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    As part of the Red Nose Day celebration that featured dozens of celebrities donating their time and effort to raise money for charity last night on NBC, our highlight had to be the skit that featured one of our favorites, Anna Kendrick, donning an iconic hat and whip. 

    Yup, Kendrick took on the role of cinema’s most famous archeologist in a parody of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    It is a delightful sketch that featured Kendrick’s top-notch comic timing and effervescent screen presence.

    However, one thing is missing, which might have made it a wee bit better. With all those grails, aka cups, out there, she didn’t give us any reference to her hit song Cups from Pitch Perfect?!

    Kendrick looks over all the potential Holy Grails and has to choose the right one or she perishes. How does she fare? Watch the fantastic clip above! 

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    Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson was not only all too excited to star in a film with George Clooney, but also one rooted in the science of science fiction. Robertson’s character Casey spends much of the film with a NASA baseball hat that belonged to her onscreen father (played by Tim McGraw), who is a NASA engineer.

    Britt Robertson Tomorrowland Photo

    Although NASA has been scaled back a bit of late, when we caught up with the Tomorrowland star, she had hope that the U.S. space agency was merely taking a pause, before another push at greatness.

    “For me, I think NASA sort of represents a very specific hope. It sort of ties in with the movie in a sort of symbolic way, you know? NASA represents this unknown, and the human race’s being able to explore the universe and other things that are out there,” Robertson said.

    “I think that’s in line with the movie, in terms of theme. We’re talking about a movie that’s saying, ‘We don’t know what our future is. It’s not determined for us, and maybe if we go out there and explore the world -- maybe if NASA wants to go and see what else is out there -- then maybe that will have some helpful part in making our future something to be excited about.'"

    Tomorrowland finds Robertson’s character discovering a magical pin with the letter T on it (as teased in the Tomorrowland trailer). When she touches it, it takes her to a land in a different dimension where scientists and great thinkers are given the freedom to come up with ideas that will improve our way of life and, at its best, even save our world.

    Raffey Cassidy plays Athena, and it is her character that gives Casey her Tomorrowland pin. When asked about the young actress, Robertson admitted that it was an interesting dynamic for her, and even for Clooney.

    Tomorrowland George Clooney Britt Robertson

    “I think Raffey played Mom a lot, especially with George and I. She was constantly just trying to keep us focused, and funny enough, that’s how she is in life too. But, she’s so professional and so focused herself,” Robertson said.

    “We had such fun together. We spent a lot of time together, just between stunt training and then obviously filming the movie. So I think our dynamic off-screen probably helped a lot of our chemistry on-screen as well.”

    One of the main themes of Tomorrowland is how one person can make a change in a world that desperately needs it. When asked how Robertson sees her role in making the world a better place, she doesn’t hesitate in her response.

    “Living in California, I’ve turned off my sprinklers. I know it’s a very small step, but I’m trying to use less water,” Robertson said.

    “It’s important for everyone to take into consideration their community and the environment wherever they are and the things that they can do for that specific region. If you have any ideas, send them over!”

    Check out our Tomorrowland review and discover Disney’s latest this weekend!

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    Keanu Reeves is a happily married man in Knock Knock. His wife and kids go away for the weekend and he’s prepared for a quiet and solitary couple of days to himself.

    During a raging storm, the doorbell rings and it's two women who claim that their car has broken down and their phones are dead and they need help.

    Ever the nice guy, he lets them in. Bad move. 

    They seduce him and then terrorize him. The Knock Knock trailer teases the latest horror-fest from Eli Roth.

    Reeves stars with Lorenza Izzo and Ana De Armas in the film that is loosely based on Peter Traynor’s 1977 film Death Game.

    Reeves has been making some great choices of late, such as John Wick. We look forward to seeing Knock Knock when it lands in theaters later this year. 

