) that will surely make the must-have list of all your Batman fan friends and family this holiday season.

    Batman is an incredibly important property with multi-generational appeal across all of the Studio’s businesses, and we’re proud to celebrate this milestone anniversary,” said WB Chairman and Chief Executive Kevin Tsujihara about the release.

    “From billion-dollar blockbuster films to TV, home entertainment, video games and consumer products, The Dark Knight continues to resonate with audiences worldwide and rightfully deserves his place as a global pop culture icon for the ages.”

    Check out our favorite Batman quotes in the slideshow below, and if you can’t wait for the upgrade, you can check out Burton’s Batman right now and watch Batman online

    I'm Batman.

    I'm Batman.

    This line has become iconic and even used by Will Arnett as Batman in The LEGO Movie!

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    Bringing Lois Lowry's Newbery Award-winning The Giver to the big screen has been an almost two decade long effort. In hindsight, we wonder why -- given the fact that dystopian-set young adult novels are all the rage from The Hunger Games to Divergent and beyond.

    The Giver Star Brenton Thwaites

    The Giver is finally in theaters and it features Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges leading the way, and a pair of up-and-comers as the two teen leads (Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush) who hold the key to this futuristic society.

    As teased in The Giver trailer, Lowry’s world is crisp and clean and completely without color or emotion. Through daily injections, all feelings are essentially removed from the human existence. There are no wars, no famine, no discrimination and absolutely no disdain.

    Thwaites, Rush and Cameron Monaghan are lifelong friends, and on this day, they are about to become adults that through a ceremony will find out what their future holds (if this sounds like Divergent, you’re not far off -- just remember The Giver book arrived many, many years prior).

    Thwaites’ Jonas gets an incredibly special and honorable vocational choice. Streep’s Chief Elder tells him and the entire society that he is the new Receiver of Memory. He is to report to the Giver’s (Bridges) home the next day and begin the transfer of all that came before.

    It is here that the true talent of the film, Bridges, takes over. He is astounding and it is clear that this project has been a passion of his for years.

    But, unfortunately Bridges is not enough to sustain The Giver for the entire storyline. He forms quite a bond with Thwaites, and as the latter learns of all the emotional joy and pain that came before this world, it becomes clear he cannot handle it. To compound things, he stops taking his injections and the combination of the two makes him quite dangerous to the powers that be.

    The GIver Jeff Bridges

    Streep is her usual awesome self. She just has the misfortune of Kate Winslet serving almost the same role in the Divergent film that arrived recently. And Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard are somewhat wasted as Jonas’ parents. There are elements of what could have made this a truly extraordinary film in their roles, actually.

    Holmes' mother is a clear rule-abiding member of the establishment and Skarsgard's character has layers of emotion that no drugs seem to be able to quell.

    Thwaites is a fine actor and we expect big things from him, but there’s something about the page-to-screen effort of this powerful book that gets lost in the translation from the literary to the cinematic. Phillip Noyce is a gifted director and we’ve loved his work from Salt to the two best Jack Ryan movies, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. Noyce and his filmmaking team have created a visual marvel that is a feast for the eyes and certainly makes us think. But, we craved so much more.

    And it’s not that we’re tiring of young adult stories that are set in a dystopian world. In fact, The Hunger Games and Divergent owe pretty much everything to Lowry and her The Giver. It’s just that The Giver we’re given, does not feel like the original landscape it should feel like. In fact, it has all the makings of the one that’s doing the dystopian duplication.

    Perhaps the “blame” here is in the adaptation by screenwriters Michael Mitnick and Robert B. Weide. Our The Giver review finds that what should hit us with a hammer, instead feels like we're getting hit in the head with a Nerf ball.

    Jeff Bridges Shows Brenton Thwaites How Life Can Be
    In The Giver, the world is without emotion or color. Jeff Bridges' character shows that was not always the case.

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    At the end of 22 Jump Street, filmmakers Chris Miller and Phil Lord just kind of put it out there and by "it" we mean every possible sequel idea that could ever be. Sure, in the movie Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill comment about the building being constructed at 23 Jump Street -- a direct dig at a possible sequel headquarters for our comedic cop duo. 

    But, then Lord and Miller took it a step further after the film's credits and told us what we can "expect" from every sequel to the film that gave us these fantastic 22 Jump Street quotes. And we have it below!

    22 Jump Street Credits Gif

    Given our love for the first film and their unforgettable 21 Jump Street quotes, we adore the idea of Hill and Tatum going to medical school for 24 Jump Street and even beauty school for 42 Jump Street: Beauty School and its tag line: "Dye Hard!" 

    Be sure to watch 21 Jump Street online and witness the madcap comedy brilliance of Lord, Miller, Tatum and Hill and here's hoping we really do get 31 Jump Street: Ninja Academy!

    Update on the Investigation
    Tatum & Hill update Ice Cube, and from the looks of their board, it's not going so well.

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    We've got what we believe is the first look at the helmets for the Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII

    Of course, the helmets for the Stormtroopers in Star Wars Episode IV through Star Wars: Episode VI are downright iconic and as Abrams' Star Wars takes place 30 years in the future it would make sense that he would borrow from the original designs by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston -- while updating it for its futuristic look.

    Star Wars Episode VII: Stormtrooper Costumes?

    The above pic, posted by Indie Revolver, comes a day after we ran a great photo of Mark Hamill's Jedi look where he's sporting quite the older and wiser Jedi beard.

    And earlier this week, Movie Fanatic discovered that Harrison Ford was clear to go back at work and that filming would re-commence at the end of the month. 

    Yes, folks, it's all coming together for that December 18, 2015 release date! Can you tell we're just a little bit excited?

    Adam Driver in Girls
    One girl from Girls may have loved him, but Adam Driver is going to be a villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

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    We expect our movies to give us a story that entertains, but also is accurate for goodness sakes! So, how do you explain these movie mistakes from 11 of the most popular films in the last several decades? 

    Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith online and there's a glaring error that could easily have been caught in editing. Or at least it could have been cut around!

    We also found a pretty big mistake that you can catch too when you watch Titanic online. It's actually a pretty neat trick. We know James Cameron is a wizard of movie magic, but adjusting history? That's a truly special talent!

    And time is seriously played with in the movie that can be seen when you watch The Goonies online. Wonder what we mean?

    Then check out our 11 movie mistakes from blockbuster flicks!

    Back to the Future
    When Marty jams in the Under the Sea dance, he's playing a Gibson ES335. That guitar wasn't even made until three years after the film takes place.

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    The latest The Equalizer trailer not only gives us more footage of the Denzel Washington-starring effort that brings the '80s classic TV series to the big screen, but also showcases its uber-catchy theme song.

    Eminem and Sia joined forces and give us the track Guts Over Fear, which seems like quite the apt title for a theme song about a man called The Equalizer (Washington), a former black ops operative now making a life for himself working in retail.

    When he gets tangled up with the Russian mob, he is reluctantly drawn back into a life that finds him channeling guts over fear. And judging by the below trailer, Washington truly kicks ass (again).

    Washington is reteaming for The Equalizer with the writer who gave him those Training Day quotes (and his second Oscar), David Ayer, who not only wrote The Equalizer, but also directs.

    Ayer is quite a busy man -- he has the film teased in this Fury trailer coming by the year’s end too!

    Look for The Equalizer in theaters September 26. 

    The Equalizer IMAX Poster
    We get to watch Denzel kicking butt on the largest screens in the world? Yes, please!

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    The weekend preview for this third-to-last weekend of the summer movie season finally sees the superstar action hero cast flick -- The Expendables 3 -- landing in theaters. 

    Also on the docket is the legendary YA book that took 20 years to come to screens, The Giver, and Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. decide to Let's Be Cops

    Let's break it down...

    The Expendables 3: Sly Stallone adds a whole lot of action hero muscle for his third The Expendables film with the casting of Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas. This film is a little less fun than the previous two. But, as our The Expendables 3 review points out, this is also a very different story. 