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    It is, by far, the coolest part of that first Jurassic World trailer that got the buzz going into high gear for the June 12 summer blockbuster-to-be. Chris Pratt is “whispering” to a trio of raptors who should be making him lunch instead of following his commands.

    Universal Pictures has released the latest Jurassic World clip and it’s a little bit more of that scene. We see why Pratt even has to go into the raptor cage in the first place! It’s a tense clip to say the least! 

    Pratt plays Owen Grady and although we’d see a new Jurassic Park movie regardless of who was involved, after he charmed us in Guardians of the Galaxy this past summer, we cannot wait to see Pratt as the central hero of the Colin Trevorrow-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced summertime surefire hit.

    Watch Jurassic Park online and you’ll be ready for the next chapter to arrive next month that also stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Omar Sy (who we see in the above clip!), Bryce Dallas Howard and Judy Greer.

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    Hot on the heels of that first Point Break trailer, Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have released the first poster and stills from the action thrill ride remake that is due this Christmas.

    The classic 1991 smash hit starred Keanu Reeves as federal agent Johnny Utah and Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, the surfing-loving leader of a bank-robbing gang.

    The 2015 film ups the ante and sets the action in the world of extreme sports, from big-wave surfing, to wingsuit flying, free rock climbing, high-speed motorcycling and sheer-face snowboarding. This time out, Luke Bracey stars as Utah and Edgar Ramirez is Bodhi.

    Utah is still a fed and it is his job to infiltrate the extreme sports-loving crew and prove that they’re behind some pretty unspeakable international crimes.

    Point Break 2015 also stars Teresa Palmer, Delroy Lindo and Ray Winstone, and was made with the help of some of the most talented extreme athletes in the world.

    Watch Point Break online and discover why we love it so.

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    He'll be back ... or more accurately, he IS BACK!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is gearing up for dramatic return to the epic Terminator franchise, and he's giving Muscle & Fitness an exclusive sneak peek.

    The action hero turned political figure recently took Muscle & Fitness Editor-in-Chief Shawn Perine behind the scenes of Terminator: Genisys.

    It's been 12 years since he last took on such a role, but Arnold hasn't missed a beat, at least based on his workout tips and exclusive photos.

    In addition to this video, first posted via Radar Online, Muscle & Fitness also provides insight into hard-hitting training programs and recipes.

    Ones fit for a Terminator, no doubt.

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    The first red band trailer for the action-stoner comedy American Ultra has arrived. Jesse Eisenberg (soon to be seen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Kristen Stewart star as a couple of stoners who are beyond happy with their (stoned) blissful simple life. They both work retail and seem content with just plodding their way through life.

    One day, Connie Britton shows up at Eisenberg’s place of work and everything changes. 

    It seems that Eisenberg is a highly trained killer and that secret past comes back in a very big way. He is thrust into a highly dangerous operation where his loyalties and what he thought was reality will all be called into question.

    American Ultra is written by Max Landis (Chronicle) and directed by the guy who gave us Project X, Nima Nourizadeh, and also stars Bill Pullman and John Leguizamo. 

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    We knew from that first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that Andy Serkis was in the film. He was the narrator of that initial teaser, but what role would he play? Also, would he play a physically present character, like he does in Avengers: Age of Ultron, or would he be doing his best-in-the-world thing (motion capture) like he does in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    Now, we’ve got our first photo of Serkis in action, and yes… he is in his legendary motion capture suit.

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Andy Serkis Set Photo

    We also have discovered that his character's name will be Supreme Leader Snoke. As we hear more on the CG character, we’ll bring it to you.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes place three decades after the close of Return of the Jedi and brings back some of our most beloved characters including Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia and Harrison Ford as Han Solo!

    It arrives in theaters December 18 and also stars John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Max von Sydow.

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    After the success of Olympus Has Fallen, one might wonder how a sequel could work.

    Here's a great idea: Shift the action to London and instead of America being the only aim of an enemy’s ire, how about the collective of the world’s leaders and all of their enemies in one pot boiler of an explosive attack on freedom-loving peoples of the world?!