    Harrison Ford!
    Harrison Ford joins The Expendables in The Expendables 3. What more needs to be said?!

    This is more of a revenge tale and it largely works. Most of the credit for that fact has to go to Gibson, who is just electric as the villain. And Kelsey Grammer and Stallone have some fabulous scenes together as they scout new blood, such as Ronda Rousey, Victor Ortiz and Kellan Lutz. 

    Let's Be Cops: Wayans and Johnson make a comic dream team in a film that could have been a one note comedy. In fact, it is something that has much more going for it. When our leads reach 30 and find that they're doing much less with their life than they thought they would, dressing up as cops proves to be a nice escape. 

    Damon & Jake Take in a Movie
    Damon and Jake pretend to be cops and what fun would it be to attend a movie and talk through it. I mean, who's going to say something?

    But, Let's Be Cops also manages to be a soul-searching movie about living one's dreams and getting lost along the way. For more, check out our Let's Be Cops review.

    The Giver: The classic YA book finally comes to the big screen after a 20-year effort by star and producer Jeff Bridges. Bridges isn't the only Oscar winner in the cast as he's joined by Meryl Streep as the leader of this dystopian society where emotion and color have no place.

    Jeff Bridges Shows Brenton Thwaites How Life Can Be
    In The Giver, the world is without emotion or color. Jeff Bridges' character shows that was not always the case.

    As we report in our The Giver review, the film is more miss than hit. We wish it had more weight and power as a story like this should. And although it came out first (the book, that is), it will unfortunately be compared to The Hunger Games and Divergent -- and in that battle, it comes up way short. 

    Feel like staying in this weekend?

    Several titles have just landed on digital download. Watch Bears online and the Disneynature doc will provide serious joy for the entire family. And don't miss the action-packed car racing movie that features stunts like you've never seen before when you watch Need for Speed online

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    We just happened to be on the Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook page (hey, it’s our job!) and we noticed a new photo added that is coy to say the least.

    It’s a shot of a breakfast menu for the Heathman Hotel hanging off a hotel room door. And the only caption on the photo says, “I'm in Christian Grey's suite. How did I get here?"

    We’re guessing the quote is from Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the “How did I get here?” part says that that must have been one wild night.

    And maybe we’re just in a funny mood ‘cause it’s Friday, but we think the photo also speaks volumes with the note from the hotel at the bottom of the menu that reads, “We hope you had a pleasurable evening.”

    Guess that’s one way to describe the relationship between Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia, judging by what was teased in the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer!

    Christian Grey's Hotel Room
    It must have been a wild night in Christian Grey's hotel room.

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    Jim Carrey took to his WhoSay account and posted a parody poster of Lucy for Dumb and Dumber To.

    It is bloody brilliant and plays on the Scarlet Johansson character from the Luc Besson blockbuster summer hit flick.  

    First, look at the Lucy poster below and its tagline of, “The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%.”

    Lucy Poster

    In the Dumb and DumberTo parody poster (in the slideshow below), Carrey presents his character Lloyd and shows what would happen if humans only used 1% of their brain capacity. Judging by his antics in that first Dumb and Dumber To trailer, we think 1% may be a little high!

    Dumb and Dumber To also brings back Jeff Daniels and lands in theaters in November.

    Get ready for the big sequel and watch Dumb and Dumber online.

    Dumb and Dumber Parodies Lucy
    Jim Carrey took to his WhoSay? account and posted this Dumb and Dumber To parody poster of Lucy.

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    Edge of Tomorrow is without a doubt the best Tom Cruise movie in years (as our Edge of Tomorrow review pointed out). And audiences agree as the film has made a smidge under $100 million so far this summer at the box office.

    Now, Warner Bros. has announced plans for the film that also stars Emily Blunt to come home on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download.

    Edge of Tomorrow DVD

    Edge of Tomorrow will land on Blu-Ray 3D combo pack, regular Blu-Ray combo pack, DVD and digital HD on October 7. The film is directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity and the film you can see when you watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith online) and is based on the wildly inventive sci-fi novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

    As teased in the Edge of Tomorrow trailer, Cruise plays a soldier who is forced to live, die and repeat the same day of battle over and over until he gets it right. The survival of the human race depends on it as aliens have invaded and it looks hopeless for our kind. Blunt holds the key to his success, and if they can figure out how to have Cruise not die, we might just win this war.