    Focus Features has released a series of first posters from the sequel London Has Fallen and it shows the British capital under various states of attack. We’re partial to the Big Ben poster!

    Aaron Eckhart is back as the President of the United States and he’s heading over to London with his favorite Secret Service agent (played again by Gerard Butler) to pay respects to the British Prime Minister who has just passed away. The world’s leaders are gathering to salute the departed when it seems like every one of their enemies decides that it is a good time to take out their frustrations on the elected leaders of the free world.

    London Has Fallen also brings back Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo and Angela Bassett, and welcomes Jackie Brown star Robert Forster to the mix.

    Look for the sequel in theaters October 2. Until then, watch Olympus Has Fallen online.

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    Warner Bros. has used Movie Fanatic's quote in their latest trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. The Tom Hardy-starring vehicle features Hardy stepping into the role made famous by Mel Gibson several decades ago.  

    In their latest trailer that was broadcast on some of the biggest shows on ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS, Movie Fanatic calls George Miller's film a "masterpiece." 

    Mad Max: Fury Road also stars Charlize Theron and has been universally hailed as one of the best movies of the year.

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    Are you curious about the latest film from Cameron Crowe? Well, we have a treat for you, thanks to Columbia Pictures. 

    The famed studio has released the first eight minutes of Aloha that does a fantastic job of introducing us to the plot and cast of the Crowe film that is set entirely in Hawaii. We meet Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski and Danny McBride.

    Crowe is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished filmmakers -- from his early days as a writer of the screenplay that gave us those Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes to his Oscar-winning work as a writer-director on films such as Say Anything, Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire.

    Aloha hits theaters May 29. Check out one of our favorite Crowe films and watch Almost Famous online.

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    Disaster movies are a unique group, as we discussed when we published our 15 best disaster movies. San Andreas arrives this week and hopes to make its mark with a swath of destruction that is frankly unparalleled in any of the mayhem movies that we’ve seen prior. Is that a good thing?

    Carla Gugino Dwayne Johnson San Andreas

    Dwayne Johnson stars as Ray, a helicopter pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department who, it is established, is one of the best at what he does. When people need rescuing, he’s your guy. The opening sequence illustrates that. It’s a classic action movie set-up where the thrills are ramped up immediately to start the audience's adrenaline pumping fresh out of the gate. James Bond movies have been doing it for fifty years!

    What we also learn is that Ray is divorced from his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) and is set to take his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) to school in San Francisco the next day. A massive earthquake in Nevada that destroys the Hoover Dam (teased in the San Andreas trailer) calls him away and Blake must head to San Francisco in her mom’s boyfriend’s private jet. Turns out that Nevada earthquake was just the beginning. The San Andreas fault is busting a move, and before we know it Los Angeles is seeing destruction at an epic level that has Johnson swinging into action to find and save Emma from a downtown Los Angeles rooftop.

    The “science” of the film is established through Paul Giamatti’s Lawrence, an earthquake specialist at Cal Tech who has developed a method of predicting earthquakes and learns that Nevada and Los Angeles are merely two-thirds of a San Andreas trifecta of terror… San Francisco is next. Ray and Emma are off to the Bay Area to find their daughter before that city is enveloped in waves of destruction that includes buildings collapsing, tsunamis terrorizing and fires raging.

    Alexandra Daddario Dwayne Johnson San Andreas

    Johnson re-teams with his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton for San Andreas, and it’s clear that these two have a cinematic shorthand for creating action sequences that play off of both of their strengths. Peyton does a masterful job of painting a landscape of destruction unlike any we’ve ever seen onscreen. It must have been quite a challenge to literally destroy two of California’s biggest cities and practically everything in between in a manner that feels real and at least somewhat scientifically correct. This is a very real threat to the people of California and having Giamatti’s character serve as a scientific narrator certainly helps things too in terms of showing how real this could be.

    Johnson, for his part, manages to dig a little deeper on the emotional scale than he has before and shows us that the man can wear his heart on his gigantically muscle-filled sleeves. There’s plenty of action for him as well, including peril around what seems like every turn. But what is so great about Johnson, who is at his best in this movie, is that he knows what kind of action movie he’s in. This is a disaster movie and there’s a certain school of performance for said subgenre. He nails it.

    Gugino and Daddario are underdeveloped characters, unfortunately. But, that is to be expected in a disaster movie of this size and scope, our San Andreas review has to say. Sure, the screenplay was written by Carlton Cuse (of Lost fame). But, it’s not like he had to paint a picture with words. This is about the thrill of watching an entire state collapse and audiences sucking down their popcorn as each building collapses and mayhem makes its way through the Golden State.

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    It’s official! After rumors (and a few photos) that had us placing Ben Affleck on the Toronto set of Suicide Squad, we now know that Batman will absolutely be in the DC Comics/Warner Bros. upcoming film from David Ayer.

    Suicide Squad Batman Set Photo

    Yup, that’s the Dark Knight himself on the back of The Joker’s car and that is Jared Leto as The Joker at the wheel with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn riding shotgun.

    So, we knew that Affleck would at least be Bruce Wayne, but with the above photo, our anticipation level for the Suicide Squad movie is off the charts. Some of Batman’s greatest foes, all in one movie? Sign. Us. Up!

    The all-star cast also includes Will Smith, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, Jay Hernandez and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Look for it in theaters October 5, 2016.

    Look for Affleck first in his suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier that year in March.

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    As if Fifty Shades fans didn’t have enough to look forward to with the release of the next two sequels and a newly released DVD...

    Now, fans of the highly-popular book and movie series will have a new book.  And this time, it is from the perspective of Christian Grey.

    Grey Cover Photo

    Author EL James announced on Monday that she will release Grey, the Fifty Shades story written from Mr. Grey’s vantage point.

    The book will be published on June 18, Christian’s birthday.

    According to James, the opening page of the novel confirms that story is a response to readers’ requests for Christian’s perspective.

    "This book is dedicated to those readers who asked...and asked... and asked... and asked for this," she writes. 

    The news of the book was released via social media Monday morning.  The Instagram image shows the cover of the new book.

    Christian is a complex character, and readers have always been fascinated by his desires and motivations, and his troubled past,” James says.

    “Also, as anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story. It's been a great pleasure to return to my happy place — writing, being with Christian and Ana in their universe, and working with the fantastic team at Vintage."

    Grey will be available in paperback and as an eBook by Vintage Books, which is part of Knoft Doubleday, a division of Penguin Random House.

    Vintage Books publisher and James’ editor Anne Messitte states, "Fifty Shades of Grey is a love story that has enthralled readers in a way that few books have, and when Erika mentioned to me that she wanted to explore Christian's viewpoint and re-open the story, I was incredibly excited for her and for her readers.”

    She continues, “This book has all the compelling attributes of its predecessors, and I can't wait for Fifty Shades fans to experience the work again from a perspective they have long desired.”

    The president of Knopf Doubleday, Tony Chirico, says, "Given the secrecy and immediacy of the publication, we've worked hard to ensure that the book will be well represented in the retail marketplace on June 18.”

    More than 125 million copies of Fifty Shades have sold worldwide.  The literary series was adapted into a hit movie from Universal Pictures, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

    During its opening weekend, the Fifty Shades film made $81.7 million.  That wasn't enough to break the current record held by The Passion of the Christ.  But coming in at $2 million less than Passion of the Christ, we have to wonder if it is the same people watching big-budget porn and religious films.

    The Fifty Shades Darker film will be released in 2017.

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    The highly-anticipated film adaptation of Entourage is finally here!  