    Warner Bros. announced the bonus features for the Edge of Tomorrow home video and they are as follows:

    • Operation Downfall - Adrenaline Cut
    • Storming The Beach
    • Weapons Of The Future
    • Creatures Not Of This World
    • On The Edge With Doug Liman
    • Deleted Scenes

    Tom Cruise is Ready for Action
    The Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow banner.

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    When a movie gets a sequel, it's because the first film (clearly) did well. Audiences responded to the story and the actors playing the characters.

    But, sometimes, when a studio green lights a sequel, they must think that the franchise weighs more than the people playing the characters in the previous film. 

    We found 13 movies that had sequels that moved forward with different stars, thinking that things were just fine. 

    There are numerous examples of this working out just fine. And then there's what you see when you watch Speed online and then think of Speed 2. Love you Jason Patric, but you are no Keanu Reeves when it comes to carrying on the Speed legacy.

    Watch Iron Man 2 online and where's Terrence Howard? Why, he's been replaced by Don Cheadle, and honestly, that is a very good thing! 

    See, it can work out both ways!

    So, sit back and click through and discover 13 movie sequels that moved on with new actors!

    Iron Man 2
    Terrence Howard, who? Let that guy go! We have Don Cheadle. In this case, this is an improvement.

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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD lands tomorrow and we’ve got a special treat for our readers.

    Electro The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD Set

    One lucky winner will receive our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 grand prize which features the Electro Head Collector’s Edition that includes the Electro bust, the 3D Blu-Ray, the regular Blu-Ray and the DVD versions of the hit movie (photo above).

    Four runner-ups will each receive a DVD copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which not only features Jamie Foxx as Electro, but two other villains as well -- Dane DeHaan as The Green Goblin and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino (both a huge part of the expanding Spider-Man universe that Sony is promising with the upcoming Sinister Six).

    Among the treats on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD and Blu-Ray is a Peter Parker meets his father deleted scene that is simply astounding. That’s just one of the goodies in store for you with this The Amazing Spider-Man 2 exclusive giveaway.

    Be sure to enter our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 contest below, and watch The Amazing Spider-Man online to get ready for the blockbuster sequel that lands on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download August 19.

    Use the widget below to enter on Facebook or Twitter. There are three unique ways to enter, and by entering all three ways you can increase your chance at winning!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Green Goblin Gets Scary
    Dane DeHaan is almost unrecognizable as The Green Goblin!

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    When Robin Williams died last week, he left us a legacy of fantastic work that can be seen in dozens of films. We presented our 18 favorite Robin Williams films, and who knows if the four he still has coming out will join that list, but now we know a bit more about them.

    Robin Williams Night at the Museum

    We premiered a Merry Friggin’ Christmas clip last week -- that will be the first film left by Williams when it lands on November 7. The dark comedy also stars Joel McHale as Williams’ son which takes a somewhat deeper look at the family dynamic that happens during the holidays.

    Next up for Williams is what we saw teased in this Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb trailer. The third Night at the Museum movie features Williams back as Teddy Roosevelt opposite Ben Stiller as the museum guard we love to watch get into mayhem. Look for it December 19.

    Then there are two other movies that Williams worked on that have yet to find distribution, but both are expected to land in theaters sometime in 2015.

    Absolutely Anything is a sci-fi animated comedy that was helmed by former Monty Python member Terry Jones. The film tells the story of a teacher who gets superpowers from visiting aliens. Williams is Dennis, the teacher’s pet (he is literally a pet, Williams plays a dog!).

    Then, there’s Boulevard, the drama that features Williams as a man in a loveless marriage who becomes friends with a street hustler to find a new spice in life.

    We miss his talent immensely -- he was a true international treasure. But, Williams lives on with his work and we also treasure our favorite Williams movie quotes. Check them out in the slideshow below!

    O Captain, my Captain. Who knows where that comes from? Anybody? Not a clue? It's from a poem...

    O Captain, my Captain. Who knows where that comes from? Anybody? Not a clue? It's from a poem by Walt Whitman about Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Now in this class you can either call me Mr. Keating, or if you're slightly more daring, O Captain my Captain.

    John Keating
    We think of Williams as our "O, Captain!"

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    The latest The Maze Runner TV spot has premiered and it is by far the best of the bunch. It is amazing how much info Fox has packed into a 30-second spot! And if this intrigues you, prepare to be amazed by the full The Maze Runner trailer.

    The Maze Runner stars Dylan O’Brien as a young man who awakes in an elevator heading to the surface with no idea of who he is and how he got there. All he knows is that although it looks serene, the maze that surrounds this landscape has killed anyone who has tried to get through it. And in a stroke of sick irony, through the maze is the only way out.

    The Maze Runner lands in theaters September 19 and also stars Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario and is based on the blockbuster book by James Dashner. 

    A Maze-Like Figure
    A maze-like figure is a beauty of a poster idea for The Maze Runner.

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    Up was one of the most touching of Pixar movies, filled with humor and heart and we guarantee will make you weep. It was a film that made it to our list of 11 movies that make grown men cry.

    But, what if the film took a different angle?

    What if Michael Bay helmed the project? It would probably be quite different, don’t you think?

    Yes, there would be lots of explosions, like in his recent hit Transformers: Age of Extinction.

    And there would probably be a song by Linkin Park in it!

    Well, all of the above is true as we’ve got our hands on an Up trailer, that imagines the classic film as if it were directed by Bay.

    Of course, we all know the real movie is so much different, which you can see when you watch Up online!  

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    Sure, the cast of The Expendables 3 is known for years of action movie heroism.

    But, there is something else that Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford also share: Fantastic action movie quotes!

    As we stated in our The Expendables 3 review, it is a pretty fun ride with this action hero superstar cast, and even the addition of the new blood (such as Ronda Rousey, Kellan Lutz and Victor Ortiz) is a breath of fresh air. 

    But, those classic action stars get to deliver one-liners as fast as they fire machine guns in The Expendables 3.  

    Click through and enjoy our 15 favorite The Expendables 3 quotes and be sure to check out how it all got started and watch The Expendables online!

    I am The Hague.

    Stonebanks: What about The Hague, huh?
    Barney Ross: I am The Hague.

    Sly nails his best one-liner in years!

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    As football season gears up for kick-off, we’ve got an exclusive clip from the Kevin Costner-starring film Draft Day!

    The film lands on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 2 and digital download August 19 and follows the goings-on during one fateful day as the General Manager (Costner) of the Cleveland Browns navigates the tricky waters of who to select with their first round pick.

    As teased in the Draft Day trailer, this tough decision is made complicated as he has to deal with a headstrong coach (Denis Leary), the team lawyer (who’s also his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Garner) and a central Ohio fan base who has more than a few opinions on exactly who should become a Cleveland Brown by the time the clock is up and the Browns make their pick.

    Our clip features the film’s director Ivan Reitman (check out one of his best and watch Ghostbusters online) talking about how the casting of the coach was integral to the entire film working.

    Reitman dishes why Leary was the clear choice, and Leary also chimes in as to why he didn’t want to get his hopes up, for fear of it not coming together.

    Draft Day is powerful, heartwarming and has a surprising amount of suspense as the NFL Draft scenes unfold. It also stars Frank Langella, Sam Elliott, Sean Combs, Terry Crews, Tom Welling, Ellen Burstyn and Chadwick Boseman.  

    Check back for more on the Draft Day DVD and Blu-Ray with our review. Just a hint: If that 58-minute making-of bonus feature doesn’t get you excited for football, nothing will!

    Given the fact that Costner has made more great sports movies than anyone else, take a look at our slideshow of the man's greatest hits!

    Field of Dreams
    Kevin Costner built it, and audiences came in droves. This baseball classic is about so much more than baseball.

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