    If the Entourage trailer didn’t already create enough excitement, the celebrity cameos might put it over the edge. 

    Entourage Movie Poster

    When we say there are a lot of celeb appearances, we mean there are A LOT of celeb appearances.

    Ranging from actors to comedians, athletes to news anchors, musicians to sporting executives; Entourage is packed full of celeb appearances.

    Not all of the celebs have minor appearances though.  

    MMA star Ronda Rousey, who you make recognize from Furious 7, has an even larger role in Entourage.  Also, Billy Bob Thornton and Haely Joel Osment have leading roles too.

    You can plan on seeing a lot of them in the film.  But you’ll have to pay close attention for the other celebs.  Likely, you are bound to miss a few.

    If you head to the theatre to see Entourage this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for the following celeb’s cameos:

    • Piers Morgan
    • Fashion model Nina Agdal
    • model Emily Ratajkowski
    • Mark Cuban
    • soccer player Thierry Henry
    • rapper T.I.
    • Calvin Harris
    • singer Tameka Harris 
    • rapper Saigon 
    • Ed O'Neill
    • New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski
    • David Arquette
    • Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson
    • Gary Busey 
    • basketball player Baron Davis
    • David Spade
    • Bob Saget
    • Sportscaster Jim Gray
    • Pharrell
    • Green Bay Packers player Clay Matthews III
    • actor/director/screenwriter Jon Favreau
    • Warren Buffett
    • Olympic diver Greg Louganis
    • comedian and actor Andrew Dice Clay
    • Mike Tyson
    • Liam Neeson
    • Kelsey Grammer
    • Chad Lowe 
    • Nora Dunn
    • Mark Wahlberg 
    • Common 
    • Armie Hammer
    • MMA fighters Shayna Baszler, 
    • MMA fighter Jessamyn Duke
    • MMA fighter Marina Shafir
    • David Faustino
    • George Takei
    • Judy Greer
    • Richard Schiff
    • Jessica Alba
    • executive vice president of the New York Giants Steve Tisch
    • Matt Lauer
    • Maria Menounos
    • New England Patriots' Tom Brady
    • BET host Terrence J
    • model Alyssa Miller

    Now, that is a serious cast of cameos!!

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    Cameron Crowe—movie director, writer, and producer—has apologized for casting Emma Stone as an Asian-American his most recent flopped film, Aloha.

    Cameron Crowe
    Emma Stone Image

    Crowe received harsh criticism for casting white girl Emma stone as Allison Ng, a character whose father is half-Chinese and half-Hawaiian.

    Rightfully, upon the movie’s release last Friday, critics slammed the film for having a white actress play the role.

    However, the complaints did not fall upon deaf ears.  On his blog, The Uncool Crowe, he confronted the complaints and even took responsibility for his choice to cast Stone.

    “We were extremely proud to present the island, the locals and the film community with many jobs for over four months,” Crowe said after mentioning how many Asian-Americans, Native-Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders worked on the film.

    “Emma Stone was chief among those who did tireless research, and if any part of her fine characterization has caused consternation and controversy, I am the one to blame,” he added.

    Crowe heard complaints about the film long before it was released.

    He even mentioned that issues with the casting in Aloha surfaced during the Sony hack last year.  In a set of leaked emails that the former studio chair Amy Pascal dismissed the film, saying “It never, not even once, ever works.”

    But the most vicious complaints came from the Media Action Network for Asian Americans. They slammed the film for white-washing the Hawaiian islands.

    “I am grateful for the dialogue. And from the many voices, loud and small, I have learned something very inspiring,” Crowe wrote. 

    “So many of us are hungry for stories with more racial diversity, more truth in representation, and I am anxious to help tell those stories in the future.”

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    The trailer for Joe Dirt 2 is here. And it is everything you thought it could be.

    Of course, that's not really saying much. The film will apparently be released across the country in any case, even though it is quite unclear why.

    Who asked for a follow-up to Joe Dirt? Anyone you know? Just curious.

    For reasons unknown, David Spade is reprising his role from the 2001 comedy. In the sequel, Joe gets lifted by a tornado and taken back to 1965.

    There, he meets some old friends and new villains, while getting his penis stuck in an airplane toilet. The iconic movie hits theaters July 18.

    Christopher Walker, Mark McGrath, Patrick Warburton, Adam Beach, and Susie Abromeit make appearances in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.

    Can you even handle the excitement?

    Joe dirt 2 trailer

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    The Good Dinosaur tells the story of a young dinosaur who lost his father.  He embarks on a journey and finds himself far, far away from home--and meets a human friend.

    The Good Dinosaur will arrive in theaters on November 25.  

    That might be a ways out.  But the teaser trailer is already here.  Check it out!

    The good dinosaur teaser trailer watch

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    By now, you’ve probably heard the Tanners are back. But before they arrive on Netflix, Lifetime has a Full House story of its own to tell.

    Lifetime has unveiled a sneak peek into their own movie The Unauthorized Full House Story.

    Lifetime's Full House Cast

    The behind-the-scenes film will give a look into what happened between the cast members over the course of eight years as they filmed the hit TV series.

    Lifetime has released the list of cast members:

    • Garrett Brawith as Bob Saget
    • Justin Mader as Dave Coulier
    • Justin Gaston as John Stamos
    • Stephanie Bennett as Lori Loughlin.

    Because the kids grew up and matured throughout the 8-year show, the kids’ cast will be split among various actors to better show their growth:

    • Shelby Armstrong and Brittney Wilson will play the younger and older role of Candace Cameron. 
    • Dakota Guppy and Jordyn Olson will be Jodie Sweetin.
    • Aislyn Watson and Jaime Schneider will be Andrea Barber

    Finally, the coveted role of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be divided into three parts:

    • Blaise and Kindle Todd will be the toddler version of the Olsens. 
    • Calla and Tyla Jones will serve as the six-year-old twins. 
    • And Kylie and Jordan Armstrong will act as the twins at 9-years-old.

    The film arrives right on cue, as the casting for Netflix’s “Fuller House” is getting underway. Everyone from the original series will appear in “Fuller House,” except the Olsen twins.  They are no longer acting.

    The Unauthorized Full House Story will premiere August 22 at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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    There are movie bombs and then there are career killers. 

    These 11 movies were not only box office no-shows, but they destroyed the careers of some pretty big names -- like John Travolta and Halle Berry.

    Click through and check out our 11 career-killing movies and see whose careers took a fatal hit.

    1. Striptease

    Stripetease poster
    Striptease got Demi Moore the biggest paycheck any actress ever received prior. Hope that $12 million is saved Demi, 'cause your career was never the same.

    2. Superman Returns

    Superman returns movie poster
    In the category of "it's not fair," Superman Returns essentially killed the career of Brandon Routh. It's a shame, because the perceived failure of this flick was not his fault. In fact, he was a super Superman.

    3. Batman and Robin

    Batman and robin poster
    Chris O'Donnell played the titular character Robin and after this fiasco destroyed the Batman franchise (for a moment), it ensured that O'Donnell would never be a movie star again. Glad to see he recovered nicely on TV.

    4. Cutthroat Island

    Cutthroat island poster
    Cutthroat Island was a triple career killer. Geena Davis, Matthew Modine and director Renny Harlin never recovered.

    5. The Phantom Menace

    Star wars episode 1 the phantom menace original poster
    Getting cast (even as a kid) as Anakin Skywalker should have been HUGE! But little Jake Lloyd never really worked again after die-hard Star Wars fans revolted.

    6. Boat Trip

    Boat trip poster
    How does Cuba Gooding, Jr. follow up his Oscar win for Jerry Maguire? By killing his career with the inane comedy Boat Trip.
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